Driver line-up confirmed for first Jerez test

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Here is the confirmed driver line-up for this week’s test at Jerez.

World champion Sebastian Vettel will be first to drive the new Red Bull RB10 on Tuesday.

Kimi Raikkonen will also have his first run back at the wheel of a Ferrari.

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2014 F1 season

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24 comments on “Driver line-up confirmed for first Jerez test”

  1. Thanks for the info @keithcollantine, any news perhaps on what Marussia and Williams are planning? I can’t imagine them not wanting to present their cars to the media.

    1. Marussia ran into a problem with the car, so its still in their team base while they solve that @force-maikel – they say they will try to get the car there for some running later this week.

  2. I found myself saying “where’s MAL?”

    Then I was like “wait…”

    1. He’s at team passive aggressive.

  3. The last day I heard is slated for wet tire running

    1. So that means Kobayashi will only run the wet tyres? That’s bizarre …

      1. What’s the use of wet tyre running when they never use them in the race, anyway?

        1. Pirelli changed them – changing the compound to operate in more diverse circumstances and upped their capacity for clearing water to 65 L (from 60l), in a bid to make wet tyres more usable in real life F1 @kingshark.
          I would say its good to see they want to test it, surely they were annoyed by having to bring wets that are just off to the bin after each race even if its wet-ish too.

  4. Slightly off-topic, but do we know now at what time does the actual running begins tomorrow (and how’s the intra-daily schedule)?

      1. @1abe Thanks. :)

    1. @toiago that SUCKS ! come on Marussia !

  5. With the last day scheduled for testing on a wet track, unless it rains any of the previous days, Force India did the smartest thing to leave the last day as TBC. Incase, it is wet tyres testing as scheduled, my bet would be that Sergio and Nico would share the driving duties on that day. Not bad IMO.

  6. maarten.f1 (@)
    27th January 2014, 20:23

    So Lotus is the only who isn’t running huh? I wonder if someone pulled a fast one on Boullier, he was so adamant Lotus wasn’t the only one missing the Jerez test. With the 20/20 vision of hindsight, I’m really glad that Hulkenberg ended up at Force India instead of Lotus…

    1. @maarten-f1 The Marussia team are all set up in Jerez waiting for the car which is delayed but might show up for day 2

  7. I guess there must be a rule against it, I was surprised to see that drivers are sharing 1 car instead of, for the top teams at least, 2 cars being flogged mercilesslly for all 4 days.

  8. Huh? Ericsson gets 2 days and Kobayashi only 1?
    Caterham must have more faith in his abilities than most people do. Exciting stuff though, as I’m kinda rooting for him.

  9. Does anybody now if there’ll be live TV coverage of testing?

    1. I think our best bet is to follow the live commentaries. Both Autosport and BBC did one last year for most of the track days, both with different emphasis to each other, so they should cover things nicely. Apart from that you only need photos to spot the new cars and the results to see who ran how much – lap times obviously make no difference this time apart from making the headlines.

      1. And on top of that, teams carry out their own testing regiments, with their own performance objectives – which they do not share. Live coverage of testing would therefore consist of commentators sitting around for eight hours, trying to guess at what teams might be trying to do at any given moment.

        Personally, I would prefer if there was no coverage of testing st all. It is far too easy for people to start reading too much into lap times and perceived performance. Let the teams test in private, away from the public’s constant need for information and updates.

        1. Personally, I would prefer if there was no coverage of testing st all. It is far too easy for people to start reading too much into lap times and perceived performance

          I disagree with that notion @prisoner-monkeys.

          Nowadays we would have spy shots all over the internet anyway. Instead it would be far better if teams and the promotor used the tests to show far more of what is going on behind closed doors.
          Just look at what Vettel mentioned yesterday “there is a lot of technology in there, very interesting and complicated. But no one is ever going to see that” – wouldn’t it be great to get to see far more of that part of the cars in the pre-season? Why do we have a Craig Scarborough sitting in a studio with P. Windsor doing a webcast with one 1-2 pieces of real cars once in a while, when instead we could have a team show it live on the car.

          Oh, and I know that is as likely to happen anytime soon as having the Jersey race or have the teams and the FIA actually agreeing on a reasonable budget cap. But it doesn’t mean that those things wouldn’t be a real boon for the sport.

      2. OK thanks, you’re right, although I was just interested in hearing those engines for a while….

  10. So Sky have a HD and SD channel dedicated to Formula 1 and atm it’s showing an old interview with Jenson Button from Spa last year. Absolutely terrible. Given the rule changes this could have attracted significant viewing numbers.

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