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“Definitely a big change” with new cars – Massa

2014 F1 season

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Felipe Massa, Williams, Jerez, 2014Felipe Massa stressed the differences in driving the new cars after his first day of running for Williams in Spain.

“It’s a big change, definitely,” said Massa after his first run in the FW36 at Jerez.

“It’s not just the engine, it’s the rules. The car has a lot less downforce and this makes for driveability different.

“The engine is different, the torque is different, the torque map is different. Everything is different.”

Massa expects drivers will have to change their approach to get the most out of the new cars:

“You need to understand how to drive. Sometimes you just go sideways and sometimes you do a short-shift and you gain lap time. So the understanding about driving the car is very important. But I think it was a good feeling for the first time as well.”

“Last year we had a lot more downforce in the car that you are able to drive a lot more aggressive than now,” he added. “Now you need to be a little bit more careful.”

“For sure when you put the new tyres and I have the grip, you feel the grip, you need to push as much you can to use the maximum grip. But the way you’re driving is a little bit different.”

Another change for Massa this year is a new team following his switch to Williams. “It’s a lot to understand,” he said about adjusting to his new environment, “but also there is some things that we need to change as well”.

“I think it’s important to take all the good things from another team and there are good things from this team and try to mix.”

However he stressed he was pleased with his choice of team: “They are very professional, they know what to do, and they have so many new faces in the team. Good people, I’m happy for that.”

“I think Williams is a team that invests to get some new people to change the situation that they had last year which was one of the worst years for Williams. And I’m happy I choose is a team that get a lot of new people and a lot of good investment for now and for the future. Not a team that lost many people.”

2014 F1 season

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23 comments on ““Definitely a big change” with new cars – Massa”

  1. Alonso, kimi and lewis all said meh regarding the need of revamp driving style =P

  2. “And I’m happy I choose is a team that get a lot of new people and a lot of good investment for now and for the future. Not a team that lost many people.”

    Wow. I direct snub at Lotus!

  3. Alonso: “No big difference, to be honest.”

    Massa: “It’s a big change, definitely.”

      1. Ferrari’s driver line-up from 2010 to 2013 was so iconic that people will compare Massa with Alonso for the rest of his career. :)

    1. Do not forget that Massa changed his team and Alonoso not. He may be feeling greater difference because of it.

    2. @magnificent-geoffrey When I read the previous post and then this one, I was trying to think of a funny comment to highlight the vast contrast in opinions, however, you have nailed it :P

    3. LOL, exactly my thought when I read this news !

    4. Well, maybe it us more about the difference between Ferrari and Williams…

      1. There probably is an element of car difference, but I think its more to do with driver.

    5. I know why . Rob Smedley is not there to soothe Felipe baby ! ;-)

      Actually I hope Williams is competitive . I would like to see a four way battle between Mc , Merc , Ferrari and Williams.
      That would be epic.

    6. Massa referring to Mercedes engine, since it has torque all over the map and biggest horse power, in a car with lower down-force. And Alonso just referring conservative Ferrari engine in a car with the same DNA. Who’s gonna last?

    7. it feels as if being in a completely different team!

    8. The Ferrari hasn’t exactly been flying so far. The Mercedes engine is clearly on top at the moment so I guess that has something to do with it.

      The engines have less power but they have more torque lower down in the revs. If the Ferrari engine doesn’t have that, I guess that may be why they’re off the pace so far!

  4. I’m intrigued in the very different responses from drivers, particularly the difference between the Ferrari and Williams drivers.

    Could it because the cars and/or engines fundamentally drive differently? I wonder if Ferrari have simply tried to get the performance (in terms of feel and driveability) as close as possible to the previous cars, while Williams/Mercedes have instead disregarded last year’s feel and gone down a route for outright speed.

    1. Although possibly not entirely true, however, I would put this little gem forward. Massa was driving for a big 4 team and is now driving for mid-back running team…

    2. Or it could simply be a case of different drivers reacting differently. Someone like Kimi might say that the car still has a steering wheel and two pedals, so it’s pretty much the same to drive as the previous ones.

      1. I think there’s definately something in that but so far, both Kimi and Alonso have said it’s not too different whereas all of the Merc-engined drivers have commented that it’s very different.

        The Renault-engined ones have had the biggest change though! Their engine sounds like it should be in a lawnmower, not an F1 car!

  5. I’d love to see Massa win a race this year. Williams looks good and fast so far.

  6. Williams do seem to have a good car. But it’s way too early to say that – I remember the phrase “cautiously optimistic” being thrown around in winter testing 2013, only to be replaced with “absolutely nowhere” when the season began. I really hope they do well this year though – I can’t see them winning races, but I’d love to see them heading up the midfield battle, and challenging the big boys occasionally. And if Massa can beat his highly rated team-mate, the switch to Williams might have been his best career move in a long time.

  7. Napoleon#wilson
    31st January 2014, 7:58

    I have to say it would be stunning to see Massa take a good amount of podiums this year, and maybe even a win.

    1. Would be great, but remember what Massa could achieve in a Ferrari that was typically 3rd or 4th best car on the grid. To bag a win the FW36 will need to be even better than 3rd or 4th, no small improvement over last year’s trainwreck. Still, with this year looking to be full of retirements and shock results, you never know…..

  8. Surely just knowing when to use the KERS will be important for any driver wanting to win. I expect it to really show who is a better driver.

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