Kevin Magnussen, McLaren, Jerez, 2014

Magnussen top on debut as Red Bull woe continues

2014 F1 season

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Kevin Magnussen, McLaren, Jerez, 2014McLaren rookie Kevin Magnussen impressed on his first day’s testing at Jerez by setting the fastest time of the week so far to top the time sheets on day three.

It was a productive session for McLaren and Mercedes, with both Button and Magnussen completing almost 100 laps between them over the course of the day.

But it was another disastrous day for Red Bull and Renault, with Daniel Ricciardo breaking down on his very first lap out of the pits and the team forced to abandon their programme early.

There was plenty of early activity with six cars emerging from the pits within the first half hour. Fernando Alonso completed his first laps of Jerez in the Ferrari F14 T whilst carrying a sizeable aero rake along the left side of the car.

After a difficult week, Caterham appeared to be experiencing yet more difficulties in the morning, with Robin Frijns?s Renault-engined CT05 audibly spluttering into the pits on more than one occasion.

Alonso and Hamilton provided the majority of the early on track running, with Mercedes completing a series of lengthy runs.

The notably larger track side crowd were likely disappointed to see Alonso?s Ferrari slowing to a stop to bring out the red flags for the first time. The F14 T was quickly recovered to the pits and Alonso lost only a moderate amount of time before returning to the track around an hour and a half later.

But Ferrari weren?t the only team to experience apparent difficulties. Having suffered a well-publicised energy recovery issue yesterday, Red Bull?s week seemed to go from bad to worse when Ricciardo?s very first lap of the week came to a smokey end half way around the circuit. Although Red Bull recovered the car, Ricciardo managed only two more laps before the team abandoned all running for the day, citing mechanical issues.

There were problems too for Force India, who suffered their second stoppage in two days when returning driver Nico Hulkenberg ground to a halt at turn five.

After a lull in the on-track action around two o?clock, Jenson Button handed over control of the MP4-29 to his rookie-team mate Magnussen for the remainder of the day?s running. The Danish rookie wasted no time and immediately began lapping around the 1?28s.

Lewis Hamilton looked to make up for lost time following his Tuesday afternoon wing failure and lowered the fastest laptime to a 1’23.952 – the fastest time of the week up to that point.

With just over an hour to go, Adrian Sutil triggered the fourth stoppage of the day after crashing his C33 at the exit of the Dry Sac hairpin. The Sauber did not run again for the remainder of the day.

Magnussen found a break in a spate of late red flags – including two stoppages for Jean-Eric Vergne at the pit lane exit – to further lower the best time of the session to 1’23.276. The top four times of the day were all set by Mercedes-powered cars.

DriverCarBest timeLapsDifference
1Kevin MagnussenMcLaren-Mercedes MP4-291’23.27652
2Felipe MassaWilliams-Mercedes FW361’23.700470.424
3Lewis HamiltonMercedes W051’23.952620.676
4Jenson ButtonMcLaren-Mercedes MP4-291’25.030401.754
5Fernando AlonsoFerrari F14 T1’25.495582.219
6Nico HulkenbergForce India-Mercedes VJM071’26.096172.820
7Jean-Eric VergneToro Rosso-Renault STR91’29.915306.639
8Adrian SutilSauber-Ferrari C331’30.161346.885
9Robin FrijnsCaterham-Renault CT0510
10Max ChiltonMarussia-Ferrari MR035
11Daniel RicciardoRed Bull-Renault RB103

2014 F1 season

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  • 60 comments on “Magnussen top on debut as Red Bull woe continues”

    1. I have to say it, the McLaren does look stunning!

      1. Indeed, I’m also glad that they got that MP4-29 company to sponsor them in the end.

        1. Yeah, like… I’d never even consider buying non-MP4-29 brand cheesy poofs!

          1. I did a google image search for that company and I found this…


            Whatever they make, I like them.

            1. To be fair, most things you google will eventually turn up something similar ;)

        2. I hope this sponsorship deal helps MP4-29’s sales catch up with the Acme Corporation.

      2. The Blade Runner (@)
        30th January 2014, 17:10

        It’s an epic looking car.

        I think the “nose” thing is a little like going to a nudist beach. Quite a shock at first but eventually you stop noticing…

        1. @thebladerunner disappointed then to remember that it’s a men-only sport …

          1. I wouldn’t mind sidepods shaped like boobs.

          2. Perhaps if the hard front end were to impact an off track shrubbery or bush, then the frontal impact balloons would be exposed?

        2. @thebladerunner the worst part is the nose of the Mc has a nostril ;-)

    2. Top 4 times set on Mercedes engines. No reliability problems for them either

      Maybe there could be some truth to the rumour that Mercedes engines were the ones to beat in 2014

      1. And with Renault engines apparently being made of Papier-mâché, I think it was a great call for Williams to switch engine this season.
        Nice to see Massa up the timesheets, even if it is just testing :)

        1. The Blade Runner (@)
          30th January 2014, 17:07

          Was justing thinking the same thing. Would be great to see Felipe up there this year, especially in a Williams

    3. For Ferrari fans;

      James Allison:”..We are also happy with the data parameters we have seen in terms of cooling, as well as those relating to aerodynamic downforce: both of them have matched our expectations.”

      James Allison on Sky: “The numbers correlate the windtunnel. This is crucial and hasn’t happened in previous years”

      On another note, Massa in a Williams is a very weird sight which I’m going to have to get used to. The guy has been driving a red Ferrari since god-knows when.

      1. Massa in a blue car reminds me of when he drove for Sauber. Gave me some nostalgia earlier..

        It’s a good thing Ferrari finally have their windtunnel sorted, but I’d like them to also be able to properly develop a car using that correct data. I could do with a classic Ferrari VS. McLaren season!

        1. I could do with a classic Ferrari VS. McLaren season!

          So could I. Unfortunately, Mclaren doesn’t really have a driver that can fight the Ferrari line up… unless.. Magnussen pulls one out of the bag.

          I think a classic Alonso vs Hamilton season would be great as well

          1. No worries… LittleMac is not going to get intimidated by a few Ferrari champions :-)

      2. Now it’s ur time Fellipe! Show who’s faster…

      3. Steph (@stephanief1990)
        30th January 2014, 18:59

        On another note, Massa in a Williams is a very weird sight which I’m going to have to get used to. The guy has been driving a red Ferrari since god-knows when.

        I felt exactly the same. I bet I forget during the races that he’s in a Williams!

    4. Times still arent representative, to be honest. Reliability on the other hand, seems under control in Mercedes and destroying Renaults.

      1. Without knowing fuel loads and engine settings, it’s hard to tell. I’d imagine teams are slowly turning things up (i.e. fuel flow, revs, etc.) but I’m guessing that we’ll see further reductions in laptimes tomorrow. I don’t think the loss in laptimes are going to be that great by the time the season starts, since we’re already about 5 seconds off the fastest lap set on Day 4 of Jerez last year (1:18.1 from Raikkonen).

      2. True, but nevertheless Magnussen managed to draw attention around him, well done!

    5. Total laps per engine manufacturer:

      Mercedes – 466 (All 4 teams)
      Ferrari – 235 (2 teams, Marrusia only attended at the very end of the final session)
      Renault – 81 (3 teams, Lotus did not attend)

      1. Wow.. Ferrari and Mercedes engines are neck to neck in laps covered per team.

        Renault definitely have some problems

    6. You know why I’m already in love with this season? Because no-one is talking about tyres…


      1. The moaning about the engines has just began

    7. Mclaren that is in my opinion the most beatiful car this year seems to have done a great work so far . this new championship will be a big battle between lots of teams and i think mclaren is inside them. i’m really curious about red bull as this start of season looks to bring them lots of problems in terms of reliability and it will be real interesting to understand the way they will get out of this difficult situation. i also can appreciate as ferrari is doing a great job and their engine looks ok just as mclaren. sorry for bad english

      1. W (@yesyesyesandyesagain)
        30th January 2014, 18:04

        I’d guess that Red Bull will need to do a ‘filming day’ like Mercedes did before Jerez in order to make up for the lost mileage.

        1. A filming day is just limited to 100 km if i’m not wrong

          1. Daniel (@collettdumbletonhall)
            30th January 2014, 19:16

            Almost as much as they have done so far in fairness.

    8. Wouldn’t be glorius if Button wins the WDC this year? Even tho the times, obviously aren’t representative, remember back in 2009 when everybody saying that the double diffuser should be illegal and Button was like half a second quicker than everybody. Well, it’s happening again, everybody discussing if the Macca “butterfly” suspension should be illegal and the Woking drivers being around half a second quicker than everybody. This season will have lots of lolz.

      1. @crandreico
        A lot of people on F1F are writing Button off saying he’s crap etc.

        I honestly want him to win the WDC to shut them up…

        1. Agree with both of you :) @crandreico

      2. Wouldn’t be glorius if Button wins the WDC this year?

        I nearly threw up.

        The pure racing thoroughbreds are due some success – Alonso is overdue a 3rd title, Hamilton a 2nd, Rosberg a 1st, Hulkenberg some wins and Kimi could use another title as well. They have all worked hard at being championship contenders in machinery that fell short of the Red Bull.

        Yet people think Button winning a title would be ‘glorious’ ?!?! He had a shot in 2012 with a RELIABLE and race winning Mclaren, but he wasted the chance by moaning about his car and underperforming.

        Honestly I rather see Vettel win another title than Jenson. At least Vettel deserves his success

        1. @todford

          “He had a shot in 2012 with a RELIABLE and race winning McLaren”

          So the McLaren that I saw breaking down a lot was just an optical illusion?

          1. @full-throttle-f1

            So the McLaren that I saw breaking down a lot was just an optical illusion?

            No it was Hamilton’s Mclaren you saw breaking down.

            Jenson had only one mechanical failuer that year – In Monza .

        2. Pure racing thoroughbreds? Top 3 since Vettel started driving an awesome car.

          2009 Button Vettel Barrichello
          2010 Vettel Alonso Webber
          2011 Vettel Button Webber
          2012 Vettel Alonso Kimi
          2013 Vettel Alonso Webber

          No Hamilton or Rosberg on that list.

    9. I know the Mclaren and Williams look fast . I still think Red Bull will be the team to beat because of their super pace in developing the car . At least it’s been that way since 2009 . Unless Renault have major issues or a car is brawnish , they will be in the hunt . And two words : Remember 2012 . I was almost thinking they won’t win with all the unpredictability only to be surprised with the magic they did before Singapore and Seb took them home with a romp .

    10. Man it’s going to get confusing if we have a Mercedes vs Mclaren season with them both using the same livery…

      1. @george the answer is in your profile pic . Look for the finger ;-)

    11. Top speed of various cars according to this screen in the RBR garage.

      Felipe Massa (Williams Mercedes): 304 kph
      Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes-Benz): 301 kph
      Fernando Alonso (Scuderia Ferrari): 290 kph
      Adrian Sutil (Sauber Ferrari): 284 kph
      Jean-Eric Vergne (STR Renault): 247 kph
      Sebastian Vettel (RBR Renault): 231 kph

      Does that tell us any useful information about engine power? Either the Ferrari powerplants were running high wins and short gearing, or that Mercedes engine is truly mighty down the straights.

      1. @kingshark
        Don’t forget that most of the teams don’t run their engines at maximum power they are running at 12 000 rpm instead of 15 000, another thing is how the teams will be able to reduce drag which very important because it can increase both top speed and fuel efficiency, i think that is the main philosophy behind the F14T from the first sight, well James Allison designed the Lotus E20 which is build on the concept of reducing drag and maximizing power

        1. @tifoso1989
          Good point.

          I still believe that Mercedes will have the most powerful engine in 2014, but the difference with Ferrari will no way be 15 kph, much closer to 3-4 kph (presuming both run max revs). Likewise, the Ferrari is apparently more drivable and has better traction than the Merc engine.

    12. @william-brierty @joepa

      Just as we were talking about Slater. Here is today’s example. What a hideous question! Even Ted Kravitz seemed to have got irritated at that.

      1. @neelv27 – Oh, Craig, what on earth? I’ve said it time and time again that a standard sports presenter, whether it be Simon Lazenby, John Legard, Rachel Brookes, Craig Slater or especially Georgie Thompson, broadcasting in Formula 1 stands out like a saw thumb. Only Jake Humphrey and Steve Rider have come from a standard sporting background that hasn’t made me cringe. Broadcasters of the world, F1 is not just any old sport, so you can’t just chuck anyone into the fray, you need fans of the sport, like Crofty and James Allen.

    13. Unless Magnussen turns out to be the next big thing in Formula One, I really don’t see McLaren winning any championships with their current line-up.

      1. That’s a bit premature. I remember that Button once had the best car of the field for half a year and didn’t do too shabby in the WDC… ;)

        1. Sorry, I have to correct you.

          Button had the best car on the grid (just) for about 7-8 races – that’s all.

          And despite what EVERYONE thinks, the Brawn was never as dominant than ANY of Vettel’s championship winning Bulls.

          The biggest margin the BGP001 ever out qualified the field was by 0.6 seconds – in the very first race of the season.

          After that, the BGP001 only collected 4 other pole positions for a total of 5 for the WHOLE SEASON. What’s more is, the other 4 pole positions we by less than 2 tenths.

          It also only collected 4 fastest laps.

          Everyone seems to have an EXTREEMLY distorted memory of exactly how fast the Brawn was.

          1. You’re absolutely right! Whenever you put a couple of slow drivers in a 1.5 second faster car – it will eventually end up looking like it was only half a second faster!

            And of course your opinion…. sorry, sorry your factual point is further underlined by Barichello’s championship placement…. ROFL!

            1. is peter jackson going to turn that fantasy of yours into his next epic?

      2. Both McLarens appear right up there this year, Button has demonstrated his ability to be smooth, fast & beaten by his team mate. So far shaping up to be a Mercedes powered team for the win, all except Force India seem to be in with a shout. Hopefully Button won’t do an Alonso on Magnussen, I expect to see podiums from both McLarens this year, maybe even makeup for some of the drought last year!!

    14. Any chance that Mclaren are going for top times just to secure a title sponsor?

      1. That’s What I’m thinking too. +1 on that.

    15. I said sometime yesterday in the live feed, that I am curious to see how Magnussen will handle the test. And I must say I’m impressed. It’s not the fact he made the fastest time. That’s not so important right now. I liked the consistensy and the productivity of his runs. He was in the car for the first time and he hasn’t driven an F1 car but a couple of times. For me that’s pretty impressive.

    16. I had a feeling that, just as in the past, Red Bull is having problems with KERS. But unlike before, this year not having it running will really hurt.

      Is it that Adrian Newey simply tries to pack things in too tight and insufficient cooling -or- is it Infinity to blame?

    17. it would be great this year to see historical teams like mclaren and williams to reach the top positions again , and see redbull coming back in the middle of the group. this way we’ll see battle ferrari mclaan and williams for the championship just like they did in the early 2000’s .this season looks to be real interesting ..

    18. I think the thing clouding the top times really is context, why and how did they post them, tyres and where in runs did they come, if other teams are focussing on reliability and consistency then the fastest times are meaningless

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