New cars will add drama to races – Magnussen

2014 F1 season

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Kevin Magnussen expects the new generation of F1 cars to create more exciting races with cars sliding sideways and drivers making more mistakes.

“The car this year will have so much more power that last year so it makes it more tricky,” said McLaren’s new driver. “You will see more sideways driving, you will see more mistakes.”

“It makes it fun, makes it a challenge, more that last year. The cars last year were very much at the top of the development and they were so good – still very difficult to be the fastest but in a way easier to drive the car.

“This new car is more of a challenge, I think. Obviously no one has driven it in real life but in the simulator it feels more fun, old-school sideways driving.”

Magnussen added he believes the change of rules will be a particular advantage for him in his first year of Formula One.

“I personally think that it’s a positive thing, that the rules have changed so much. For a rookie it will put everyone a bit more on a level, everyone will have to learn these new regs, so for me I’m hoping it will be very different because then it means everyone’s got to learn.

2014 F1 season

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8 comments on “New cars will add drama to races – Magnussen”

  1. Much like the predictions about horrible reliability, I’m not so sure I buy this completely. Banning traction control was supposed to bring back powerslides and it was predicted that drivers would be spinning everywhere. That didn’t happen. I bet this one doesn’t either: driving sideways is simply not the fastest way with the modern aerodynamics. Of course there might be subtle changes, but nothing like we saw in the past.

    1. Yup, I will not get excited until I see the cars in action.

      I too remember all the OTT statements by the drivers/teams when TC was banned. It honestly looked no different!

    2. Agreed. I think these concerns are going to unfounded.

      But given how horrible these cars look, I probably want them to retire. Can’t watch all these hideous things in one frame.

    3. Well…If I remember the Australian GP 2008, everybody was sliding around and hitting barriers. Only 7 from 22 people finished. Even Kimi and Massa spinned 2 times each in that race. Don’t believe me? Look it up…

      1. Obviously this is F1 so don’t expect WRC style power slides, but I am sure the increase in torque and lack of rear downforce will make these cars a lot more lively on the rear than we have seen over the pas 4 years. @kaiie

    4. @kaiie and with all this rubber crap all over the place …

  2. The Blade Runner (@)
    24th January 2014, 14:39

    I think the good news is that when you watch the actual races, especially if you’re at the circuit, you generally only see the cars from the side or three-quarter angle rather than head-on. Just as well Sky don’t broadcast in 3D just yet though as I’d be ducking every time a Williams or McLaren was on-screen!

    It’s often been said that powerful cars are just phallic extensions. Difficult to argue with that based on this year’s F1!

    1. *Nasal extensions.

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