Rosberg “struggling” with brake-by-wire

2014 Australian Grand Prix

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Nico Rosberg says Mercedes still have work to do on their brake-by-wire system.

The new technology, introduced this year to help teams cope with the increased energy harvesting requirements on the rear axle of the cars, has been a source of difficulty for many teams.

Rosberg indicated Mercedes have not been immune to these problems despite their promising start to the weekend.

“Yeah we’ve been struggling too – it’s been going a bit on and off, things like that,” he told reporters after the second practice session.

“It’s all settings, and then you get to an area where you haven’t been before because you’re running the brake balance differently, and all of a sudden the rear steps out because there’s some problem that we hadn’t seen yet.

“And it’s really delicate because the brake-by-wire is my braking, it’s my rear axle, so if I lock a bit too much I’m off the track. But that’s tough.”

However Rosberg said he was satisfied with the team’s start to the weekend after their cars headed the second practice session:

“I’m pleased it’s been a decent day, lot of laps, learned a lot and I’m well-prepared now for tomorrow and after tomorrow.”

2014 Australian Grand Prix

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17 comments on “Rosberg “struggling” with brake-by-wire”

  1. I thinks most teams are struggling with BBW issue, the worst hit being Scuderia

    1. Steph (@stephanief1990)
      14th March 2014, 10:32

      The Ferrari looked especially terrible at T1 a few times this morning.

      1. After a bit of thought just how many cars will retire because of B-B-W problems? There’s plenty of spots to beach the car at Melbourne and rocks to hit. I say 4 cars will get beached or hit the barriers because of B-B-W

    2. @onebhk @stephanief1990 What does you make think Ferrari is struggling badly with BBW? I haven’t seen any info on this (no FP coverage), if you have some, please share. Did they lock their tyres often? Did they complain?

      1. On the 5live commentary I remember them mentioning it a few times. Turn 1 is a quick corner where there’s a lot going on in terms of braking and turning, and when drivers like Kimi Raikkonen are locking up/going off more than once there, I think that’s what prompts such a discussion!

      2. Steph (@stephanief1990)
        14th March 2014, 13:15

        @spoutnik Brundle on Sky was at T1 and said it looked like the Ferraris were struggling most with it. They were braking really early and seemed quiet uncertain about it. There were a few times the Ferraris went straight on at T1 one too iirc.

    3. I think Scuderia Toro Rosso is what he meant..

      1. @stjuuv Yeah.. I don’t know why Torro Rosso didn’t show up in my post.. Keith its high time we start the ‘Edit Comment’ feature, its already available in Live Sessions chat…

    4. Thank you guys for the insight :)

      1. and girls

  2. Can we stop using the BBW acronym please? All I can imagine is all these teams having problems with fat women. Can I suggest Electronic Braking System. EBS?

      1. @mike-e LOL that reminds me of an old Busta Rhymes song, I think…
        “hey ladies, my mercedes holds four in the back, two if you’re fat”

    1. I didn’t read it as fat chicks, but I’m also not thinking about hooking up with women when I’m reading about, or watching F1.

      1. Lol me either, but some acronyms can only mean one thing in your mind. If there was an invention called kirk’s kinetic killer, you wouldnt acronise it to kkk. Or the Perpetual Motion Speed Leveller probably wouldnt be the PMSL.

        Maybe im wrong.

        1. @mike-e Yeah and if you were creating a Spanish national racing team you wouldn’t call it…oh wait.

          1. Exactly, it was only ever a menopause treatment team to me!

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