2014 Malaysian Grand Prix championship points

2014 Malaysian Grand Prix

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2014 Malaysian Grand Prix

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21 comments on “2014 Malaysian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Alonso as always with his damage limitation and never give up mentality collecting points whenever he can, very strange to see Red Bull in that position in WCC Ferrari should capitalize on that to compete for 2nd place because 1st seems to be out of reach. Another thing is that reliability is a cruel factor Alonso and Ferrari are ahead of both Vettel and RBR despite the clear deficit in performance

    1. @tifoso1989 Clearly Ferrari have to up the ante . They can’t afford to be slower than Red Bull and fight for the championship . The RB10 looks quite reliable to me if it can handle Malaysia . Sad seeing Alonso scrapping for 4th . Major upgrades needed for them . Did they bring new parts to Malaysia ?

      1. Gazzaguru (@garygushbiz-com)
        30th March 2014, 12:17

        Sad day for Tifosi, Fernando and Kimi fans to see them having only the third or fourth fastest car. Another year to forget for them.

      2. @hamilfan

        Did they bring new parts to Malaysia ?

        No they didn’t, they are still working to get their ERS related issues sorted, a new software update was brought which actually helped sorting some of the issues but not completely, the ERS cannot hold that level of performance during the whole race, the balance between the MGU-H which is used for downshifting to save fuel, the MGU-K and the engine itself is not optimum(software issue), they also brought a new power-steering upgrade to Kimi’s car and new more aggressive fuel from Shell to exploit the maximum from engine in an efficient way
        As for aerodynamics the first real upgrade package will arrive in china, the car seem to be quite competitive in slow corners on these tilkedromes which demonstrate that the downforce and traction are there but the priority now is to sort the issues related to the PU

        1. @tifoso1989 Thanks for all that info . Hopefully they will improve their pace after a few races and challenge the podium places .Everything is in place in Ferrari . Just some more pace would do the job. While the general feeling is that Red Bull is second best , the scorecards tell a different story . So yeah , reliability is a big factor . A couple of DNFs can make the driver look nowhere especially with Double Dhabi.

    2. Yup, definitely shocking to see Alonso P3 in the standings while the start of the season for Ferrari has been a disaster.

      1. @kaiie It is clearly evident that the car lacks pace compared to Red Bull and is just a little faster than Force India . That is pretty bad for Ferrari . The only reason Alonso is third is because of problems at Red Bull and his consistency. I know it’s a whole package reliability and pace . But once Red Bull sorts out things , they will be very very good if not the fastest. Somewhat like 2012 , when Fernando was leading with great consistency and Vettel in the Red Bull just managed to get back that gap at the very end .

  2. One minor question: Why is Lotus listed as above Sauber? Sauber have an 11th and 12th place, whereas Lotus only has an 11th place (the rest are retirements).

    1. @wpinrui
      It is only the highest position that counts, so the 12th place doesn’t matter.
      Lotus is then listed above them because they finished higher in the constructors last year.

      1. On the official website it’s the other way around, tho.

        In any case that 12th place does matter if they have an equal amount of highest places.

      2. No that’s not right. Sauber should be ahead on countback.

    2. Same for the WDC. I guess it is not really worth doing a countback now already.

  3. Lewis and Red Bull are fast but they show why reliability is so important. Still Mercedes is in their class but Red Bull and Ferrari don’t have such luxury. They have to try finish every race and earn every possible point.

  4. “Felipe, Valteri is faster than you”

    Poor Massa, can’t help being disappointed with Williams lack of sensitivity and choice of words dealing with this situation. Especially so early in the season.
    Massa was obviously suffering in Jensons dirty air after making a good effort to get past, should have just let them race, publicly humiliating Felipe like that was uncalled for and disrespectful if you ask me…

    1. True.
      But I think, by staying in front (and being able to stay in front), he’s asserted himself quite strongly.

      This might ‘teach’ Williams a lesson, in a way. It’s still a learning curve, adjusting to a new team and driver.

      1. Gazzaguru (@garygushbiz-com)
        30th March 2014, 12:19

        Only thing it will is create some tension in the team, especially between the drivers. Never a good situation. Pretty damaging to Felipe’s career, which given the amount of rookie talent around; one would assume now to be over.

  5. I have a feeling Mercedes will wrap up the constructors just after mid season.

    1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      30th March 2014, 16:04

      Don’t forget they also had one DNF already, this season is still too long. I ‘m not saying they won’t get the championships, but that early? not yet – too soon to call.

      1. Also remember double points at the last race. Like it or nor, it will make it less likely that the champion is crowned early.

    2. Just after mid season? That would mean Mercedes getting a 1-2 at virtually every race with all other drivers retiring in every race bar one or two.

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