Adrian Sutil, Sauber, Albert Park, 2014

Lapped Sauber “simply too slow” – Sutil

2014 Australian Grand Prix

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Adrian Sutil, Sauber, Albert Park, 2014A pure lack of pace was the main cause of Sauber’s problems in the first race of the season, according to Adrian Sutil.

Both the C33s finished outside of the points and a lap down.

Sutil’s race was also compromised by a change of strategy: “I was on a two stop strategy, but we switched to a one stop because of the safety car.”

“This could have worked well, but the safety car phase didn’t help us.”

“In addition we were simply too slow, but we managed to finish the race, which was our goal. We came close to the points, but we need to improve our speed.”

Sutil added there had also been problems with his Ferrari engine early in the race:

“We had a few issues with the power train during the first stint, but after the pit stop that improved. Nevertheless this cost us a lot of time that we couldn’t recover.”

2014 Australian Grand Prix

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    9 comments on “Lapped Sauber “simply too slow” – Sutil”

    1. That’s a big blow for the team. A bit of a Lotus situation: ending 2013 very high, starting 2014 very low.

    2. There hasn’t been a Ferrari team showing good performance and looking to the Sauber there’s only one culprit it seems.

      1. Gazzaguru (@garygushbiz-com)
        16th March 2014, 13:37

        Have to agree with you, although seemingly more reliable than the Renault engine at this stage the Ferrari power unit seems very under powered. Didn’t see the Marussia running much but both the Ferrari and Saubers looked they were stuck in mud for most of the race!
        Appears that if you don’t have a Merc power unit your team is at a distinct disadvantage.

    3. I still believe Hulk is a greater fighter than Adrian, but still Sauber is way too slow! Sauber better wake up and improve in. Malaysia as today we came 12th only because of a high number of casualties in the front!

    4. ‘Sauber to slow – Sutil’

      ‘Sutil to slow – Sauber’

      Worst line-up ever. They are really never going to score points.

      1. Truth be told, it’s not even the worst Sauber lineup ever.

        I think Johnny Herbert/Revolving Door from ’97 or Salo/Diniz from 2000 could easily run rings around Sutil/Gutierrez in the “boring” department.

    5. Uninspiring car to match an uninspiring lineup it seems…

    6. The truth is Sutil is SLOW as is Gutierez.
      Saubers should have expected that when they hired a drivers that don’t belong one the grid.

      1. @prelvu
        They’re not great, but they’re not so slow that they get lapped in a good car. Sauber started last year with a terrible car too.

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