New Ferrari named F14 T by fans vote

2014 F1 season

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Ferrari have confirmed their new F1 car will be called the F14 T following a poll on its website.

The name was chosen by 32.9% of the 1.1 million fans who voted in the poll. The runner-up choice of F166 Turbo attracted 31.2% of the vote, with the rest split between F14 Scuderia, F14 Maranello and F616.

The Ferrari F14 T is set to be launched tomorrow. It will be the team’s first car powered by a V6 turbo engine since the F1/87-88C used in the 1988 season.

“The amazing number of votes shows just how popular Ferrari has always been and this will be, as always, a further impetus for us to do well this year,” said team principal Stefano Domenicali.

2014 F1 season

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Image © Ferrari/Ercole Colombo

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54 comments on “New Ferrari named F14 T by fans vote”

  1. Fiat was just the best choice!

    1. I picked F14 T therefore I named the new Ferrari :P :P

    2. F14 T?

      I’d say FIAT voted with 25 million euros clicks…

    3. Next year I guess it’ll be FIST.

      1. @albertc
        And in 2016 it will be F1R5T

    4. Was F4RT a choice?

      1. @hohum hehehe … but no :(

  2. Argh, I was in favour of the F166 Turbo, just because the F14 T first sounded to my hear as a Ford T!

    1. Me too. F14T was too simple. I like the sound of F166 TURBOOOO

    2. I was too in favour of something with 6 though my favourite was f161 but F14 T is reminiscent of other Ferraris in the past at least hasn’t got “TURBO” written anywhere how childish and somewhat Renault reminiscent Fiat works well with everyone.

  3. The name I voted for. Must say though, I kindda hoped for better like F166 Turbo to be the one.

  4. Rubbish! LaDave it is.

    1. Hahaha, if only!

    2. @andae23

      I never saw that one on the name selection! Would’ve voted that.

        1. Nope. Never saw it, accidentally voted LaJohn!

        2. @andae23 – Brilliant mate! Hahaha

    3. @andae23 – It goes well with the Caterhalien and the Lotus BBQ Fork.

      1. Don’t forget the McAnteater.

    4. LaDave, so true :)

  5. I think that the Ferrari with the new p***s noses will look better than most. The Red Bull’ll probably be pretty bad as it is a different color to the rest of the car. Can’t wait for the McLaren launch. 15 minutes baby!

  6. Obviously this was rigged! People think its a coincidence that it reads FIAT!

    1. Not necessarily. Many here admit they voted for F14 T. I also voted this and I did not think of FIAT only after coming to F1 Fanatic. In my head F14 T was a short version of Ferrari 2014 Turbo.

      1. @oji i voted F14T because it resembled Fiat

        1. me too! And I like it :)

  7. I think that the Ferrari with the new ‘private’ noses will look better than most. The Red Bull’ll probably be pretty bad as it is a different color to the rest of the car. Can’t wait for the McLaren launch. 15 minutes baby!

  8. Am I the only one that doesn’t give a damn about the name of cars?

    1. Especially when it’s just a collection of letters and numbers. If they gave it an actual name I might be more interested. In the end it’s just something for anoraks to use to show their amazing memory of useless facts.

  9. LaF14T. LaSo LaBetter Lathan LaFerrari LaF616. Lahalahalalahalahalahala

    1. Luth (@soulofaetherym)
      24th January 2014, 18:14

      I can’t be the only one who laughed at this xd

  10. petebaldwin (@)
    24th January 2014, 11:50

    hahaha!!!!! What a rediculous name… Here comes Alonso in the Fiat. :D

    That’s what happens when you let non-Ferrari fans vote for the name of the Ferrari.

  11. F14 T = FIAT !!!! :D

  12. Brilliant, how humiliating

  13. So, the IceMAn in a F14 Tomcat.. aweseome!

    1. Niiiice!

  14. I picked F166 Turbo because it links in with old Ferrari naming convention as the 458 Italia does. 1.6 litres, 6 cylinders. But whatever, Ferrari doesn’t really like sticking to the convention itself.

    1. petebaldwin (@)
      24th January 2014, 12:35

      @deanmachine – exactly. Someone mentioned it when the names were first suggested a while ago. Previously they had the 312T. The T stood for ‘transverse’ and related to the way the gearbox was mounted.

      It’s probably just me being a bit OCD about it but I like for these things to all make sense so that when you see a T on a Ferrari, you know what it means.

      F14T just feels like a gimmick… I suppose that makes it perfect for modern day F1!

    2. these are different from 458 kind of naming convention cause, you need a name every year, what are you going to call it next year ? f166/2 turbo ??, i like F14 T which has year in it, and is kind of industry standard to suffix turbo cars with “T”, i like it :)

  15. I mentioned this before but don’t feel i got enough credit:

    If this year’s Ferrari is called the F14T, next year’s Ferrari has to be called the F15T


    1. Exactly! It’s all about what they’re gonna call next years car. They’ll still be running the 1.4L turbo haha. Soooo maybe the F14 T2 – terminator edition??

  16. The Blade Runner (@)
    24th January 2014, 12:33

    Maybe they should have called it the “Ferrari Phallus”…

    We’ll know when we see the pictures

    1. La Pinocchio

  17. Meh.. overall the names to choose from were incredibly uninspiring.
    F14T = FIAT.
    I think 166 Turbo was okay, apart from the Turbo part. What is this? A cleaning product from the late 80’s?
    F14 Scuderia… meh.. might as well just be F14.
    Same story with F14 Maranello.
    F616 is okay I think.
    I would have liked if they had brought back the old ‘C designation from the 80’s.
    I think that is a little more unique. Instead of the standard T used on practically anything.
    F14C for instance. But then it wouldn’t read FIAT, which was probably the point, so..

  18. David not Coulthard (@)
    24th January 2014, 13:15

    And Kimi Raikkonen, who doesn’t care about the old saying “You don’t win an F1 race in a Fiat Panda”, is leading the race and driving a FI4T….Panda?

  19. “T” stands for “Top Gun”? They have the Iceman and Maverick (or should it be Goose?) so they needed the F14’s for battle

  20. ohhh the next step will be naming it the F14T 500

  21. Uninspiring. F + year + T[urbo]
    As I already explained, I didn’t pick that as the T used to stand for transversal in the Seventies, but it’s the best of the rest (the three full words in the other names sound bad)
    Still don’t know what F616 stood for.

  22. I hope for Scuderia fans that the new car being a F14T won’t mean the end of the bulletproof Ferrari reliability of recent seasons… Fix it again tomorrow?

  23. hahahaha The Ferrari Fiat!!!! hopefully, it performs like one! it’s so cool to have fiat in the F1 circus!!! next should be tata, geely, smart…

  24. F14 Tomcat + Iceman = Danger Zone.

    Surely this was intentional?

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