2014 Malaysian Grand Prix fans’ video gallery

2014 Malaysian Grand Prix

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Here are some of the highlights filmed by fans during the Malaysian Grand Prix weekend, including how Jenson Button got past Kevin Magnussen early in the race.

Turn 15: Magnussen stops during first practice

Practice starts during first practice

Turn 3: Qualifying in the rain

Start: Burnouts

Start: Rosberg squeezes Vettel

Start: Magnussen hits Raikkonen and is passed by Button

Felipe Massa pit stop

Ricciardo pits for a new nose…

…and retires later on

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2014 Malaysian Grand Prix

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10 comments on “2014 Malaysian Grand Prix fans’ video gallery”

  1. good grief, the cars are so quiet! even quieter then on tv. they sound really buzzy too. I like them less after hearing these fan videos.

  2. why did ricciardo retire?

    1. Fed up probably :)

      1. i believe you have to prove to the FIA that you actually needed to retire. I doubt teams are now able to retire just to use a new PU/gearbox in the next race.

  3. The Renault engines sound really weird in the practice start video.

  4. Sad how at the start the medical car following the field is almost as loud as 21 F1 cars…

  5. That second video is really nice! The power units are much different and recognisable!

  6. Get over it already, the amount of whining in todays society is unbelievable. If u dont like F1 how it is, dont watch it. Crying like a baby about the old days doesnt do a thing. “The thing about the old days, is they THE OLD DAYS.” – Slim Charles

  7. I don’t mind with the engine noise, but those burnouts sound crap…

  8. Nice! I’m loving these fans’ video galleries.

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