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Ten of the best pictures which tell the story of the Australian Grand Prix weekend.

Daniil Kvyat, Toro Rosso

Daniil Kvyat had an outstanding though not error-free first weekend for Toro Rosso. Having accompanied team mate Jean-Eric Vergne into Q3 he went off in the dying moments of the rain-hit session damaging his car. But he drove a clean race and in doing so became F1’s youngest points scorer of all time.


A Caterham mechanic is illuminated by the rear light on the CT05 as he starts the engine. The team endured a horrendous Friday, managing just three laps. Final practice on Saturday was a considerable improvement an in qualifying Kamui Kobayashi got his car into Q2.

Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull

Daniel Ricciardo uses every last millimetre of tarmac at turn 15 during the dry final practice session. A superb first weekend on home ground with Red Bull saw him qualify on the front row and deliver second place in the race. But he was thrown out of the results for a technical infringement.

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton mastered the wet conditions in qualifying to claim pole position. Here the ERS indicator lights glow on the cars behind him as he waits to join the track.

Start, Albert Park, Melbourne

But Hamilton’s race went wrong before the start as his engine failed to fire properly. While team mate Nico Rosberg dodged past into the lead, McLaren’s Kevin Magnussen almost lost control of his car in front of Fernando Alonso.

Kamui Kobayashi, Caterham

A failure in the braking system on Kobayashi’s car sent him skidding out of control into the first corner at the start. He bounced off Kimi Raikkonen’s Ferrari then ploughed into Felipe Massa’s Williams.

Kimi Raikkonen, Valtteri Bottas

Raikkonen went wheel-to-wheel with the other Williams of Valtteri Bottas twice during the race. Bottas demonstrated the speed of the Williams by passing the Ferrari twice, while Raikkonen was also coping with electronic problems.

“Nico Hulkenberg, Fernando Alonso

On his fourth attempt Nico Hulkenberg finally made it beyond the first lap of the Australian Grand Prix. He did so in impressive style, holding Fernando Alonso at bay for more than half the race before losing out at the final round of pit stops.

Kevin Magnussen, McLaren

McLaren mechanics cheer Magnussen who brought his car home on the podium in his first ever race. With Jenson Button finishing behind him and both later being promoted by Ricciardo’s retirement, McLaren took the lead in the constructors’ championship.

Nico Rosberg, Mercedes

Rosberg got his season off to a winning start and based on Mercedes’ daunting performance we may see him and Hamilton spraying a lot more champagne in the coming races.

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    30 comments on “Top ten pictures from the 2014 Australian Grand Prix”

    1. Look at the picture of the start – Magnussen left tyre marks nearly from where he left the grid.
      Also interesting to see the actual chassis shape of the Caterham, presumably much of the shape of the nose is a vanity panel.

      1. Like ‘a flag on a mud ship’ that vanity panel. (Dutch expression)

      2. More like an aerodynamic design choice (improbable-looking though it may be) than vanity panel I think.

    2. Steph (@stephanief1990)
      18th March 2014, 13:17

      There was a Williams one of Massa just looking back at the Caterham which I thought was much better as it really captured his anger and disappointment but obviously I’m biased being a fan of Massa and a firm non-supporter of Kamui and Caterham! :P

      1. GB (@bgp001ruled)
        19th March 2014, 0:20

        dont understand how a driver that happily let his teammate pass him time and time again can have fans….

        1. @bgp001ruled people like nice guys, barrichello was a very popular driver too

          1. GB (@bgp001ruled)
            19th March 2014, 15:08

            i am a fan of rubens, too. but i never watch him happily be used as a carpet (i began watching F1 in 2009).
            but i dont admire F1-drivers because of their niceness…
            besides: Button is a nice guy, he never whines and loses his temper. massa always whines (brazil 2013, australia 2014) besides being used as a carpet….

    3. Think you missed one, one which might need some serious head scratching. From Adam Cooper’s blog.

      1. @w-k You’re making the assumption I have the rights to use that image from AP, which I don’t.

        1. Must be a frustrating issue to deal with.

      2. Wow. Hadn’t seen this picture before.
        But that seems very dangerous. Looks Like Kamui’s head is about to hit the Williams.

        What a problem. You don’t want high noses because that causes the following car to launch in the air in the event of a crash. Now you don’t want low noses so that the car doesn’t go under the other car.

        1. Newey warned about exactly this happening!

        2. It looks like that, but keep in mind the distortion on the tele-lenses used in F1 photography.

          1. Distortion or not, add 100kph of closing speed (say another car hitting a stationary one) on that and Kamui wouldn’t have a head.

            This really needs addressed, because rear ending a car is far more common than t-boning them. I think…

        3. Massa’s rear wheel is at least even with Kamui’s front wheel in that photo, which way closer than I’d like my face to ever be to an F1 car’s rear wheel! It looks like the rear axle of Massa’s car may even be broken already, which means the rear of the Williams is even closer to Kamui’s face.

        4. …expect FIA to introduce a bumber regulation. Relevant and silly looking…the path choosen already

      3. That is quite alarming.

    4. I didn’t underastand what’s in the second picture at first. Really cool photograph.

    5. Where the hell are the Red Bull’s front cameras? I couldn’t see them in testing images, so I assumed they weren’t on the car for some reason. But I still can’t spot them. And I’ve gone through most of the images of the car.

      1. @alebelly74 If you look at the photo of Dan, you’ll notice a little black hole just above where it says “Casio”. Yep. It’s there.

        1. @craig-o I thought the FIA mandated that camera mounting was a fixed position for all cars this year. Guess I was wrong, happens often

    6. Nice pic – great colours, well cropped (you can’t see the nose!) – of Daniil.

    7. The pic of Kobayashi looking back at his car… the “Imagination at Work” slogan on his chest is really fitting.

      1. GB (@bgp001ruled)
        19th March 2014, 0:27


    8. Why is the ERS indicator below the onboard camera? What’s the use of it?

      1. So that it’s more easily visible. I believe it was previously located in the cockpit where, for example, a steward would have to get much closer to the car to see whether or not it was safe to approach.

    9. you can see Ericsson having the same issue off the line as Magnusson had

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