Button still excited by F1 ahead of 250th race

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Jenson Button says Formula One’s evolving rules have kept excitement in the sport during his 14-year career.

Button, who will start his 250th race as an F1 driver this weekend, said, “the thing that surprises me is how quickly it goes by”.

“Fifty races ago I was in Hungary celebrating my 200th grand prix – which I won, by the way. It’s amazing how quickly time flies and you really do have to enjoy every moment of it as much as you can.”

“For me, being 14 years in the sport I still feel like I have more to learn,” said Button. “I’m definitely not the perfect driver yet, I never will be, but there’s always still more to learn and that’s something for me that’s exciting about the sport.”

“New regulations obviously change the sport quite a lot, especially the new regulation change. And again you always have more to learn. And for me that’s what keeps the sport exciting and that’s what kept me on my toes over the last 14 years and hopefully for many more.”

Button named the 2009 Brawn BGP-001, 2011 McLaren MP4-26 and 2004 BAR 006 as the most memorable cars of his career so far:

“2009 obviously was good, the year I won the world championship,” he said. “Enjoyable car to drive. I liked the big front tyres as well, that we used to have back then.”

“2011 was good fun. It was quite difficult because we had the blown diffuser, which everyone had, but it was quite unusual to drive. But when you got used to it, there was so much downforce it was pretty awesome.

“But then if you look back 2004 was also a great year. V10 engines, 900 horsepower, revving to 20,000 rpm. Obviously there was a tyre war then as well so most of the lap times which were achieved then, the fastest laps, have not been beaten for ten years. So that was a pretty special car to drive as well.

“All very different eras, if you like, in the sport. It’s great to have been around through the V10, the V8 and V6 period. I think it’s some exciting times I’ve had in my career.”

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6 comments on “Button still excited by F1 ahead of 250th race”

  1. One thing I’ve not really heard of is if he’s thinking of retiring this year? I really hope not. I’d love if we could see him on track in 2015. He’s been a brilliant driver to have in F1 and has given us some truly epic moments over the years. Personally my favourite moment of his career was Canada 2011. One of the few moments in any sport I’ve watched where I literally jumped off my chair and started screaming uncontrollably in happiness and excitement. He’ll be a big loss once he goes.

  2. A date to remember for Button and for all of us, f1 fans. Well done, Button!

  3. Keith, just an FYI but on the main site page the summary for this article says 205th instead of 250th.

  4. Wishing him the very best of luck in Bahrain

  5. Great Achievement for Button and unfortunate that his old man won’t be around to see it.

    Glad he’s had a bit of success too, always felt a bit sorry for him being stuck in them awful hondas in 07/08 when he has proven that he is a very good driver.

    Can’t see him winning many more races though, he still has a few years left in him but I don’t think he will be at Mclaren after next year – read that Ron doesn’t rate him!

    1. Not sure about that as apparently it’s well known at their factory Ron wants him for the transition to Honda, but anyway in my opinion a great driver and seems a cool guy also

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