We achieved everything we set out to – Hamilton

2014 F1 season

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Lewis Hamilton says Mercedes achieved everything they aimed to do in the first test of the new season.

“It’s been a fantastic week,” said Hamilton. “A lot of laps today, 130-odd laps, it’s a huge accomplishment.”

Following interruptions to his two days of running on Tuesday and Thursday, Hamilton made an unscheduled return to the W05’s cockpit for the final few hours of the test. “Fortunately got some mileage in the car because I was a little bit down on mileage,” he said.

Hamilton said it was “too early” to give a verdict on how the new regulations will change the sport.

“It’s fairly similar,” he said. “We’ve just lost downforce.”

“There’s a lot more going on but it’s just new, it takes a while to get used to but I’m enjoying it.”

2014 F1 season

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9 comments on “We achieved everything we set out to – Hamilton”

  1. Sounds promising I guess.

  2. I just want him to be super consistent and at his best this year .I am confident that the rest will be taken care of by Mercedes.

  3. Yes, I agree with Sir Jackie….Lewis is the fastest on the grid in terms of raw speed. Now he needs to get his head around the race strategy and be consistent. Hopefully things are calmer and happier in his personal life as well as that distracts anyone! And these guys have to be totally, even maniacally focused.

  4. he achieved everything this week even the first crash! Hats off to him, he’s trying hard and is learning the car and doesn’t seem to be complaining too much.

  5. i just want hamilton to dominate the championship by 100 points to be honest.

  6. “A happy Lewis is a fast Lewis.” — Martin Brundle

    Seems like someone’s going to be fast. ;)

  7. This is gonna be lewis` year.

    1. Mercedes have some work to do, but it is more probable than last year. He’s got a quick teammate in Nico Rosberg too.

  8. I really hope Lewis does well here. He deserves a second championship, to make up for the one he lost in 2007

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