2014 Bahrain Grand Prix weekend in Tweets

2014 Bahrain Grand Prix

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The Bahrain Grand Prix weekend began amid discussion over whether the new rules had spoiled the racing. The grand prix provided the best answer to that, as Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg put on a thrilling battle for the lead while an equally exciting race unfolded behind them.

Other talking points of the weekend included a growing debate over whether the new rules are forcing drivers to lose too much weight.

Here’s how the Bahrain Grand Prix unfolded on Twitter.


The subject of F1 driver weight was a major talking point during the weekend. Adrian Sutil revealed he would attempt the race without a drinks bottle to save weight, while other drivers resisted calls to bring forward a planned increase in the minimum weight limit.

Jean-Eric Vergne later revealed he had been hospitalised between the first two races of the season after he pushed his weight-saving too far:


Robin Frijns made his practice debut for Caterham.

Frijns drove Kamui Kobayashi’s car during the session and his team mate was kind enough to clean up after him.

Lotus had a laugh at Ferrari’s expense:

A lengthy press conference for technical staff included some sharp disagreement over the merit of the 2014 engine rules.


The stewards stepped in to prevent other drivers falling foul of the same kerb as Kimi Raikkonen (and Pastor Maldonado).

The final practice session was hit by a temporary television blackout, while some teams lost their telemetry.



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2014 Bahrain Grand Prix

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14 comments on “2014 Bahrain Grand Prix weekend in Tweets”

  1. I don’t understand ByronF1’s tweet about the “you people” question… Does he have a personal gripe with someone?

  2. Matassa: “SOC 9”
    Kvyat: “What?”
    “SOC 9”
    “I don’t understand anything.”
    “Stop leaving your dirty socks lying around the garage, it’s already the 9th sock we’ve found this week, AND IT’S DRIVING US MAD!!!”

    1. @girts Hahahahaha! :D

  3. I’ve got to admit to being really impressed with Max Chilton so far this year. It’s not by luck that he’s still finishing every race. I know this is Formula One and not “the hare and the tortoise” (ie: slow and steady will not win the race!) but for Marussia he is perfect at the moment amidst all the unreliability. He may be unspectacular, but he’s certainly reliable and I wouldn’t bet against him grabbing a point at some stage in the season. His finishes alone this year have put his team ahead of Caterham (long way to go yet!) and he’s closing the gap to Jules Bianchi as well, who is clearly the quicker of the two.

    The tweet above shows that he seems to be a very nice guy as well. Just because he’s never going to be World Champion or even win a race; and isn’t necessarily in the sport on the merit of his speed, doesn’t mean he’s not doing a very good job.

  4. Lotus had a laugh at Ferrari’s expense:

    Am I being blind or was there no such tweet?

    1. @matt90 – There is, that caption is just above the wrong tweet. Look two further down to the one from Lotus that says:

      Softs (on all four wheels) for @RGrosjean and his next run #CantGetBetterThanAKwikFitFitter

      1. @bradley13 Did I completely miss something this weekend where Ferrari didn’t fit all of the same tyres or something?

  5. Now we know how Chilton gets votes for driver of the week ;-) .
    Look, Ferrari have the upforce ( sorry should say lift ;-) ) !! Kimi raikkonen had to curb his run on the kerb !

  6. Who let Vin Diesel drive the F14 T?

    1. Too much torque must be Ferrari’s problem… :P

  7. So,both the Ferrari boys managed to get front wheels off the track over the race weekend.Bonus points for Kimi for doing it in his Ferrari!

    1. Alonso must have just gone over the turn 4 kerb on his bike when that was taken.

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