Sergio Perez, Force India, Bahrain International Circuit, 2014

Perez says third was possible and targets podium

2014 Bahrain Grand Prix

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Sergio Perez, Force India, Bahrain International Circuit, 2014Sergio Perez believes he could have taken third on the grid in Bahrain, one place higher than he will start tomorrow’s race.

“I think today definitely we could have been in P3, in front of [Valtteri] Bottas,” Perez told reporters in Bahrain.

“Unfortunately I had a very difficult out-lap and I couldn’t warm up my brakes on my second set so I had a lock-up in turn one. A bit unfortunate but still I’m positive for tomorrow, I think we can do a good job.”

Perez said a podium finish in tomorrow’s race “has to be the target” for Force India.

“I think we are in the best position possible to achieve that so hopefully we can do a great race tomorrow,” he said.

Perez believes the reason for his best qualifying result of the season so far was having a trouble-free weekend.

“Basically it’s my first weekend with the team that we don’t have any issues with the engine, with the car, so we were able to work our way through and I think that has made a big difference.”

2014 Bahrain Grand Prix

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21 comments on “Perez says third was possible and targets podium”

  1. Perez has looked very solid this weekend. Good for him to bounce back after the problematic start to the season he’s had, be nice to see him on the podium tomorrow.

  2. Perez rejuvenated?

    1. Happened last year in Bahrain too.

      Perez is just a very solid and underrated driver overall. I expect him to give Hulk a run for his money this season.

      1. another Massa perhaps. Brilliant somewhere, mediocre other places.

        1. Massa pre Hungary-2009, or after?

          Honestly I hope the former and doubt the latter, thinking somewhere in between. What he did with the Sauber two years ago was in his second season at the team, and the FI this year is about as good as the ’12 Sauber was that season (at least from what we can see so far).

          Give him the stability of being on the same team for over one season, put a good if not elite car under him, and he’d probably be looking at several podiums a year, and probably five wins or so by the end of his career.

          The second coming of Riccardo Patrese, perhaps?

          Seriously, though. People knock him too much and think Hulk’s going to beat him like Alonso over Massa last year. Hulkenberg is better, but Perez isn’t that far behind.

      2. @kingshark Brace yourself – I completely agree with you.

        1. @magnificent-geoffrey

          Brace yourself

          I am ready…

          I completely agree with you.

          Mother of all gods. :O :O :P

  3. I would love to see Perez step up and challenge Hulk, this line up could be so good, we want to see the best of these guys at FI.

    1. It’s nearly impossible, Hulk is much faster driver. I bet Nico will finish tomorrow higher than Perez.
      I don’t comprehend why fans love Perez so much. He is unstable, occasionally has speed. What is more, he speaks too much nonsense. He is young and does not learn anything from his mistakes (that is why by the way he was kicked off McLaren).

      1. @slava

        Correction, he was kicked out because McLaren wanted to make way for Magnussen whom they believe is the next Hamilton.

      2. ha ha ha :D did not happen :D

  4. This Q has got to be a huge confidence boost. He is an exciting driver when he gets the car-strat-confidence working; really wish he gets past lap 1 OK and keeps clean fight for podium.

  5. I feel bad for Hulk, to be honest…
    He was faster all weekend long and he showed he’s ona run for his first podium, but he screwed it all up in Q2. I expect him to be good tomorrow
    I wasn’t quite surprised by Perez. Force India is quick around Bahrain and he is a good driver. I just think he was unlucky in his races. I surely expect more of him in the next races.

    1. This unfortunately happens to all drivers in F1.

  6. Good for him. He does have his moments of brilliance.

  7. Good run Sergio. Really chuffed for Force India this weekend. They are not yet there with Mercedes but they sure can compete for P3 tomorrow.

  8. Daniel (@collettdumbletonhall)
    5th April 2014, 21:17

    I’m wondering if the Merc’s will do a Turkey 2010 and allow Force India and Williams to battle it out for the victory.

    1. lol, That would be interesting..

  9. In Australia Perez was hit from behind and got a back tire puncture, back to the pack and then he climb back to the points, Malaysia car didn’t run the race, how is Hulk beating him ?

    1. Exactly! But most people here in this forum are so blinded by Hulk’s “greatness” they are rarely partial, rather unfair with Perez, whom I think would challenge Nico under equal circumstances.

      1. This. I concede Hulk is better, but not by how much most say. Perez can last at least ten seasons in F1, and is in the Patrese-Reuteman(sp? Long day),-Button ra ge over a carrer. He’s good, but he needs the right car at the.right time to even dream of a WDC.

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