McLaren to reveal title sponsor “in next few events”

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Ron Dennis says McLaren will not start the season with a title sponsor but will have one in place within the first few races.

Dennis, who took back the role of McLaren Group CEO in January, told media at the team’s base: “Our cars will not feature a title sponsor at the first event, but it will definitely feature a title sponsor in the next few events.”

Dennis likened the team’s position to that of successful football team Manchester United.

“Inevitably, when you have a run of poor results people push the rate card down.”

“I won’t accept that,” he said. I know what this company is. I know what this grand prix team can achieve and that requires the correct recognition when it comes to the commercial relationship with the principal sponsor.”

Ahead of last season McLaren announced previous title sponsor Vodafone would not be remaining with the team and that a replacement would be revealed in December. However no new sponsor has yet been announced.

Dennis indicated the team was looking for a long-term arrangement and had declined offers from sponsors looking to occupy the one-year gap between Vodafone leaving and McLaren commencing a new engine supply arrangement with Honda in 2015. “We turned away stopgaps,” he said.

2014 F1 season

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59 comments on “McLaren to reveal title sponsor “in next few events””

  1. By all accounts Ron Dennis is very much in fighting mood, if 2014 needed something else to spice it up, we’ve got it.

    1. @geemac And he also believe they have a good car this year or that wouldn’t have any sense to play that tactic … Now he can be wrong, but not a bad idea to wait a few races to raise the bids. But that’s quite give or take …
      Surprising to see such team ending up to that kind of practice

  2. I wonder what it’ll be. I do think that they will probably keep the same livery, except for the new sponsor replacing the MP4-29 writing on the top and the sidepods of the car.

  3. hopefully they’ll get a new livery aswell.. the chrome got really boring.

    1. @rigi Agreed, but it depends on what I guess. The best helmet I’ve ever seen for example was in chrome, it was the one Grosjean wore at Austin last year. Another view here.

      1. @spoutnik yes, i agree, it looked really cool. but mclaren have had the chrome livery for a few years now and with mercedes also having a similar livery i wouldn’t mind a change. orange for example.

        1. I guess it was some kind of an prestige thing for Mercedes as long as they hadn’t had their own team. They wanted to have a “Silberpfeil” as part of their legacy in motorracing since everybody was talking about one man called Schumacher but no one cared about german manufacturers anymore. Thats why Mclaren ran in chrome the last few years. And yes they are going to change it at least for next season but I don’t think they will return to their pre-Merc-look since Mrlbro isn’t a potential sponsor anymore.

    2. they should restore orange-red livery and rename mp4-29 to m31 or m59, as there is no marlboro anymore.

  4. I love the livery as it is now. Hope they don’t change it.

  5. is it SONY?

    1. The Blade Runner (@)
      6th March 2014, 13:56

      Rumours were rife that Sony were choosing between Lotus and McLaren. If that’s true then maybe Lotus’ pre-season form has put them off.

    2. Considering McLaren’s engine supplier will be Honda next year and Lotus’ form, Sony seems like their option.

    3. Sony is loseing money and market share hand over fist, I don’t see the shareholders being happy with millions going on a F1 sponsoship deal.

      1. It really isn’t that simple. Not even remotely.

        1. Not to mention their yearly losses now are just about the dividends of their reestructuring. As a shareholder, I’m cautiously optimistic for the coming year, sponsoring deal or not.

    4. Maybe Tesco or Walmart.

  6. The lack of Vodafone doesn’t make it feel more McLaren.

    1. I think, McLaren is much older than Vodafone. I can’t see the point in Vodafone defining the Image of McLaren F1 team.

    2. Panzerschreck
      6th March 2014, 17:31

      I disagree. I hated McLaren merchandise with giant Vodafone logos and title Vodafone McLaren Mercedes. WEST was a very good fit, and it shaped McLaren’s livery in following years.
      Sony would look and sound cool with McLaren.
      I think currently the coolest name on the grid is Willams Martini Racing though.
      It’s one of those moments I wish McLaren-Lamborghini partnership worked out or TAG McLaren Porsche … Oh the possibilities.

  7. Huawei maybe? Would be the perfect way for them to get more public awareness in the “rich western world of F1”.

    1. I know they were getting a little chummy with the chinese in recent months; I wouldn’t be surprised if it were in fact a chinese group.

  8. petebaldwin (@)
    6th March 2014, 14:37

    Good news – the car just looks a bit boring as it is now….

  9. What about a good British company with a strong British heritage……struggling………..can’t think of any………… thats German………and thats Japanese………oh got it !….Maclaren and with a championship winning season watch them come groveling back, leave it as it is Ron love the livery now.

  10. Dennis likened the team’s position to that of successful football team Manchester United.

    “Inevitably, when you have a run of poor results people push the rate card down.”

    “I won’t accept that,” he said. I know what this company is.

    Yeah right Ron. No drivers title for 5 years. No constructors for 15 years. You’re Arsenal mate!!

    1. Would that make RBR ManU and Mercedes Chelsea? Except I love Mercedes and hate Chelsea. Oh well.

      1. Nooo RBR are Man City – Loads of cash recently that’s propelled them to trophies. McLaren are a bit like Arsenal, except last season they were more like Leeds or Rangers!

    2. David not Coulthard (@)
      8th March 2014, 8:27

      And Williams are Wolverhampton?

      And Caterham QPR?

  11. Since late 2012, they had an agreement with Telmex to replace Vodafone as they major sponsor, and then comes Whitmarsh and trows away the bath water with the baby still in it. Withmarsh ridiculous efforts to secure Checo a seat elsewhere to keep the Telmex deal failed miserably. No wonder Mclaren lost his patience

    1. According to who?

      1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
        6th March 2014, 15:06

        Well they definitely won’t run the Claro Video rear ad. So the comment is not so far from the truth.

      2. @keithcollantine I remember that around Spain, when “claro video” first appeared on the Mclaren’s rear wing, Slim hinted that for next year (2014) “Claro” would have a more prominent presence, whether or not that meant a title sponsorship is anyone’s guess, but maybe this is when the rumors started.

    2. Telmex were never going to be title sponsors.

      1. It think that was obviously meant to happen but it didn’t.

    3. Dennis wanted Checo out, not Whitmarsh, infact that’s why whitmarsh tried to get perez another seat because he had told him that he was staying and then was overruled by dennis. So really ron lost the telmex sponsorship not martin, but I dont think ron really cares.

      1. The Blade Runner (@)
        6th March 2014, 16:34

        Ron has never been shy when it comes to replacing “star” drivers so the removal of Checo probably didn’t induce a moment’s hesitation from him.

        Whatever you think of Ron, he has that “blue sky thinking” mentality. Anything is possible and we will get whatever we set out to achieve… eventually.

        In my opinion F1 is a more interesting place when he is involved.

    1. The Blade Runner (@)
      6th March 2014, 15:21

      That’s horrendous!!!

      1. mmm ChampCar, how I miss you so.

        1. Yeah me to. I miss Villeneuve, Zanardi, Montoya, Bourdais… in a F1’s parallel universe :).

  12. This is good news as at least they will get one. McLaren have always gone for long-term deals with title sponsors (a stop-gap deal isn’t in their nature) so the wait will be worth it.

    Speculation will be, and has been, rife as to who it will be. I’d say it will be out of Sony (through PlayStation), Coca-Cola, Gillette, Emirates, and Lucozade (who are not sponsors at the moment).

    1. The Blade Runner (@)
      6th March 2014, 15:53

      @deej92 Don’t Coca-Cola manufacture Burn which is a Lotus sponsor? Might make a McLaren link-up unlikely.

      1. That’s true and I took that into account. I was just thinking of other companies who have sponsored two teams at the same time though (Claro and Santander today; Marlboro, Mild Seven and Camel in the 90s), and Coca-Cola would be just advertising itself on McLaren, not its energy drink, so I wouldn’t rule it out completely.

        1. The Blade Runner (@)
          6th March 2014, 16:28

          Actually, fair comment on all counts.

    2. I’ll also add Canon to that list.

      But I’d say McLaren are still negotiating with Sony (for PlayStation). I’ve been using the ol’ crystal ball, see. PlayStation McLaren MercedesPlayStation McLaren Honda

  13. Ron Dennis is the only reason I am not a fan of McLaren !!!!

    As far as McLaren is concerned they will do good. My only question is if Mercedes happen to be top notch engine do they want to risk that and go to an unproven Honda and start all over again ?

    1. They will have exclusive rights to the Honda for at least one season – maybe more, against being a “customer” team of Mercedes, and not a preferential one at that. It is my view that McLaren will eventually develop and build their own F1 engine as they are not that far away with their P1 Hybrid motor, (almost 1,000 HP) in production now. With the road car program developing steadily, I would think it likely that this is on RD’s radar screen.

      I am also glad to see RD back. It was always more interesting with the ‘Oligarchs’ of F1, even Enzo himself with his weird logic, brought much to the F1 party and who can forget the creative genius of Colin Chapman & Ken Tyrell? Now only Frank Williams & Ron Dennis remains.

  14. Since we are all speculating wildly, how-about ;
    1.New sponsor will only sign after McL prove they will be competitive this year.

    2. Actually it’s a Honda buy-out of McLaren, not just an engine deal.

  15. Apple.. as next to impossible as it is, the apple logo would sit nice on the metallic silver paintwork

  16. 2015 is the year to see something more substancial from McLaren and I don’t mean that it is Honda coming to rescue but it is the time for the aero department to be refilled.

  17. And the title sponsor is… Quantum.

    They’re just waiting for the money to arrive in their account.

    1. HAHAHAHAHA Brilliant!

      Eric can continue talks where he left off lol!

  18. Plot twist: McLaren automotive to become title sponsor.

  19. in the end: what happened to whitmarsh?

  20. If you listen to Peter Windsor’s youtube interview with Dennis, they talk about chinese business interests.
    4th race of the season…

    just saying!

  21. Is sad Ron accepts Nobody believes in McLaren anymore and he is betting on first races results, is an all in move, if the car sucks again then Honda may get concern ? Boullier didn’t quite run smooth Lotus and jump ship fast.
    Winner are Kimi and Perez who has a chance to humiliate Mclaren with a Claro badge ! To fun to miss the development of this soap opera !

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