2014 Australian Grand Prix fans’ video gallery

2014 Australian Grand Prix

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The opening race of the season gave Australian fans the chance to hear the new sound of Formula One for the first time.

The challenging nature of the new cars meant we saw much more of the drivers making corrections and adjustments – particularly when the rain came during qualifying

Here’s some of the best footage captured by fans during the 2014 Australian Grand Prix weekend.

FP1: Fans hear the new cars for the first time


FP1: Raikkonen locks up


Speed comparison featuring V8 F1 car

Q3: Bottas twitches, Magnussen goes off

Q3: Cheers as Ricciardo takes provisional pole

Start: Kobayashi hits Massa

Start: Alonso catches a slide

Lap 1: Grosjean pits

Podium sing-along

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2014 Australian Grand Prix

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    6 comments on “2014 Australian Grand Prix fans’ video gallery”

    1. Cool videos though the cars do sound a bit quiet. Mind you the cheering that the Aussies are giving Ricciardo sounds like a great atmosphere.

    2. In the 3rd last video at around 3:00, some people are showing their middle finger to Vettel. Talk about hardcore hatred. It’s sad to see such an emotionally driven reaction but that seems to be the norm for the quadruple world champ.

      1. who wouldn’t hardcore hate someone if your country man was “cheated/beat” by a boy who doesn’t respect team orders. do I blame vettle, no. I would do the same, but of all the tracks, this is where the most hatred should be.

        1. @pingwhen

          a boy who doesn’t respect team orders

          Are you referring to Webber or Vettel here?

      2. Reminded me of the Australian Open.

      3. Could be Mark Webber. :D

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