Adrian Sutil, Force India, Sepang, 2013

Rain possible during practice but race should be dry

2014 Malaysian Grand Prix weather

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Adrian Sutil, Force India, Sepang, 2013The searing heat and humidity of Malaysia will be a particular challenge for the teams this year as they enter their second race of F1’s new engine formula.

Air temperatures will, as usual, be well above 30C, but it’s the energy-sapping humidity which drivers will feel the most after 56 laps of the Sepang International Circuit.

The other dependable characteristic of the local weather is late afternoon downpours. The initial indication is a thunderstorm could arrive early enough on Friday to interfere with practice.

The frequency of the storms is expected to lessen over the next two days, with the race having a good chance of being run in hot, dry and sunny conditions.

For more updates on the track conditions during each session keep an eye on F1 Fanatic Live and the F1 Fanatic Twitter account.

Location of Sepang International Circuit

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2014 Malaysian Grand Prix

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9 comments on “Rain possible during practice but race should be dry”

  1. we just never know in Malaysia about the weather

  2. Hot, dry and sunny conditions, but with high humidity. Putting the engines to the test then!

    1. @bascb The heat and heatsoak is sure to have a few engine explosions! At least I hope so :)

  3. Still waiting for the first wet race since Brazil 2012…

    1. Same here.

      Just saw some footage of the 2001 race, wouldn’t mind weather like then, either.

  4. So, as so many early forecasts, for last years races and for Australia this year said rain possible for the race, does that mean we might get a wet race, we had NONE last year.

    But thinking about it, rather we didn’t, with the Malaysian rain it’s liable to stop the race early and we are left with the ugly scenario of quarter points.

  5. Doubt it, it will rain, not the all race but it will

  6. According to Wunderground, as the weather I searched up is Kuala Lumpur and says that it will rain during race and maybe quali

  7. 60% chance of thunderstorms during the GP, which could mean a delay to the start, red flags and SC

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