Lotus still yet to complete race distance

2014 Australian Grand Prix

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Lotus failed to get either of its cars to the chequered flag in Australia but the team felt its showing represented an improvement for the E22.

“In simple terms, we’ve finished a disappointing weekend with a disappointing race, with neither car finishing,” said trackside operations director Alan Permane.

“However the 45 laps completed by Romain [Grosjean’s] car is the longest run completed by the E22 and while we accept we’re way behind, we’re working hard to catch up.”

Grosjean retired 15 laps after team mate Pastor Maldonado. Both drivers retired due to a failure of the same component within the MGU-K.

“It’s not the way we want to go racing,” said Permane, who is confident the team will make considerably progress by the next round of the championship.

“We need to make a big leap forward in Malaysia and we’re working every hour to ensure we make this leap. I’m very sure and very confident that we’ll see a big improvement in two weeks’ time.”

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10 comments on “Lotus still yet to complete race distance”

  1. Their lack of testing is costing them points now, I’m pretty sure Grosjean could have finished inside the top 10.

  2. I was watching him carefully. He was not getting caught by the Saubers, however, the Force India of Perez was getting away from him. It needed two more retirements (that didn’t happen) to get points if the car had gone the extra 14 laps. Anyway – a vast improvement on what could have been. Lets hope the car gets better and better.

  3. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    16th March 2014, 11:48

    Honestly, I was amazed they got as far as they did today.

    1. Me too for sure. That applies to lots more cars too, very pleasant surprise.

    2. And it looked like it was as much of a surprise for the team itself @tophercheese21

  4. Id like to point out Grosjean took a penalty before the race started.

  5. I’d told you last year that Lotus might not race in 2014, surprisingly by different cause.

  6. the car has potential, it is quite clear (1.33 for RoGro in FP2 with an high fueled car according to him).
    Considering what happened yesterday and on friday, they did an impressive job today, nearly completing the race distance.
    I expect massive improvement in 2-3 races time.

  7. Steph (@stephanief1990)
    16th March 2014, 14:52

    Lotus last year won the race but this year one driver starts dead last, the other starts from the pitlane and gets a penalty before he even starts and neither see the checkered flag. What a difference a year makes.

  8. Feel bad for RoGro. Hope they solve issues. And Romain will be on a podium with a reasonable fast car.

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