2014 Australian Grand Prix weekend in Tweets

2014 Australian Grand Prix

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Formula One burst back to life in Australia last weekend. Here’s a look at how the weekend unfolded on social media.


The first day of action – or inaction as far as the Caterham drivers were concerned.


The glorious conditions on Friday were replaced by rain ahead of qualifying. Lotus’s struggle with their E22 went on as both drivers were eliminated in Q1.

Lewis Hamilton mastered the conditions to start the race on pole position while Daniel Ricciardo, Kevin Magnussen and Daniil Kvyat all impressed.


The rain stayed away for race day and Nico Rosberg gave Mercedes a winning start to the season after Hamilton’s car failed early on.

A dream Red Bull debut for Ricciardo was dashed hours after the race when he was excluded from the results. That promoted Magnussen, who’s already finished on the podium in his debut, to a fine second place.


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2014 Australian Grand Prix

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    8 comments on “2014 Australian Grand Prix weekend in Tweets”

    1. First race and we almost had it all. It’s looking to be a good season. Hopefully more title contenders will rise before the end of race 05 so it’s not all Mercedes at the front.

      It’s a rookie season for the engines but it seems to be a good rookie season nontheless.

      Oh and the engine noise? It is what it is, hearing the lock-ups and screaming of the tyres is also quite fun.

    2. Ron Dennis with an elderly fan. Bless!

    3. So do the trophies get swapped now Ricciardo has been disqualified, dose he have to give his own to Kevin?

        1. What about the champagne bottle @bascb?

          1. they can just say someone dropped it and its smashed up with the points for podium @jcost.

            Seriously, I don’t know, but I doubt that bottle is official and has to be handed on too. Not as if Button would like to have a swig from it ;-)

      1. @fixy @bascb @jcost
        The trophy goes back to FIA first (along with the bottle, if they can locate it)… They then clean it of the spit and sweats before handing it to the new owners.

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