Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Sepang International Circuit, 2014

Hamilton dedicates win to victims of MH370 crash

2014 Malaysian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Sepang International Circuit, 2014Lewis Hamilton dedicated his win in today’s Malaysian Grand Prix to those who lost their lives in the Malaysian Airlines plane crash three weeks ago and their families.

“Particularly after such a tragedy three weeks ago I’d really like to dedicate this to those people and their families,” said Hamilton on the podium after scoring his first ever win in Malaysia.

A minute’s silence was observed on the grid as a mark of respect before the beginning of the race. The drivers and cars also bore messages for those affected by the loss of the plane which is believed to have crashed in the Indian Ocean.

Hamilton also praised Mercedes’ teamwork after taking his second victory for the team. “Fortunately the team were just spot on with the pit stops, the calling, the timing – and also the info that I was getting was just spot on.”

He said his first win of the year felt “incredible”.

“After such a difficult weekend, such a long winter. We’ve got a get crowd here today and Petronas who work so hard with Mercedes to give us this win, I just feel so grateful.”

2014 Malaysian Grand Prix

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29 comments on “Hamilton dedicates win to victims of MH370 crash”

  1. Something to remember. It was a terrible tragedy. Something that should not have to happen.

  2. Nice gesture that.

    1. Agreed, credit to Lewis.

    2. @geemac I too found it a nice gesture. More than my respect, he’s earned the admiration of this particular Malaysian

  3. Lewis, ever so thoughtful.

  4. The plane was took down by the Americans (aka the Rotschild) for those who did not knew yet

    1. @conclaves00 ????

      Please tell me this is a joke…..I’ll just assume this is a joke……put a “joke” sign or face on it or something next time……not a great joke though…..stick to the day job if you have one….

      This is not the same as the comments section on Youtube, you may be more at home there….

      1. @Mach1, no joke mate. Many people on that plane where high profile people with stakes/shares in technology companies in the US and with them now gone the Rotschild has everything in hands. America is a trouble causer, the CIA owns Al Qaida aswell.

    2. @concalvez00
      *** please tell me i’m dreaming, 239 persons onboard were vanished in the air and their families still don’t know anything and they will maybe have never have the chance to make the funerals and you’re sitting behind your computer joking about it.

      1. @Tifoso1989, you need to wake up mate, seriously. Check some facts about the Rotschild family and others, you will be shocked.

        1. I don’t have to check anything, before going to conclusion on the MH 370 fate Please at least show some respect to the family of the persons onboard who still don’t know anything until the investigation results will come up

    3. @kiethcollantine – Is it possible to filter out the tinfoil-hat brigade?

      1. I meant @keithcollantine obviously

    4. @concalvez00 get out of here. Now!
      This is a motorsports website, not a place for loony conspiracy theorists like you. You think you know more than those search crews from 20+ countries who haven’t even found the plane yet? You’ve got CNN and youtube comments sections for that.

    5. @concalvez00 Of course, it’s far more important to give blame than to respect those who died. Keep that stuff on infowars, not an F1 site.

    6. @ Guccio
      Find a conspiracy website and get the hell out of here.

  5. Rosberg dedicated his second place to the best fuel and oil maker, Petronas. Slightly awkward in my view.

    1. Never expect something classy from britney

    2. I don’t see what’s wrong with mentioning people you work with at their home grand prix.

      1. I think it was bad timing after lewis dedicated his win to MH370. So when Rosberg indicated he’d like to say one more thing most people, including myself, also expected another dedication, but instead got some sponsor publicity, which is not a problem. However coming after hamiltons dedication, it seemed a bit odd and arkward.

        So maybe just a bit of bad timing and the way he made it like a dedication speech.

      2. That was hillarious and awkward to say the least .
        Sherlock was like ” Don’t give me that , I’ve done a lot that stuff for some of movies” and walked away .

        1. *some of my movies

  6. @keithcollantine I think this is Lewis Hamilton’s first Grand Chelem – only taken 7 years!

    1. @alexf1man I think Hulk led a lap or rather half a lap . No ? Was the finish line before the pit box or after ?

      1. I don’t think Hulk would have reached the finish line in the pit lane before Hamilton reached it on the track anyway.

    2. Richard Robson
      30th March 2014, 18:40

      Hamilton got him before the line so whilst Hulk led most of the lap he didn’t complete it in the lead, which is what matters.

  7. I think any one who would have won the GP would have dedicated it to the tragedy

    1. Doesn’t lessen the importance of the gesture

    2. W (@yesyesyesandyesagain)
      31st March 2014, 4:04

      If Vettel had done the same all we’d here is how it was nothing but PR garbage.

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