Hamilton aborted final flying lap due to visibility

2014 Malaysian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton said he “bailed out” of his final flying lap in qualifying because visibility was so poor at the end of Q3.

The Mercedes driver took pole position thanks to the lap he set at the beginning of Q3 as he found the conditions impossible at the end of the session.

“Today was just incredible how much firstly it rained before qualifying, and then during the session very tricky out there I think for everyone,” said Hamilton.

“Particularly at the end, it was almost impossible to see. “I mean, I couldn’t do my last lap, I just couldn’t see a thing behind [Nico] Hulkenberg.

“I couldn’t see where the track went, didn’t know where the corners where, when to brake. And when I was to start the lap I couldn’t see where Fernando [Alonso] was behind me so it was impossible to try and get a gap, so I had to bail out.”

Hamilton came out on top by 0.055 seconds, which he said was “definitely a little bit too close”.

“But I’m really happy to be here,” he added. “I’m really happy firstly of course with the job the team have done and generally how well we’ve done during the weekend.”

Hamilton started the first race of the season from pole position but retired on the second lap. “For myself and for the team, priority obviously is to try and bag as many points,” he said.

“Collectively between he and Nico Rosberg I think we have a great opportunity, we’ve got a great car and the team’s just performing fantastic right now. Fingers crossed we both see our way through the the finishing line.”

2014 Malaysian Grand Prix

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7 comments on “Hamilton aborted final flying lap due to visibility”

  1. That’s what everyone did actually. It was decided in the first 5 minutes.

  2. he aborted it after he blew it in turn 4, going off the track.

    1. he didnt blow it, he went off to get out of alonsos way, from the onboard he didnt look like he was going fast and just drifted off then alonso passed him.

  3. Good decision by Hamilton safety comes first when i was looking at the onboard cameras it was scary giving how much power the cars have combined with the bbw issues, the FIA need to seriously think about the visibility problems because we don’t want another Didier Pironi accidents

  4. It looked to me like Hamilton dived down Vettel’s inside to make him miss the flag and never intended to set a time himself. Maybe I’m reading too much into it :P

    1. …doh. Just read the next article and found out it was Rosberg that overtook Vettel, oh well.

      1. Vettel backed off to try and be the last car on track

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