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2014 Malaysian Grand Prix

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Daniil Kvyat said there was nothing unusual about his collision with Fernando Alonso during qualifying.

The Toro Rosso driver said his rival simply failed to see him when they made contact at the turn nine hairpin during Q2.

“The visibility was very poor for everyone and I think he didn’t see me and in the end, he turned into me,” said Kvyat. “I think it was quite normal that he didn’t see me because there was so much spray.”

Alonso told reporters after qualifying “I didn’t see him coming”, but added, “it was a little bit of an aggressive drive on the out lap with this kind of visibility”.

The contact left Alonso with damaged front-left suspension, but he was still able to complete the session. “We were lucky enough to put the car together,” he said. “The mechanics did a fantastic job.”

“I have to say that the car was not totally repaired – the steering on the right was so light and the left was so heavy that it was very, very strange to drive. But enough to complete the qualifying.”

Alonso said he was “super happy” with his eventual result of fourth. “Probably the biggest smile on a fourth position in my career,” he said.

“But not enough. We need to do better next time, obviously avoid any incident that cost a little bit of even the qualifying positions if we could not be able to repair it.”

Kvyat failed to reach Q3 after Jean-Eric Vergne took tenth place off him at the end of Q2. “It was a shame to be knocked out of Q3 right at the end by my team-mate, but Jev was faster than me today and I was too conservative on my last lap,” he said.

“Q3 could have been possible today, but all the same P11 is a good starting point.”

2014 Malaysian Grand Prix

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36 comments on “Alonso didn’t see me – Kvyat”

  1. So that basically confirms there will be no action against any of them, seeing how both of them probably told the same to the stewards, which is normal considering this was nothing more than a racing incident.

    1. Indeed. One was bit careless on the brakes, the other did not look into his mirrors and BANG.

      1. “..the other did not look into his mirrors ”
        …I think rather it is you assuming he did not look. Given the track conditions, the small mirrors probably would not show anything but spray in the braking into the corner. And from the replay it is clear that the “overtaking” decision came very very late prior to the corner – basically when all braking was done and over with. No way ALO could have seen (or reacted) as the rookie was in his dead angle prior to the impact…and busy out-braking himself.

    2. While true it was a racing incident, it was definitively an avoidable one – Kvyat should have been given a penalty. ALO was very lucky to have been able to continue in Q3.

      (1) ALO basically had and was first to the corner
      (2) track conditions were far from optimal especially visibility, as Kvyat obv knew but did not respect
      (3) the rookie Kvyat was on an outlap, hence no need to take such crazy risks
      (4) Kvyat, although a rookie and the one who made an unnecessary and very risky move, is still being very arrogant reasoning about the move…
      (5) ALOs car was damanged, potentially destroying his qualy

      Another weak weak decision from the stewards. Not surprised though sadly enough.

      1. (1) Doesn’t matter as Kvyat was able to get fully alongside by the apex and crucially before the contact was made.
        (2) Fair point, but it still isn’t illegal.
        (3) He has the right to do so regardless of where, when and on who. Overtaking is allowed at all times, unless there is a yellow flag or similar.
        (4) Unnecessary isn’t up to you to decide. Being arrogant is no reason for a penalty either.
        (5) Makes exactly no difference to whether or not Kvyat was at fault for the accident.

        But none of that takes away from the fact that it was Alonso who turned into Kvyat who was simply alongside him. That is, per the regulations, not allowed. Of cause it was because Alonso had no idea he was there, partly because of Kvyat’s very optimistic move, and simply because of the the conditions.
        Calling it a racing incident was the only fair option in the conditions.

        1. Agreed. Nothing to see here, move along

        2. Did try to post a response to your points…unfortunately got removed. On this site you almost feel you live in north Korea – you are allowed certain freedom of thought – as long as you are not standing up for Ferrari and/or Alonso. If you do that…Censor comes to rescue. Goodbye!

          PS. See the onboard, it says it all.

  2. I thought to myself watching it live that Kvyat would get a penalty for sure, but now perhaps not.

    1. On the first time watching, I’d rather have given Alonso a penalty …

      But I agree with the stewards decision, qualifying incident.

  3. Honestly, this seemed like a rookie mistake to me. It’s not a simple matter of “He didn’t see me”. How about you don’t lock up and lose control of your car when trying to overtake, especially in the wet when the visibility is so poor?

    I’m no fan of Alonso but I have to agree with Coulthards view here, the car behind has to avoid running into the car in front in circumstances like this.

    1. If he had no locked up, his line would have remained exactly the same. He braked too late and was forced into an overtaking move from far too far back.

    2. Coulthards view here, the car behind has to avoid running into the car in front in circumstances like this.

      Suppose Coulthard has previous of being run into from behind in the rain!

    3. Suppose he locked up when he realized Alonso was turning in on him quick. Kind of like a panic lock up, how it looked to me anyways.

    4. What the …? IMO, it’s Alonso who turned into Kvyat, not the other way round. I really don’t see why Kvyat should have a penalty. Alonso should have known that other cars with the faster full wet tyre would try to overtake him.

      Alonso didn’t see him and Kvyat came from a bit too far, so no further action is the best decision.

      1. Go back and look @ how far behind Kvyat was. Alonso was taking the normal wet line (off the layer of rubber) and as far as I know, both were on their out-lap and on wet tyres.

        1. That is the point, there is no normal wet line.
          True Kvyat came from far behind, but Alonso wasn’t exactly going very fast so theapparent distance is deceptive. Had Kvyat been going too fast for the corner, he would have gone straight on.

          1. “That is the point, there is no normal wet line”
            Most drivers took the same line…hence there is a “normal wet line” and that one is it. Watch reply!

            “Had Kvyat been going too fast for the corner, he would have gone straight on.”
            He WAS going too fast but cannot go “straight on”, when the Ferrari is in the way, can he – simple law of physics. If you look at the onboard footage you will also see that he “decides” to “overtake” very very late…well after the 50 meter sign…probably only a few meters before the corner itself…giving ALO basically not time to react.

          2. They were both on out laps and not exactly on the limit.
            I still insist it was a misunderstanding, because Alonso was going much slower and appeared to want to give him room to pass.
            And who says there is a specific point where you have to get past a car ahead before the 50 meter mark.

  4. Happened in front of my eyes, this (I was seated at the Hillstand). Considering the conditions (and the amount of spray I saw being kicked up), there wasn’t any ill intent on the part of either driver, so I immediately thought it a racing incident.

  5. For once I agree with this decision.
    They both took different lines into the corner, Kvyat had no way of knowing if Alonso was making room for him by taking the wider line hence he going inside. Simple “racing” accident.

    1. Yeah, it looked like Alonso was letting him past, especially as Alonso braked quite early for the corner, then he suddenly cut back to the apex when Kyvat was already committed.

      1. Kvyat* One day I’ll spell his name right without having to look it up.

  6. “Probably the biggest smile on a fourth position in my career,”

    Nowhere near Kimi in practice, the rain saves his dignity once again..enjoy while it lasts!

    1. Just stop posting this nonsense.

  7. this incident was a bit similar to last year’s monaco grand prix incident between perez and kimi !

  8. Michael Brown
    29th March 2014, 17:22

    I think the appropriate action should be to reprimand Kyvat.

  9. If there are problems with driveability is there a possibility for Ferrari to improve it? It might be a security issue because at some point in the race Alonso may not be able to avoid hitting another car.
    Kvyat must be penalized. No ifs and buts. He wasn’t on his flying lap, Alonso – was. Including all the circumstances, it is obvious that driver behind has all responsibility for any accident. Daniil is just ignorant.

    1. @slava didn’t Alonso say he was on an out lap?

    2. @slava
      The damage is repairable under Parc Ferme. It’s only engines and gearboxes which gives penalties. Anything else can be repaired/replaced if there is damage to it. Setup changes however, is not allowed.

    3. both on out laps

  10. Is this place full of Alonso fanatics, or something? Or was everyone else here watching a different race? Alonso crawled round the outside. Kvyat clearly wasn’t going too fast, because he kept tight into the corner all the way round (which isn’t possible if you’re going too fast – those laws of physics, again). Alonso didn’t see that Kvyat had pulled level with him, so he steered straight into him – it looked on the TV like an obvious penalty for Alonso, but in hindsight, I appreciate that he had no visibility. Correct decision.

    1. I was asking myself the same questions! haha
      Furthermore, it looked to me like Alonso thought he was driving alone in the track…

    2. Is this place full of Alonso fanatics, or something?

      Of course not, but the impression makes for a refreshing change ;-)

    3. firstly it wasnt a race…it was qualy

      the way I see it, if it was kyvat’s flyer>alonso’s fault
      if it is kyvat’s out lap then its his own fault. More patience is required to have a clear run for your flyer, there was no need to compromise himself coming from so far back to clear a car in such atrocious conditions – chances are you would not be seen and would end up in contact. rookie mistake

      1. I agree.
        Alonso’s was a rookie mistake! ;-)

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