Force India VJM07: More pictures revealed

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More pictures of Force India’s VJM07 which has previously only been seen as a rendering.

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    37 comments on “Force India VJM07: More pictures revealed”

    1. The nose looks similar to that of the Sauber. Somewhat phallic.

      1. Somewhat..

      2. Got to admit… I’m jealous of its package.

      3. That’s the exact word that came to my mind.

        Wondering if anyone is going to net Viägrå as a sponsor?

        1. Senna Simply The Best
          28th January 2014, 16:37

          If Viagra was the sponsor, that thing should point up…..which it won’t be aero efficient…rsrsrs

      4. christopheraser
        28th January 2014, 13:23

        I showed my girlfriend this and her response was.

        “If it exists then there porn of it”

      5. Somewhat phallic indeed. At least it won’t look out of place on the BBC.

    2. we´ve been cheated on by Force India with the first pic they released a week ago.. this nose looks completely different..

      1. Michael Brown (@)
        28th January 2014, 11:39

        Well, they never look like their profile pictures

    3. Being black do add a few inches, I suppose.

      1. Hahah :D

      2. Haha, I chuckled.
        When I first saw the miniature pictures I didn’t notice it was there and thought “Oh, finally! A car without a penis! ….ooops, there it is…”

      3. Those pictures are in desperate need of a brazzers logo…

    4. ‘kin ‘ell!

      Again, ignoring the nose (difficult as that is!) it isn’t a bad looking car, nice packing round the sidepods and the coke bottle zone.

      1. Todd (@braketurnaccelerate)
        28th January 2014, 7:59

        I don’t know. I thought the side pods looked HUGE compared to Mercedes, Ferrari or any of the other brands.

        1. Maybe it’s all the black paint, but it looks like they’ve managed to keep them quite tight. Granted the undercut isn’t as extreme as the Mercedes but they are still nicely packaged.

        2. @geemac @braketurnaccelerate I had a look through some (correction, ALL) of the launch pictures after reading this comment about the sidepods now that I’m hyped and finally getting into the spirit of the car unveils and pre-season testing, like a true F1 Fanatic!

          On the subject of sidepod undercuts the Ferrari looks the worst of the lot. It doesn’t even feature anything resembling an undercut:

          Out of these three the Mclaren seems the most tightly packaged around the mid section by some margin despite clearly featuring significantly larger sidepod air intakes.

          The Williams FW36 appears to feature an even more extreme sidepod undercut with sidepod air intakes relatively equivalent in size and shape to the Mclaren.

          Just look at how much extra space there is either side between the edges of the floor and the bottom of the sidepods compared to the others:

          When looking at the Mclaren and the Williams FW36 from side-on it appears at first glance that the Mclaren is more tightly packaged behind the sidepods towards the rear of the car:

          I like how noticably the Mclaren sidepods progressively taper inwards and downwards towards the rear. It just looks really sleek as if no packaging or aero compromises have been made at the rear.

          The Lotus E22 also looks very sleek and flowing towards the rear based on the two renders made publically available:

          The Williams seems to feature an opposing shape; tapering in, then out again, and upwards at the trailing end of the sidepods. To my untrained eye this is evidence that the extreme undercut at the leading edge of the sidepods has led to packaging compromises towards the rear of the car.

          In terms of sidepod air intakes it looks like the Force India has the smallest of any car unveiled so far.

          Now to look at the Mercedes W05 and Red Bull RB10…

          To my eyes the W05 seems most comparable to the Mclaren MP4-29 in terms of aero concepts and packaging. Perhaps this is partly due to the convenient full front and side views of these two cars which make comparisons easier:

          Front view:

          Side view:

          Even as a passionate Mclaren fan I’m unable to avoid noticing that the Mercedes looks like a more tautly packaged car pretty much everywhere. The differences are small but noticable all over the car. I suppose this should be expected as the works team is better placed to optimize its packaging requirements.

          At first glance the RB10 looks conservative and uninspiring but cleanly packaged in a boring old livery. To be honest I’m fed up of watching them win everything and this post is getting quite long so I cant be arsed to say any more about it at this point in time. :D

          I’m loving the very noticable differences in the packaging and design concepts of the cars this year despite how woefully ugly the noses are. The technical regulations are quite restrictive but clearly still have scope for a multitude of different designs and interpretations of the regulations. This is the most hyped I’ve been about a new season since 2009.

          In writing this post and looking at the different cars I had an epiphany. The Ferrari looks so divergent from the other cars in terms of packaging that my intuition is telling me they have focused heavily on lowering COG with an aim to maximize mechanical grip.

          This is most significant at slower stop-start street circuits…like Abu Dhabi. What are the chances that Mr Ecclestone in his own convoluted way has orchestrated an opportunity for Ferrari to steal a march on their rivals with this double points malarkey?

          Maybe, just maybe, Ferrari were aware of the plan for double points at the final race well in advance of the announcement being made and as such they decided to optimize their design for certain tracks instead of attempting to take the fight to Red Bull on aero performance in the knowledge they have failed to do so in the last 4 years.

          Food for thought.

          1. Since I’ve added so many links and clicking them on this site takes you directly to the image instead of opening a new tab, I think it’s worth pointing out that with most internet browsers you can easily open a link in a new tab by placing your cursor over a link and clicking your middle mouse button.

      2. Jack (@jackisthestig)
        28th January 2014, 9:41

        Maybee I’m seeing things but the radiator inlets look extremely small, perhaps the same size as on the 2013 car. Is there a tow rope hidden in that thing sprouting out of the nose?

    5. Holy mother of God!!! I guess F1 shouldn’ t be allowed on TV before midnight…and marked 18+ for sure!)))

    6. Minus the nose that’s a stunning car, loving the new livery. And painting the nose black does help disguise it

    7. ilham (@mugiwarapirates)
      28th January 2014, 8:43

      imo the livery looks strange..

    8. I knew someone will come with a BBC

    9. The only good thing about this is we’re now certain about the gender of the cars. Vettel will now have to name his car appropriately, something like ‘Gigantic George’.

      1. “Hung Hector”

      2. Rambunctious Mandingo??

    10. That final front-on view – where the nose disappears – it looks superb.

      1. Out of sight and out of mind.

    11. There’s some interesting stuff going on with the intricacy of the front wing and the shaping of the sidepods. There’s no getting past the nose, which is ‘magnificent’. I’m wondering if it would help the look of it if they painted the nose pillars black.

    12. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      28th January 2014, 9:43

      If they can find a more… flattering nose over the course of the season, then this will be one of the better lookers.

      But right now it’s too… you get it.

    13. It is always difficult to tell from photos exactly where the nose cone and front wing assembly attaches to the tub but these look like it is going to be more difficult change.

    14. Livery looks ridiculous. On the render I thought it looked fine, but seeing this now, it’s like when you use Windows Paint and you use the little bucket and suddenly all the drawing is in 1 colour.

    15. Michael Brown (@)
      28th January 2014, 11:40

      Nose would look fine if they cut off the black tip.

    16. When I’ll be an F1 designer (hoping the rules don’t allow such monstruosities any longer) I’ll never make such a piece of **** of a design just to make it fast. What can a tip of the nose matter! I’d rather finish last than be equally responsible for the ruin of F1’s aesthetics. This won’t get me very far, but – though it was the FIA’s responsibility – if everyone had avoided the “anteater” noses (to be kind) none of them would have a different advantage. One team might have been forced to adopt it not to lose performance to another rival, but if all had agreed not to use them…
      I’m considering boycotting F1 this year, let’s see if testing can resurrect my love for the sport.

    17. New livery’s nice, but the car looks pretty conservative compared to the other designs and the paint job gives off the impression they’ve treated the nose as an afterthought rather than an integral part of the design.

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