McLaren need more time with MP4-29 – Button

2014 Australian Grand Prix

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Jenson Button says McLaren need more time to get the most out of their new car ahead of this weekend’s Australian Grand Prix.

“While there’s plenty of potential within MP4-29, we still think it’ll take a little time to unlock that promise,” said Button.

“It’s not quite where we’d like it to be, so I don’t think we go to Melbourne with a package that accurately reflects our progress with the car – it’ll take a little longer for that to become apparent.

“In general, this season is going to be all about continuous development. Our stated aim has always been to try and scoop up a useful haul of points from the opening races – by virtue of solid engineering and good reliability – and then to quickly refine and develop the package, and deliver further performance in due course.”

However he does believe the car is a significant step forward over last year’s problematic MP4-28.

“I do think the potential is there,” he said. “MP4-29 has given us what last year’s MP4-28 didn’t – namely, a reliable and predictable platform upon which we can build and develop.”

“In every respect, this year’s car feels different to last year’s, and that makes me excited – which is exactly as things should be as you head off for the first race of the year.”

Button added he expects an “absolutely fascinating sporting contest” in the first race under Formula One’s new rules.

“Even with stable regulations, Melbourne is usually unpredictable.”

“This year, I don’t think anybody knows quite what to expect – will we see more than half the field at the end of the race? Will we see good, close racing? Will the pecking order pan out as we expect? Those are all questions that we’ve yet to see answered, and part of what makes for such a fun weekend.”

2014 Australian Grand Prix

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9 comments on “McLaren need more time with MP4-29 – Button”

  1. For sure not one team is going to ‘run what they brung’ to this first race, and then leave it at that for the rest of the season. It’s always a moving target, and even moreso now with all the teams having so much more they can learn about these new cars.

    For me the key question Button poses is “Will we see good, close racing?”
    As long as there is that then the major changes will have been worth it.

    1. ‘for sure’

    2. For sure

    3. run what they brung

      Brung? XD
      Haha, made me laugh so hard. XD
      No hard feelings. :)

      1. Indeed, not everyone is a native English. It is already quite difficult to express something in another language, so if people begin to laugh at it, there will be more and more non-native reluctant to say anything :)

  2. The Blade Runner (@)
    10th March 2014, 15:45

    Lots of cautious comments from McLaren this year, contrary to the bullish and, ultimately, ill-founded rhetoric of 2013.

    They’ve clearly learned their lessons. Even Ron is being cautious when referring to the team’s short-term propsects. Admittedly he’s less so when talking about the medium to long term!

    I wonder at what point we will get to see the main players turn their cars up to 11? The sooner the better.

  3. So they’ve mounted it upside down again?

  4. Melbourne is always on my top 3 most exciting races of the year. Fanaticism aside Melbourne has produced some of the most exciting races in the past 17 editions but this is a special year. Even last season Melbourne was incredible and in the last couple editions the race winning car was not to be champion and if there is any better chance for that to happen it is this season. I think McLaren made baby steps from last season the car is still ambitious in concept and as usual that means more time to understand its potential lets just hope they can eventually take advantage of the mercedes early start.

  5. Everyone needs more time with the new cars. Even Mercedes.

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