McLaren confirm MP4-29 has passed crash tests

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McLaren has confirmed its new F1 car, the MP4-29, has “passed all its FIA crash tests”.

The team confirmed the news following speculation they would not be able to participate in the first test session of the new season at Jerez next week as teams must now pass the FIA’s crash tests before running their cars.

McLaren are set to be the first team to reveal their 2014 contender when they unveil the MP4-29 in an online launch on Friday.

The new car will be the last of their chassis to be powered by Mercedes before the team switch engine suppliers to Honda in 2015.

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Image © McLaren/Hoch Zwei

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13 comments on “McLaren confirm MP4-29 has passed crash tests”

  1. The news I was aching to read! Let’s hope everything is on schedule for Jerez!

    1. More importantly, lets hope that all of the parts have been put in correctly this time.

  2. So Eric, you’ll be the only one …

    1. It’s looking increasingly that way. I think it’s only Force India who are yet to announce their plans.

      1. Did Marussia say something? Maybe I missed it.

        1. @beejis60

          Yes. They plan to make the first test so it looks like Lotus will be the only one.

  3. Gotta love sensationalism, and how out of proportion this was blown with all the non-sensical speculation.


    for anyone that is interested in f1 crash tests :) It’s not as explosive as I would of hoped :( But interesting to say the least!

  5. Yes. Please KM and Button material to fight.

  6. Keith E22 has passed the test as well!

  7. I’m wondering why these safety cells are being fiddled with in the 1st. place, the dimensions have not altered, if the FIA want to institute cost savings by standardisation surely the saftey-cell/chassis would be a good place to start.

    1. @hohum much of it is standardised (I believe the rear and side impact structures are fully standardised as RBT contributed a lot to their development), but I think this is a case of the noses having to make the grade, and they aren’t really able to be standardised without further restricting aerodynamic influence at the front of the car.

    2. Because Mclaren were trying to use Michael Jackson’s old nose

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