Daniel Ricciardo, 2014

Caption Competition 47: Daniel Ricciardo

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Daniel Ricciardo, 2014

Is Daniel Ricciardo already considering a new line of work following his disappointment in the Australian Grand Prix?

Add your caption to this picture in the comments below and a selection of the best will appear in the next F1 Fanatic round-up.

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Image © Renault/DPPI

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  • 110 comments on “Caption Competition 47: Daniel Ricciardo”

    1. I don’t really trust your meter, so I’ll pay you what I think it should cost for the journey, OK?

      1. Nice! +1

      2. perfetto!

      3. Damn, much too late!

      4. You’re my number one, sir.

      5. ka-ching

      6. Perfect!

      7. Perfect!

      8. Wow!…1st comment nailed it!

      9. Winner!!! :D

    2. “The fuel flow in this vehicle seems to be in order, FIA!”

    3. An elated Daniel is leaving the circuit on Sunday evening when he gets distracted by someone calling him back to the hospitality unit…

    4. Hi mate, please anywhere far from here, you have gas right?

    5. Tanks full ,should make Perth.

    6. “The people I drive at least don’t ask me to lift and coast..”

    7. I feel I don’t have the right flow in my driving yet, so I’ll take a cab instead.

    8. Daniel is forced to get out and walk after his taxi is disqualified by the FIA for an overcharging meter.

    9. Answering the Taxi Drivers obvious question…. “…yeah id usually drive, but Seb’s taken my car”

    10. Conspiracy theories and accusations of favouritism are already rife in Red Bull after a taxi for Ricciardo accidentally turns up before the race has started…

    11. Daniel Ricciardo shows anger and frustration when he spots a camera man has followed him and a date home.

      1. this :D

      2. very good!

    12. Red Bull gave me my own meter reading showing me what to pay

    13. Ricciardo, momentarily confused by the V8 engine sound emanating from the taxi, asks the driver to turn it off so he can hear the cars on the track….

    14. Antonio (@frosty-jacks-racing-team)
      22nd March 2014, 11:27

      Red Bull unveil the new legal RB10-T

    15. “I’m tipping drivers up here!”

    16. Are you sure that meter is accurate?

    17. “errrrrr ttto the Stewards Office please mate, keep it running, we’re Red Bull, this won’t take long!”

    18. Jump in ! Taxicciardo takes you everywhere !

    19. Two investigations now: Fuel flow & Taxi ride infrigement!

    20. AMR (@aiera-music)
      22nd March 2014, 11:42

      “I think Sebastian was in this one earlier during the grand prix!”

    21. In order to comply with FIA fuel flow regulations, Daniel offers to do 10 laps of all races in an LPG TAXI

    22. DR: Finishing line please, and step on it! Well when I say step on it, I mean lift-and-coast

    23. There are two highly skilled drivers in this scene. One must look after every last ounce of fuel to get to the desired place as quick as possible, and the other is a taxi driver…

    24. Mark Webbers first drive since leaving Red Bull, and look who his pick-up his.
      Hope he manages to pull away ok.

    25. “Did you call me Helmut?”

    26. Ricciardo tipped to win Malaysian GP in new RB10-A

    27. If this is not powered by Renault, then I’ll definetely drive it!

    28. Ricciardo sad smile after disqualification…

    29. “I’ve lost second? you’re joking !”

    30. “Where am I going? Christian asked me to run out to the shopping center and pick up a couple fuel meters.”

    31. Oi Horner,
      Fuel Flow looks good

    32. As we can clearly see, DR has a super license, but not a regular license.

    33. Yeah! and you all thought I had given up my day job!!!

    34. Hey Seb, don’t go thinking this means I’ll be taking a back seat to you too.

    35. Meters sheemeters!

    36. Daniel you’ve been punked!

    37. “thanks guys! I’m going home now! Don’t call up and tell me later that i got disqualified or something… hehe!”

    38. Christos Pallis
      22nd March 2014, 13:16

      To pass you taxi driver exam answer the following, what influences the speed at which your taxi meter charge goes up by?
      Well it’s all about fuel flow and I actually know a lot about that subject, it’s just a shame my previous employer didn’t!

    39. Fikri Harish (@)
      22nd March 2014, 13:20

      I’m doing this so I can have my own Google doodle like that Sao Paolo taxi driver.

    40. Luca di Montezomolo: “I don’t like his sort of taxi-cab driving”
      DR: Say whaaaaat Luca? Couldn’t hear you over the sound of this V8!!

    41. Taxi for the stewards.

    42. Right, I’m just going to check the fuel sensors in this taxi before we go

    43. Hey Alonso, I heard your old friend retired, want a ride?

    44. Daniel Ricciardo notices the extremely fuel efficient engine in the taxi is much better than his Renault F1 engine

    45. “So this taxi-meter complies with the new FIA regulations… Right?”

    46. So I said Helmut ‘there ain’t nothing to stop me smiling.’ And he said ‘wanna bet?’

    47. :DR : I was dropped by the stewards …………. in a cab *flashes smile

    48. Take me directly to second place mate, and turn up the wick.

    49. Just off to pick the Lotus guys up from the track.

    50. Is this one burning the right fuel amount?

    51. Ricciardo is forced to smile when a passenger enters his taxi.

    52. “Get another one, guys, the power unit is down on this one – just kidding, haha.”

    53. This ride won’t give me wings, but I get to keep what I earn.

      1. Haha, love it

        My contribution:
        Not even the taxi driver’s BO can wipe the smile off Daniel’s face

    54. (Plummy English voice out of shot):

      “Airport! Come along my man. I haven’t got all day you know.”

    55. Can I use this in the race instead of the RB10? At least it shouldn’t be disqualified.

    56. “I beat some of the field, even in this taxi, should I name some- Lotus”

    57. “I left my wallet out on the racetrack! Anyone?”

    58. Can I use this to race instead of the RB10?

    59. D’yer wanna pay by kilometers or litres?

    60. Without the fuel flow limit this thing might just go faster….

    61. 2014 rule change #57: Any driver found using incorrect flow meter must log 50 hours of community service driving public transportation.

    62. “You talkin’ to me?”

    63. There’s pay drivers and there’s paid drivers…

    64. “Are you sure you’ve taken me to the me to the circuit or are you trying to make me miss the race Fernando?”

    65. “Taxi’s sounding like vacuumcleaners.
      Or the other way around? Fuel flow. Flowing fuel? Dist in the wind. Marko Marko … No…no…no!!! Must ..keep on … smiling”

    66. “Mark told me that Fernando might want a lift”

    67. “I was just telling the driver that we ain’t gonna use his meter, I’m gonna count how may times the wheels turn and work it out from there. He could appeal, but it’s probably pointless”

    68. “Taxi for Mr Webber? Sorry, forgot your first name already, mate.”

    69. What do you think, what should we improve on this car? :)

    70. hugo-the-rabbit
      22nd March 2014, 21:58

      Daniel is happy to get his hands on a Mercedes

    71. Christian! Christian! I’ve managed to borrow this for Malaysia, everything’s going to be ok!

    72. “Multi 31, get used to it…”

    73. This meter is regulated by the authorities too ?

    74. Hi. I’m Daniel Ricciardo. You may know me from last year’s Formula 1 season, and a good first grand prix in Melbourne. After the race, we went out and celebrated. We all had a few drinks and had a good time, and afterwards, it was time to go home. Even though I have a superlicense, I know when it’s time to leave the driving to someone else. So please everyone, let’s keep improving motor safety; don’t drink and drive. Take a cab!

    75. “Just bought the car that seb’s done the most miles in this year!”

    76. “I hope your fuel flow rate is upto FIA standards”

    77. It’ll do how much on the urban cycle?, you must be joking mate, I wouldn’t trust what the manufacturer says!

    78. Hey! Guys! Look at this V8 taxi. That’s how proper engines are built.

    79. My other car’s not legal.

    80. I’ve seen the way these guys drive, maybe I can pick up some tips !

    81. Yeah, go on Charlie (Whiting), run. Thought I wouldn’t catch up with you before you slipped away from the circuit in a cab, eh.

    82. slackbladder
      24th March 2014, 3:08

      Shhhhh, Yea’ its me, jump-in I gota pay the team for my seat!

    83. Daniel – “Mr.Cab driver, does you fare meter work on distance covered or fuel consumed?”

    84. “i am so driving this taxi next race if its fuel flow is working properly”

    85. “Well this hasn’t got a Renault engine or a fuel flow monitor so change the colour scheme and I’ll keep this upgrade for the rest of the season”

    86. NO Daniel ! When they said your meter wasn’t working, they meant the one in the OTHER car !!!

    87. Daniel is going to be the next actor for Robert De Niro’s
      Taxi Driver movie Australian version.

    88. Ricciardo sets a back up career with his new song & video ‘Big Yellow Taxi’
      Don’t it always seem to go
      That you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone
      They paved paradise and put up a parking lot
      Ooooh, bop bop bop
      Ooooh, bop bop bop

    89. “Hey Seb, my taxi’s quicker than you…”

    90. Guys… Come take a look at the inside of this Ferrari!

    91. darren magee
      31st May 2014, 12:40

      “Ok…ok…seb ill prove i can still beat you driving this!!”…… Jeez Sebastian really has thrown his toys out of his pram.

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