Debut podium “feels like a win” – Magnussen

2014 Australian Grand Prix

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Kevin Magnussen said he was thrilled to finish on the podium in his first race for McLaren – and give the team its first top-three finish since 2012.

“It’s not a win but it definitely feels like a bit of a win,” he said during the press conference after the Australian Grand Prix.

“The team is coming off a difficult season and they really wanted to come back and they’ve worked so hard over the winter.”

Magnussen added he was grateful for the team’s decision to promote him into a race seat.

“Working with a rookie as well who hasn’t got experience – it’s been tough for them, for sure – but they’ve done such a good job, made me feel really at home and made me feel comfortable with everything.

“I couldn’t have asked for more.”

McLaren lead the constructors championship following the first race after several of their rivals hit technical trouble. Magnussen said he had “no issues with the car that we weren’t expecting”.

“We didn’t really know what to expect but luckily we didn’t have anything really that came up that we couldn’t handle so again, big congratulations to the team and to Mercedes for providing such a reliable power unit. It’s quite impressive in the first year.”

2014 Australian Grand Prix

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14 comments on “Debut podium “feels like a win” – Magnussen”

  1. i’m keeping an eye on this guy. very likely that we have ourselves a future champion here.

    1. +1! I like the way he’s driving and I also like the man I see. When I was watching him at the podium, I knew he was thinking… “Damn, I was so close… 3rd place is ok, but i have to win if I want to win World Championship…” .. He’s my favourite. He has “basic instinct”, and he drives almost like Ayrton…. Magnussen, Bottas, Hulkenbeg, Vergne, Kvyat made race interesting, and I just hope the season continues that way… More exciting races and new teams and drivers on podium…

  2. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    16th March 2014, 12:13

    He put together a great race. Incredibly solid driver for someone so young and relatively inexperienced. Hopefully he can win at least one race this year.

  3. This guy is going places! I just love his attitude so far. Hopefully McLaren manage to keep their head together as the car seems to be working well for now.

  4. And so it should Kevin! Great drive. The level of talent in the new drivers really is something! You can’t ask for much more, this kid is going places.

  5. What a lovely day to be Danish :)
    Hat’s off for such an inpressive drive and result. My biggest fear was that McLaren would get nervous and make him settle for 3rd, but I was glad to hear the exact opposite on the team radio, and seeing him having the bälls to attack Ricciardo.
    Even Button got a message to race Magnussen for 3rd. B)
    Kevin’s handling of everything has just been outstanding, like a driver with years of experience – just amazing!
    We have a new hero for the young here in Denmark!

  6. Fikri Harish (@)
    16th March 2014, 12:55

    Other than that aggresive move at the start, his performance today was a total class act.
    Man, I can’t wait until Vandoorne’s here as well.

  7. Magnussen will surely fight for the title

  8. I loved his performance during the race. He had been very confident all weekend, always pushing the car and attacking the track. It was a drive of someone with loads of grand prix experience, not a rookie. Congratulations to him and McLaren, no one will be questioning their decision to drop Perez from now on.

  9. I bet, that we’re gonna hear a lot more about this young guy this year! already my new favourite driver

  10. Absolutely amazing drive, and he has already cemented himself as one of my favourite drivers. He has shown today that he may well the next Lewis Hamilton – jumping in at the deep end and winning! Fantastic choice by McLaren.

  11. Very impressive

  12. He has to become world champion next year to become the youngest then?

  13. GB (@bgp001ruled)
    16th March 2014, 20:06

    this guy is great! but i expected that since mclaren wouldnt have chosen someone without that amount of talent!!! but also kviat and bottas and ricciardo proved they have talent. i think this guys will rock F1 in the next seasons…

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