2014 Australian Grand Prix grid

2014 Australian Grand Prix

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Row 11. Lewis Hamilton 1’44.231
2. Daniel Ricciardo 1’44.547
Red Bull
Row 23. Nico Rosberg 1’44.595
4. Kevin Magnussen 1’45.745
Row 35. Fernando Alonso 1’45.819
6. Jean-Eric Vergne 1’45.864
Toro Rosso
Row 47. Nico Hulkenberg 1’46.03
Force India
8. Daniil Kvyat 1’47.368
Toro Rosso
Row 59. Felipe Massa 1’48.079
10. Jenson Button 1’44.437
Row 611. Kimi Raikkonen 1’44.494
12. Sebastian Vettel 1’44.668
Red Bull
Row 713. Adrian Sutil 1’45.655
14. Kamui Kobayashi 1’45.867
Row 815. Valtteri Bottas* 1’48.147
16. Sergio Perez 1’47.293
Force India
Row 917. Max Chilton 1’34.293
18. Jules Bianchi 1’34.794
Row 1019. Marcus Ericsson 1’35.157
20. Romain Grosjean 1’36.993
Row 1121. Pastor Maldonado No time
22. Esteban Gutierrez* 1’35.117

*Five-place penalty for gearbox change

Image © Daimler/Hoch Zwei

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172 comments on “2014 Australian Grand Prix grid”

  1. Not bad for a #2 driver.

    1. +1 Where’s your champion now, mr Marko?

      1. Marko was happy, after all Ricciardo is Red Bull development driver. He did not like Webber because he was not one of his drivers.

      2. andre (@f1follower12)
        15th March 2014, 7:24

        vettels car had software problems according to marko, that explains why there was not even one good lap, but without the problems you can calculate where vet would have ended up.. i think red bull improved a lot from testing and now melbourne, or they were bluffing the whole time

        1. both vettel and jensons times were good enough for p2 and p3 in final quali as there was no change in conditions jensons time still faster than mags just bad luck with those yellow flags .

          1. What about the ten minutes before the yellow flags when they were not fast enough?

          2. @theoddkiwi

            I’m sorry but Jenson was up there the whole time. The only time he failed to improve his time was when he was on new tyres and it was because of the yellow flag.

        2. “according to marko”
          Who else…

    2. Webber will be very happy!!

    3. Imagine if Daniel said that on the radio mimicking Mark? =)))

      1. he is too polite to do that ….

        1. Yeah, Ricciardo seems like a humble guy @gunusugeh.

    4. It looks like we have a new Aussie grit to poke that German. Just listen to the crowd when he crossed the line

    5. Guess he didn’t hear Jacques Villeneuve telling him to stay home

    6. Top job…. Lewis, the original rain-meister

    7. We ‘re just into the first qualifying session, and some people are already arguing that Ricciardo is the #2 driver …

      Fantastic qualifying by the way, I just want to say: TOLD YA SO! :D

      Remember the Autosport cover ”Red Bull crisis”? Yeah right, P2!

      Also, quite surprising to see 3 world champions not reaching Q3: Button, Raikkonen en Vettel.

      I’m still betting on Vettel for this year :)

      1. @paeschl

        Remember the Autosport cover ”Red Bull crisis”? Yeah right, P2!

        In a wet qualifying session, and we haven’t even seen long run pace yet. I remember Trulli going P2 in Australia 2005 qualy, and Toyota didn’t exactly set the world on fire for the rest of the season.

        I’d wait before celebrating.

        1. But RBR is not Toyota isn’t it??
          You know they shown pace in Long runs

    8. Susie likes Daniel.

  2. Wow… so redbull did pull it out of the bag Mclaren 2011 style. Also kinda sick of seeing Alonso on 5th all the time. :(

  3. Hamilton and Rosberg seemed to be very evenly matched in the rain, with Nico being arguably quicker, but he blew his 1st lap while Lewis delivered on both laps.

    1. If Nico had a second run on those wets I dare say he would’ve gone faster.

      1. They both had 2 runs on the last set of wets so IMO Lewis won pole fair and square.

      2. Nico lost it by going off at T9, dropping behind Alonso and Bottas, costing himself the second lap. Probably pole position otherwise..

  4. Wow. That was amazing. It looks like Daniel Ricciardo is the real deal, as is Daniil Kvyat and Kevin Magnussen. An outrageously good qualifying. Great to see Kobayashi in 14th too.

    1. As much as I’d like to see Ricciardo do really well, you have to also consider that an AUS driver is going to be good on an AUS track and infront of an AUS crowd.

      1. And Webber did???

        1. 5th in a Minardi in 2002

          1. And that’s about it unfortunately, lets hope Dan doesn’t inherit Webber’s luck!

      2. @joshua-mesh Are you serious? Well, I didn’t see Karthikeyan taking P2 in India!

        1. Are you saying that drivers are all equally good on all the tracks? Do you not dont feel that some drivers have tracks they are good on, and other tracks they are not so good on? Do you also not feel that growing up in the AUS racing fraternity, he might just have a bit more experience racing around Australian tracks?

      3. @joshua-mesh I don’t think that makes a lot of difference. I think F1 drivers by and large are focused on the job of going as fast as they possibly can, regardless of the circuit. It’s an added bonus for Ricciardo but when he was in the car, wrestling with a surfeit of torque on a wet track, I don’t believe he thought about anything other than the next corner and his lap time.

      4. An Aus driver on a Aus track? This isn’t a circuit they’re driving on, there is no home benefit here in terms of track. I don’t think drivers abilities are built on crowds

  5. Drivers Wrestling the cars even in the straights! Loved it! Brilliant qualy! Bring on 2014!!!

  6. I’m both shocked and amazed at the disparity between Ricciardo and Vettel. What a brilliant performance by the former though – the roar was incredible from the fans!

    1. and the same disparity between kimi and alonso

      1. And indeed between Button and Magnussen. Both Button and Vettel in particular are recognised as good wet drivers.

        1. Looks like Hulk had upper hand over perez during whole qualifying,regarding button and vettel i think their car not set up to their liking if u look at balance they just struggling to drive compared to team mates

          1. All drivers found it difficult in the rain. I don’t understand the car not to their liking argument as almost every driver will never have the car to their liking. In Button’s case, he probably didn’t go out after Kimi’s accident thinking no one would improve.

          2. Button was caught out by the yellow. One of my biggest critisms is that he doesn’t bend the rules a little, to much the nice guy!

        2. vettels car had software problems according to marko, that explains why there was not even one good lap, but without the problems you can calculate where vet would have ended up.. i think red bull improved a lot from testing and now melbourne, or they were bluffing the whole time

          1. both vettel and jensons times were good enough for p2 and p3 in final quali as there was no change in conditions jensons time still faster than mags just bad luck with those yellow flags .

    2. Why Max? Take all the “toys” away and throw a little rain in the mix and SV is just a regular joe!
      Good for Ricciardo even though i don’t like him either.
      Dry qualy would’ve been nice. We still can’t see a clear pecking order on the wet.

      1. @karter22 2008 Italian Grand Prix

        1. @karter22 @vettel1 2007 Japanese Grand Prix, 2009 Chinese Grand Prix, 2012 Brazillian Grand Prix… but nope, just a regular joe.

          1. It´s nice to se you guys defending SV for a change! I´m begining to like this season already!
            Oh and BTW, I don´t buy that “software glitch” deal… they both have the same car! And Ricciardo managed to plop himself up there!

          2. @karter22 that’s because, unsurprisingly, we were correct and Red Bull have confirmed the issue.

      2. @karter22

        Yeah, Ricciardo is obviously 2 seconds quicker than Vettel….

    3. Vettel needs a big result tomorrow because Daniel has killed the excuse “the car is not good enough”.

      1. You’re right @jcost – the start will be crucial!

        1. yes ….but his friday time wasn’t bad, could it be the fuel factor ?

      2. @jcost

        It’s a good thing Vettel has already said “The pace is there.” then.

        1. @baron-2 +1.

          Apparently it was a software problem hurting Vettel’s performance. F1 machines are getting even closer to airplanes, I wonder when they will start talking about “air relevance” instead of “road relevance”…

  7. We all knew it was going to be an exciting race, but this qualifying result will make it even more exciting to watch! Wonder whats wrong with Perez’s car

    1. Wonder whats wrong with Perez’s car

      Something in the seat

  8. what a qualifying session, very nice way to start the season.
    Congrats to Lewis and Ricardo. Lewis at his usual best and brilliant performance by Ricardo.

  9. Oh damn Vettel actually not making it to Q3… although that’s mostly because of Raikkonen crashing and bringing out the yellow flags. Still, his unrated teammate appeared a lot more comfortable and that’s quite alarming :/ Vettel better up his game.

    1. Vettel hit with software problem

      1. Can you link the source here please? @ialtair

        1. I heard about that too – I’ll have a look because it seemed to be bugging him in FP3 also vs FP1/2, and would help explain what seems to otherwise be an inexplicable gap.

        2. Software problem resulting in engine not running at full power. Source: Horner interview on RTL

          1. Source: Horner interview on RTL

            Yeah i believe him !!!!!!!! i think that’s the most non credible source in the F1 paddock

          2. Horner doesn’t need to make up excuses – I trust his accuracy.

          3. Let’s see how accurate he was two days ago when he said the mercs will lap everyone twice on sunday.

          4. And as @baron-2 said: Seb doesn’t suddenly forget how to drive especially if he has proven multiple times that he is good in rain. But seems some people’s hate make them forget the past rather quickly..

            Would really love to see a few more logical comments but a few are just beyond..

          5. @@tifoso1989 Yeah of course, who’s Horner anyway? Team principal or something like that? …

          6. Well horner was downplaying the chances of RBR its quiet common,even button said that Merc are second faster then rest of the field which is not the case @gicu

        3. @xjr15jaaag

          Why would you need a source? If you see a driver go from 1:30.3 in FP2 to 1:32.2 in FP3 and Q1 I really doubt that driver suddenly forgot how to drive a F1 car.

    2. Same as J.Button…he was about to start a lap when Kimi crashed.Shame,i think he would do good in the wet.

  10. Very impressive qualifying from Ricciardo and Magnussen, shame the same can’t be said about Räikkönen.

    1. @diceman Magnussen may have a problem though (and Vettel):

      Vettel and Magnussen face yellow flag investigation

      1. I’m glad Magnussen escaped that penalty. It would have ruined my Saturday.

  11. Man, Seb is struggling with that throttle and seems to be missing badly that super diffuser.

    Tremendous Job by Daniel firing up his home crowd and the Red Bull garage, now they know the climb should not be as steep as anticipated. Great job by both Red Bull and Renault.

    1. He looked to be coping fine on Friday, not so much in FP3 (and obviously qualifying). So it may just be the fact they had apparent issues with the car.

      1. Lucas Wilson (@full-throttle-f1)
        15th March 2014, 9:43


        Nice to see you having to defend your driver for once mate :-D

        I am sure by race 3 we’ll have to defend ours :-D

        1. @full-throttle-f1 it’s been a while haha! 2012 to be precise ;)

  12. Unlucky for ROS though. He missed out on pole due to being out of position on track. Bring out the rain!

    1. Or maybe because he blew his first lap by making a mistake.

      And how do you know he would have gone quicker than Hamilton anyway??

      1. Hamiltons last lap was poor. He was half a second off his best through S2. But then he have have been taking it a bit easy given everyone else’s incidents through there, and the fact Rosberg didn’t have another lap.

        1. Pole lap Hamilton had a huge drift in T7 I think. There was the half second difference..

        2. Don’t forget the tyres may also be going off. So its all about putting in the maximum where it counts.

    2. The team gave Rosberg priority and he would have been last over the line, but he personally made a mistake which lost him that advantage. Beaten by Lewis fair and square.

      1. Considering Rosberg has done a lot of wet tyre testing, I expected him to be on pole this wet qualifying. I hope for Mercedes’ sake they just go for the best points and results instead of trying to orchestrate a particular result.

  13. Ferrari with an early contender for strategic screw-up of the year..

    Also Riccardio, qualifying 12 places above ‘the greatest’. Good work!

    1. Ferrari with an early contender for strategic screw-up of the year..

      Didn’t turn out that bad in the end. Alonso qualified in his usual destined P5 as usual.

      1. If only Alonso had the full session on the wets like most of the others than he may have found himself as high as 4th!!

        5th, then a poduim and finally a comment about getting the maximum from the car

      2. Alonso qualified in his usual destined P5 as usual.

        @kingshark Thanks for giving me a ROFL moment

      3. Yeah, “only” 1.6 seconds behind the Merc…not a big deal…

    2. No strategy could have saved what appears to be – yet another – flop car!

    3. @brum55

      Also Riccardio, qualifying 12 places above ‘the greatest’. Good work!

      Without problems. Let’s see where he stacks up when Vettel doesn’t have car trouble.

      This season is reminiscent of 2012. A lot of shouting and “See I told you, Vettel is just average.” after just one quali. Remind me, how did that end?

      1. @baron-2

        This season is reminiscent of 2012.

        You can tell that after one race?

      2. The season when Vettel was 40+pts behind Alonso when the Red-Bull was on a par with McLaren and then blitzed everyone when the Red-Bull became the fastest.

        1. From what I remember the McLaren was the fastest car that year. Unfortunately it would conk out at the worse possible time.

      3. Taking software issues out of the equation, Id put my money on Seb to beat him in Malaysia.

  14. ha, 2 rookies in the top 10, how cool is that?

    1. They had fewer bad habits to unlearn compared to the more experienced drivers.

      Expect the other drivers to catch up. And let’s see what happens in the race.

  15. Macca wanted their new rookie to be like a new Hamilton. Kev did a grand job to get forth in his first quali in Australia. Incidentally, the rookie Hamilton back in 2007 got forth on the grid at his first race, also Australia. ;)

    1. Incidentally, the rookie Hamilton back in 2007 got forth on the grid at his first race, also Australia. ;)

      @calum Incidentally, the rookie Hamilton did 22,000 km in testing compared to a < 1,000km by the current rookie Magnussen…

  16. I’m rather hoping Maldonado doesn’t start to be honest, there was more enough dry running

  17. I have a feeling Vettel will be fired up for the race and go on to win

    1. He has something to prove.

      Let’s have a poll on how many he overtakes on the first lap.

      1. 11 people

        1. I’ll go for 7 (for a gain of position), probably around 11 all-in-all too. As long as the car doesn’t break down.

      2. Let’s have a poll on how many he crashes into on the first lap.

    2. Top 5 finish was my prediction for Vettel and I think he will make it ^^

    3. With 100 liters of fuel?? Good luck. This is not the 16l+ fuel tank era, if he gets higher than 4th it will be a surprise.

  18. What a amazing end to the qualifying with lewis snatching the pole.Really wondering what happened to Vettel and Kimi they just look slower then their team mates during whole session.Daniel will definitely
    give run for the money to vettel

    1. lewis snatching the pole

      @smokinjoe I would rather say Riccardio gave Mercedes a scare and stole 2nd from Rosberg

      1. I agree. I thought Rosberg had it until Daniel beat him. Then I instantly thought the track is drying out and that it will be Ham, Ros, Ric.

  19. well that just shows when the real drivers have to drive the pants off the car who comes to the top of the grid.

  20. Wow… who could argue with that session!?!? Absolutely awesome. Pleasantly surprised by all the rookies… Kvyat especially! Super Seb looking a little pedestrian without his black ho!e diffuser… Daniel: just awesome.

  21. Haha not sure which roar was louder when Vettel missed out on Q3 or Ricciardo nearly getting pole~! Gotta love the Aussie crowds

    1. I am sure it was not only the Aussies.

      1. Yeah I’m only just now reading the comments having just watched the quali, and I’m looking for the outrage at the cheers when SV didn’t make it into Q3. Far more cheers than there were boos last year which got huge attention.

  22. Alonso already destroying Kimi. A full second quicker throughout the weekend.

    1. I just hope Ferrari in trying to replace Massa, didn’t replace Massa with Massa.
      But in all, I think the Ferrari in recent times, is not a straight forward car to drive, hence new drivers always tend to suffer.

      1. It’s early days and they may be running the race with different strategies so they may be pretty close in the end.

  23. I was hoping that Red Bull would hold off their inevitable recovery until later in the season, but I must admit I was cheering on Daniel at the end. I think I know who I’ll be voting driver of the weekend this time tomorrow! Brilliant way to start the season. Props to Kevin Magnussen and the Toro Rosso boys, too.

  24. So in the end it was the wrong call of the Williams to go on the inters.

    1. @hzh00 Why? Ricciardo qualified on inters.

      1. they seemed faster with a more stable car on the full wets at the start of the session.

        1. the start of q3 I mean

  25. To be honest very happy for both Red Bull drivers !!!!! No Vettel in Q3 didn’t happen if i’m not wrong since Spa 2012, As for Ferrari Alonso suck with his usual 5th place and Kimi ….

    1. suck


    2. Alonso’s starts usually make up for his qualifying. So yes he got his traditional 5th but we all know he doesn’t stay their for long. ;)

      1. This year’s car is a total different animal to those from previous years, hence no guaranties of anything.

  26. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    15th March 2014, 7:18

    “You’d take a bite out of your seat, you’re clenching that hard.” – MB

    Best Brundle-ism of the day!

    1. Thought so too, made my morning!

    2. @tophercheese21 I LOL’d at that too :-)

  27. I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence that this was probably one of, if not THE most exciting qualifying session I’ve ever seen with the new regulations and all. I love the behaviour of the new cars though, lots of power and too little downforce, sliding guaranteed! They look genuinly hard to control, especially in the wet. Didn’t expect a Red Bull on p2, especially not Ricciardo. This was fantastic, I’m really fired up for this season now.

  28. MAGNUSSEN! I love this guy already!

    1. The Blade Runner (@)
      15th March 2014, 7:47

      I’m with you brother!

      1. +1, shared 2. best qualifying of a Rookie in his first GP ever as far as I know. Last time a rookie was P4 in Qualifying in his first race was Hamilton back in 2007. The best qualifying rookie in his first race was Villeneuve on pole in 1996. I just hope he gets a fine race also.

  29. The prediction championship washed away with the rain.

    I went with Rosberg – Pole

    1. Rosberg
    2. Lewis
    3. Button
    4. Massa
    5. Vettel

  30. Vettel’s situation is a bit weird. He was very quick yesterday, today he struggled a lot. Before quali I saw a tweet that said that Red Bull had installed a software overnight that didn’t quite work, so I guess that’s it. Horner said that Seb had a loss of power, so I think it could be related to it.

    Anyway, exciting qualifying, exciting grid. Impressive job by Ricciardo, Magnussen and Kvyat (even if he crashed in q3).

  31. Anybody has RIC in top 5 in predictions?

    1. I have Ricciardo and Magnussen in the top 5.

      1. In my Castrol predictor I even have Vettel under ‘most places gained’. It working out well for me.

    2. Yeah, in P5 (the other four being Hamilton, Button, Alonso and Hulkenberg)

  32. Loved the cars moving and drivers fighting them. Like 70’s F1 or Motp GP you can see them working more. Shame about the noise it didn’t go with what I was watching. It was like a rock concert but with Britney Spears overdubbed. I am all for these new engines but the sound on tv….but in a few races I won’t pay much attention to it.

  33. Daniel Ricciardo’s P2 has surprised me a bit. RBR seem to have covered a lot of ground since the testing ended. Their FP running was also fraught with issues. I think RBR is going to be right there this year too and will probably fight hard for the championship. They might even win it. This is going to be an exciting year!

  34. At the end of the season Lewis will be standing with 44 pole positions!!!!!

    1. I hope you’re not dreaming

  35. what is happening to alonso and ferrari . i thought ferrari had the pace to be in the top 4 yet they blowed their chances up once again . hope they have a better race speed than mercedes . i think mercedes is like what they were last year . good qualification pace but bad race speed . hope alonso blow away ham-berg from taking the titles

    1. Believe me, Alonso will be P2 at the first corner tomorrow, that willy old fox….maybe even P1

    2. Did you watch free practice ? Mercs race pace looked the best ?

  36. Lewis Hamilton, at end of 2014 season, 44 pole positions!!!!!

  37. Well I predicted pole, but the rest of the grid is surprising.

  38. It’s utterly disgusting to read comments here about people mocking at Vettel. This is the sort of attitude one needs to change, I mean guys common! Just the 1st qualifying of the new season and most people have even concluded a lot things. It was a fascinating session with timing of the lap playing a crucial role as well as the weather and drivability of cars.

    Ricciardo did a stellar job and so did many drivers up and down the field. An enjoyable start to the season.

    1. I’m with you, I’m approaching this season with an open mind. Having said that I disagree with those saying he will move all the way up the grid. Ricciardo got P2 on inters, which should be a quicker tyre than the fill wets, I think the rain has hidden the pace of the Mercedes and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them run away from the red bull at the start (should the race be dry)

    2. Well if your looking for those to change their tune I think your going to be sorely disappointed. We F1 fans are known for our temporary amnesia and predicting entire championships with little data. That being said if this trend were to continue for the next five races or so then the predictions would have some clout. The best explanation so far is that even the best drivers have car issues.

      I have to agree with you about RIC he had a stonking good performance! If the car holds up RBR look like serious contenders for the WCC. (See! I’m making championship predictions with little data!)

    3. @neelv27

      I totally see where you’re coming from and I agree with your sentiments… unfortunately Vettel is not exactly popular and on other websites, the bashing gets a lot worse; F1Fanatic has one of the most open-minded and rational members in general… it’d be ideal if the world was free of boneheaded fanboys/girls whom in their eyes their favourite driver (Usually Alonso/Hamilton/Raikkonen) can do wrong while their target of bashing (Usually Vettel) is the personification of evil but hey, this is the Internet so we just have to put up with it…

      1. I agree and I think we also have a job to do to remind ourselves keep it fair. I mean its ok to utter some criticism, if the arguments why, is put forward. But just to claim someone is the enemy or just defining that on this forum we don’t like driver x and team y etc. gets very tiring to read.

  39. 2014 hasn’t really brought anything new in the pecking order. Its Mercedes and Redbull who are leading with Ferrari behind. Expect Vettel to take his usual position by the end of the season otherwise you will be disappointed. Expect Fernando to stuck with his 5th place and Ferrari to no challenge the top two. I really don’t understand how come all these regulation changes didn’t make any difference?

    1. To be honest will still don’t know the order, wait ’till China at least. Looking at dry pace I think we have Merc >>>>Williams>> Ferrari>>> Red Bull> Mclaren. Quite a turn around from last year.

  40. I really think Marussia or Caterham will get their first ever points tomorrow.

    I’ve figured it out.

    They need 9 retirements:

    2 from lotus failures,
    1 from sauber failure,
    1 from toro rosso failure,
    1 from massa hitting wall,
    1 from red bull failure,
    1 from lewis retirement from lead,
    1 from kimi crashing again
    1 from weird button car issue


  41. HA HA HA SO VETEL, THE EXTREMLY GOOD DRIVER, DRIVING A NORMAL CAR ENDS 12…. fantastic, now everyone can understand better his winings.

    1. I suppose you also judged Alonso’s whole season in 2012 on the basis of him crashing in qualifying in Australia?

      1. @vettel1 For them it’s concluded. Season is over as far as the battle of the Bulls is concerned. Truly amazing how they jump to conclusions where Vettel is involved.

      2. Ridiculous comparason.
        1. VET, even though he does often in stressful situations, did not crash in 2014
        2. VET, had a package with pace fully capable of front row, as proven by his less experienced team mate’s time/position. Significantly better than the Ferrari of 2012 which was 1.5s behind pole sitter and quite a handful (refer to onboards footage to see his fights with it)
        3. ALO in 2012, although was out already at Q2 due to the below par quality of the package , was still ahead of his very experienced team mate at the final grid.

  42. 10th 11th and 12th place were all good enough to get into the top 5 in final quali we are going too see a few cars coming up through the field tomorrow all 1.44mins

  43. Hooray for F1 after Vettel starts in 12th! That could be a news headline. :P

  44. Vettel is going to be the next Jenson Button. When he has to compete with a regular car he disappears.

    1. In other words, Daniel Ricciardo is going to be the next Vettel.

      1. Na, WEB was present until the last moment. Have you already forgotten “Multi-21 Seb, yeah Multi-21”?

  45. How about Max Chilton, not bad. Maybe if he keeps it on the road he can pull in a few more spots.

  46. Great qualifying session. With the field so mixed. We have HAM, RIC, ROS, MAG, HUL, ALO on front with VET, BUT, MAS, BOT, PER, RAI chasing them. The results can be very very unpredictable. It the race pans out as brilliant as I assume it should, we will forget all the rule changes, and things we were talking about in preseason and get back in the fanaticism of F1. Bring it on guys for a great race.

  47. I’m just excited to see a mixed bag at the start of a new season, isn’t this what we all wanted? Mechanical failures, software issues or driver errors are all part of racing. It can happen to anyone, but the situation we have right now will surely create a exciting race! Can’t argue with that now can we?

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