Daniel Ricciardo, Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Jerez, 2014

Caption Competition 44: Vettel and Ricciardo

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Daniel Ricciardo, Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Jerez, 2014

It’s been a trying week for Red Bull’s new driver line-up of Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo, who covered just 21 laps between them in the first test at Jerez.

What are the pair talking about in this photograph? Post your funniest caption suggestion for this picture below.

A selection of the best will be chosen for a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

Caption Competition

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  • 150 comments on “Caption Competition 44: Vettel and Ricciardo”

    1. “This is how far I could drive the car before it failed”

    2. “Anyway so then the car made it about this far before stopping…”

    3. DR: “And this is how big mine is compared to the Force India’s”

      1. This reminds me of the movie GodFather where during the Wedding scene Sunny Corleone’s wife is sitting with her friends & sizing up Sunny

        1. @tmax I think you mean Sonny. ;)

    4. Vettel: “Christ, you are scary when you are not smiling.”

    5. Riccardo gives a lesson in submissive eye contact

    6. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      1st February 2014, 12:11

      “So I told Horner we should have double points for this many races, since our car development is so far behind.

    7. Vettel: “This year multi 21 has new meaning!”

    8. Ricciardo: “My predecessor disliked you ‘This Much’!”

    9. D.R: you know, you must carry your baby like this :))

    10. Vettel: “So, the engine died just before it was my turn to drive the car? Any ideas as to why?”
      Ricciardo: “Aliens!

      1. @fixy I like this one because I knew what it meant before clicking the link :’)

    11. DR: and you can catch up fishes this big, the weather is better too
      SV: Sounds interesting, time to leave Jerez anyway

    12. MatthewRacing (@)
      1st February 2014, 12:18

      ‘Now, a set of these would really make the Force India nose complete’

      1. Or the Toro Rosso, caterham etc. Yep, big spheres are what he is talking about.

      2. This is the winning caption!I’m not even gonna try and top it.

    13. “Oh, stop explaining and shut up Daniel. Welcome to the jungle, greenhorn!”

    14. What if we put like this big of a can of Red Bull in our car? Maybe it can do 5 consecutive laps then…?

    15. “Did you see the size on the Toro Rosso? I think they have got a few inches on us, i feel jealous! “

    16. “…and this is the size of the pole trophy I’LL win”

    17. I’m Aussie not Brazilian and this ain’t Ferrari sorry mate!

      1. Seb: “(LOL) Dude, do you realize that I alone am more victorious in F1 than the whole Australia?”

    18. So I gave her the “bowlers grip”. Honestly seb, she’d have done a better job than that water tanker.

    19. So what they did was take all this wiring and force it under the bodywork!

    20. Gosh! This is heavy! The weight of expectations from me!

    21. Jeez Seb! Sorry I broke your car mate! All I did was change to 2nd gear!

    22. My balls are this big. Don’t even think about disobeying team orders and overtaking me.

    23. Dr: hey seb, wanna head down to the beach, sv i can’t the car will get sunburnt again

    24. DR: hey seb wanna head down to the beach
      SV: i cant, the rb10 will get sunburnt again

    25. “…do you think we fooled them?”

    26. Daniel – “I really hope to see two big ones below the Caterham nose”

    27. Sebastian wasn’t pleased with Daniel’s attempts at being friends with teammates.

    28. DR: “And I decided to come back to the pits you know… the water tanker was pulling a gap… Like this big gap… every second!”

    29. …and this is how many fingers you’ll need to raise to show where you finish this year.

      1. Nice. Hope it’s true as well, give the others a chance.

    30. DR: I once smiled



      1. DR: I once smiled that wide…

        1. aaah good one too!! hahahah :)

    31. Dan, “Just hold your baby like this Seb and don’t toss it up in the air like you do with your trophies!”

    32. “…and that new steering wheel’s way too big.”

    33. “This is how much space webber said to leave you into the first corner”

    34. DR: So, basically we had to make a hole this wide in the chassis to cool down the engine.

    35. Funny thing, Mark have me this much cash before he left to make sure the car didn’t work for you this year

    36. Finding themselves with quite a bit of time on their hands, Daniel decides to show Seb his “juggling mime” act. Seb is less than impressed.

    37. DR: “I’m serious, that shark was this close to me while I was surfing back at home. Just don’t tell that to our boss, will you?”

    38. Seb (thinking): Oh my God, how does he look like Mark all of a sudden?

    39. “This is the new phantom engine Renault said would bring us straight to the 5th WCC.”

    40. You know in Australia, babies come out this big.

    41. I think our car problems bigger than this

    42. …so I took these two coconuts and hit Helmut Marko on the head with them until he gave me this seat. But hey, I’m just a light-hearted Aussie kid.

    43. No, no, it’s true Seb. I’ve seen Mark’s nuts.

    44. “Well, ONE of us is going to have to change…”

    45. “I could have completed more laps this week, but because my balls of steel were this huge and heavy, it made the car break down.”

    46. Ricciardo preparing to carry Red Bull’s problems this season.

      1. Definitely my fav by far. :)

    47. Look, how do I put this …. “keep your hands off my nose cone”

    48. DR: “My ass was about this big before Adrian (Newey) told me to lose weight.”

    49. This is how big I told Toro Rosso to make it…

    50. “Look i knew when coming to red bull that is was gonna have to push hard.
      I just didn’t expect that i’d literally have to push the car.”

    51. “So this is how much space Newey has packaged the entire powertrain into ?!?”

    52. I took a potato and shoved it up the exhaust and now it wont start.

    53. “I’m hung like the Torro Rosso”

    54. vettle thinking to himself “This guy talks too much”

    55. Ricciardo: Seb, I’m hearing we may have to push the car across the finish line in some races.

    56. Welington Leal
      1st February 2014, 15:37

      I am not the reason of this bad luck.

    57. My last job was much easier than this, all I had to do was drive a Audrey Hepburn lookalike around in a Galaxy chocolate bar commercial.

    58. VET: “Did you sabotage my car?!”
      RIC: “Weeeellllllllll…”

    59. I don’t need the laps to be instantly quicker than you Seb

    60. “I’m telling you Seb, the whole issue with the car is just hot-air”.

    61. “I’m telling you Seb, the whole issue with the car is just a load of hot-air”.

      *pressed post comment to early, doh.

    62. Hay just saying give me your car this year an you drive my broken one

    63. DR: “The way this has gone so far, I think I can run carrying couple of these new Pirellis and still can complete a lap of the circuit!”

    64. So when people were telling me the noses of the cars were going to look like gentleman’s sausages I was expecting something at least this size! Thats average right seb?

    65. I’m finding everything’s packaged too tightly, did Adrian design the underwear too?

    66. :DR : Just stretch your lips slowly like thiiiis and flash that smile . Then most of the reporters stop asking the stupid questions .
      Vettel : So , you think it’s the teeth uh ?

    67. “OK, Seb, I’ll push your car for a few laps… That’s written in my contract…”

    68. “Helmut felt he should win, but Dietrich got him by an inch. Of course Christian didn’t even bother to show up…”.

    69. So Kimi and I are standing there with our feet parted, and that’s when cold-hand Helmut goes “Daniel, you got the job. The Red Bull junior program wins again..”

    70. RIC: “I’m Aussie too, but mine a bigger than Mark’s”

    71. Spare Time Mind Games ………” then i slowly close my eyes and imagine juggling all the trophies im going to win ” !

    72. Dan: “This is how far we are behind Caterham”

      Seb: “You realise what RB10 stands for? Red Bull baRBie 10”

      Dan: “You mean Red Bull aRe Beaten by 10”

      Seb: “But Lotus didn’t even show up”

      Dan: “Exactly” (giggles, realising Vettel’s run of titles could genuinely end this year despite Bernie’s best attempts with the double points rules)

      1. Seb: “Caption Competition 44, are you kidding me? Even F1 Fanatic is trying to help Lewis”

        Dan: “No, F1 Fanatic’s British and Hannah’s made a kid which looks a bit like you”

    73. SV: I thought our reliability will be better since bad luck Webber was retired. damn you Australians!
      DR: Seb pls, nothing to do with nationality. Our cars just didn’t as ‘manly’ as the other, that’s why. Look at those Force Indias, it was this loong!

    74. DR: no, no “down under” doesn’t mean we aussies need more downforce..

    75. DR: I’ve found this chunk of ego, is it yours?

      1. Hahah, good one!

        How about this –
        DR: So I’ve made model of your #1 finger which is this big, and which I am going to insert sideways if you pull any multi 21 tricks on me.

    76. If you ignore Multi 21 with me as your partner. Then I’ll take your ……. and squeeze them so hard you’ll not want to wear a seat belt.

    77. DR : “I don’t know how you’ll name your car this year Seb! All they seem to be lacking are a pair of these”

    78. DR: I was smiling this wide before I drove the RB10.

    79. “Surely mate, if they can package millions of energy drinks every year – they must be able to package an Energy Recovery System as well?”

    80. “I think we’ll need to steal this much Mercedes data”

    81. 21 Laps done, straight to Quali or FP2?

    82. “Just wait till I get my hands on my manager!”

    83. sc: seriously, daniel. what is your opinion about our renault engines?
      dr: they will go down like pffffff….

    84. My Ute’s got this much more displacement than the RB10.

    85. Daniel Ricciardo: “Well, mine is this big. Almost as big as the one on the Caterham!”

    86. DR : Hmmm… still shorter than the Toro Rosso´s nose……

    87. David Sydenham (@)
      1st February 2014, 21:10

      “You see, what we really need… is a couple of beers.”

    88. “My package is too big for the car”

    89. All I said to Adrian was that the car seemed a bit off, and then he grabbed his clipboard and pencil and he stormed off back to Milton Keys. I guess he’s going back to his drawing board.

    90. thats the gap needed for cooling that engine !

    91. DR: so I said to Adrian ‘ you need to leave this much space for the power unit’, but would he listen??

    92. Seb: “how do you remain so positive when the car seems so bad?”
      Dan: “look at my eyes man, I just smoked a bad of weed THIS big!”

    93. “It’s been a testing week”

    94. Daniel…………And then i grabbed her boobs.
      Seb …………..OMG you did’nt, did you thats naughty.

    95. Ricciardo: I can’t wait to spray that champagne bottle in my first podium!
      Vettel thinking to himself: I’ll make sure that never happens.

    96. Ricciardo: I can’t wait to spray that champagne bottle in my first podium!
      Vettel thinking to himself: I’ll make sure that day never comes.

    97. DR: ‘yeah…what was with that ‘big balls’ comment you said on the Letterman show seb’? ?

    98. So I was holding this watermelon…

    99. And so I was left with the two pineapples while the guy ran away with our helmets!

    100. DR ” Adrian fitted everything in this much space ”
      SV ” it worked for past four years “

    101. I’ve got this VW 1600cc turbo engine that I use in my ” VW beach buggie” in my garage at home – it’s packaging is quite small. Should we talk to Adrain about it?

    102. “…with these hands, and with this heart, and with this mind, i can do anything!”

    103. DR: Mate these hands have been all over the real Kylie

      SV: Can I smell them?

    104. DR: So when I win the next 4 drivers championships, I want a donut this big!

    105. Nothing demonstrates more perfectly a conversation between an Italian and a german.

    106. So Mark gets to drive a really cool Porsche and I’m stuck here with a set of big blue balls !!!!!

    107. DR “I think we should nickname this years car your mum, because its heavy, ugly and sparks keep flying between us”

    108. Ricciardo: Seb, you might need to learn some new things this season. For example, when you do the finger, it might show the amount of the laps you completed.

    109. “I saw Kimi under the shower, he had…”

    110. DR: I thought you said red bull had wings!

    111. DR: I pet the bull like you said, didn’t do s&@!

    112. We may as well pick up that Renault power unit and throw it straight in the bin mate.

    113. Chris Edmondson
      3rd February 2014, 0:47

      Look, Webber told you he’d send another Aussie! I’ll beat you by THIS much!

    114. Every time I go home Mama makes me a bowl of pasta this big. Now Adrian says I can’t eat or I won’t fit in the car.

    115. So… Mercedes tell me the engine and the battery are meant to connect like so. Not the other way around! Who knew?!!

    116. DR. Now pay attention Seb ,It takes this many fingers to count to Multi 21 OK.

    117. DR: “Mark asked if I could just do this kung fu move on you, he would be very greatful!!”

    118. DR: This is what happened when i tried to do a donut in this year’s cars!

    119. I saw Fernando’s eyebrow climb down from his face and chase me. It was *this* big!

    120. DR: “Honestly Seb I didn’t notice the car had a #1 on it when I jumped in.”
      SV: “Do not do zat again Ricciardo!”

    121. Cor!!! Too right mate!!! I love a tightly-packaged rear-end as well! Can’t wait to get me hands on it! What’s her name……….Randy Mandy or something???

    122. “You like-a da pasta? I show you a how to cooka da pasta!”

    123. Daniel Ricciardo (AUS) Red Bull Racing and Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing talking about adding huge headlights on the car to show them light at the end of the tunnel.

    124. Webber said he is gonna kick you so hard, your nuts will be this big!

    125. “Just like that……..

    126. Im telling you the fish was this big!

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