Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, 2012

Schumacher doctors begin gradual waking process

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Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, 2012In the round-up: Michael Schumacher is having his sedation gradually reduced in an attempt to bring him out of an induced coma.


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French doctors work to bring Schumacher out of coma (BBC)

??Doctors treating injured Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher are reducing his sedation to prepare to bring him out of a coma, his manager says. This step will allow the “waking up process” to start, Sabine Kehm said in a statement.”

Ross Brawn dismisses speculation linking him with new role at McLaren (Sky F1)

??Come the summer I may take stock and things may change – never say never – but it’s not my plan. Any approaches I’ve had I have replied with a polite rebuff. I am very flattered but simply I don’t want to get involved or engaged.??

Lewis Hamilton ‘never expected’ Mercedes’ Jerez F1 test mileage (Autosport)

Hamilton: “It’s really incredibly impressive. Watching all the other teams which haven’t been out at all, like Red Bull, it just shows you how difficult it is. So to see us out there doing 97 laps, way above the rest, is a huge accomplishment for the team.”

The aesthetics of the Formula 1 nose (MotorSport)

“Yes, form follows function in the binary chase of the last nth, but a line ?ǣ preferably a pleasing one ?ǣ must be drawn when a new batch of F1 cars, rather than provide a frisson and surge of pride, makes the sport a laughing stock.”

Abiteboul: What Caterham need now is sparkle!

Abiteboul: “We have made significant improvements across the whole team since I joined, improvements in the efficiency of our business, in our design and production capabilities and in strengthening every area of the team.”

Formula 1 star Eddie Irvine ‘fights off shark with a spear’ (BBC)

“”I turned to face it – not so easy to do – and hit it with my spear,” the UK newspaper, the Sun, reported him as saying. “It turned away, but came back as I reversed out of its territory.””




Comment of the day

With three out of the four days of the first pre-season test complete, Alex Brown is enjoying the new-look Formula 1 for a very particular reason…

You know why I?m already in love with this season? Because no-one is talking about tyres??

Alex Brown

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Happy birthday to Sharan!

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On this day in F1

Happy birthday to Jyrki Jarvilehto – better known as JJ Lehto – who turns 48 today.

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  • 21 comments on “Schumacher doctors begin gradual waking process”

    1. Michael Brown (@)
      31st January 2014, 0:10

      They’re not talking about tires (yet), but they are talking about fuel saving. Strategic racing is interesting, but I’d like to see the drivers and teams pushing limits, instead of cruising around conserving everything.

      1. Wow calm down we haven’t even seen the first race yet and you’re already complaining.

        Of course I would also like to see drivers pushing all the time, but I will not torture myself thinking already that racing will be worse.

    2. For heaven’s sake, Eddie Irvine gets up to his fair share of shenanigans!

      1. Eddie, like a boss!

      2. Someone probably wished him an eventful life!

    3. +1 for the COTD.

    4. COTD… don’t call the devil ! name it and it will appear !

      1. as the first posts for today show that is true @fer-no65!

      2. beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetle….

    5. Does the FIA still have a rule on how big a number can be? If so, how completely idiotic of them to enforce the new driver numbers but not allow the teams to increase the size of them. If they want drivers to increase their “brand” this needs to change. If I had turned off the tv after Brazil and didn’t look at a lick of F1 news since then you wouldn’t know the better. I probably would be a bit curious why Hamilton has 44 on and Alonso 14 but thats because those are the only cars I can see the damn numbers on!

    6. don’t think this is RBR’s year this year, it will probably play out like 2012, Vettel just scraping through by one point, or someone else takes the crown

      1. With all of their faciliities and great people, expect RBR to end the season strong. But, the start of the season may be a long road of development. That being said, RBR seems to be very smart with their testing strategy over the years, in the past they have worked similarly with the first days of testing to be spent mostly in the garage. But they know that getting reliability established is the most important issue that must be addressed first.

    7. David not Coulthard (@)
      31st January 2014, 3:28

      @keithcollantine That picture of the Sauber looks as if it was an old ’80s footage!

      1. @davidnotcoulthard Yes uncanny stuff, guess those cameras are there for as long as that.

      2. Its a shot of the images on the TV in the press room, that’s why the quality is not all that great

    8. To answer to the cotd, today Hamilton replied to a question regarding the tyres by daying that they were “a little bit better” and thought the tyres could achieve 30 laps. My answer to the cotd is that if the tyres weren’t holding on the teams wouldn’t feel any problem in pointing that out, that said someone will find a scapegoat soon…

      1. So Pirelli has done a better job (just yet) than Red Bull that can’t achieve more than 3 laps?

    9. Here in Australia, Channel Ten – who broadcast the Grands Prix – have got the rights to show the Winter Olympics. The evening news just showed the Medals Plaza at the coastal precinct, and it is absolutely enormous. When Formula 1 gets there, the corner that goes around the edge of the Medals Plaza is going to be absolutely insane – a cross between Istanbul’s Turn 8 and the giant corner at the old Buenos Aires circuit, turned all the way up to eleven.

    10. maarten.f1 (@)
      31st January 2014, 7:03

      Must’ve been a slow day for the BBC..

    11. Kevin Magnussen sure made a ‘mark’ in McLaren. Literally…

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