Daniil Kvyat, Toro Rosso, Bahrain International Circuit, 2014

Teams confirm Bahrain test drivers

2014 F1 season

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Daniil Kvyat, Toro Rosso, Bahrain International Circuit, 2014All 11 Formula One teams have remained at the Bahrain International Circuit for two days of testing following Sunday’s race at the track.

McLaren were originally planning to run Oliver Turvey and Stoffel Vandoorne during the test, but made a late decision to put Kevin Magnussen in the car for both days.

Three teams will take turn conducting tyre testing for Pirelli during the two days of running. Caterham are doing so with Robin Frijns today, Mercedes and Williams will do so tomorrow.

Pirelli are evaluating new developments for their 2014 tyres at this test.

TeamTuesday 8th AprilWednesday 9th April
Red BullDaniel RicciardoDaniel Ricciardo
MercedesNico RosbergLewis Hamilton*
FerrariFernando AlonsoFernando Alonso
LotusPastor MaldonadoRomain Grosjean
McLarenKevin MagnussenKevin Magnussen
Force IndiaNico HulkenbergSergio Perez
SauberSergey SirotkinGiedo van der Garde
Toro RossoDaniil KvyatJean-Eric Vergne
WilliamsValtteri BottasFelipe Nasr*
MarussiaMax ChiltonJules Bianchi
CaterhamRobin Frijns*Marcus Ericsson

*Pirelli tyre testing

2014 F1 season

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  • 21 comments on “Teams confirm Bahrain test drivers”

    1. That’s a shame that the McLaren test boys won’t get a chance to drive… I get it, but it’s sad that they can’t do what they’ve been hired to do.

      1. Same here. Stoffel might have woke up Kevin, who was nowhere near Button last weekend. On the other hand McLaren clearly has some work to do, so I guess putting a regular driver in the seat makes more sense in terms of crosschecking performance enhancements … Still a shame, though.

    2. I read today that Daniel Ricciardo is driving both days in this test. I find that quite surprising – one would think that the sum of two drivers’ feedback would be far more valuable.

      1. Weird.

        Seb’s been driving like poo stuck to the edge of the toilet bowl compared to his team mate. -And this is coming from a Sebastian Vettel Supporter.

        You’d think he’d want more time in the cars to figure them out and not become the number two driver. Guess being a daddy is ruining his mojo?

        1. To be fair, in Malaysia he qualified second and finished third, the best he could do in a non-Mercedes. In the other two races, his car had trouble during qualifying and the race.

          1. Don’t remember him having any problems as such in Bahrain. Downshift problems existed for both the RB cars the last time I checked. He had a DRS issue for a few laps in the race, but that doesn’t really make much of a difference to his performance

            1. mgu-h issue

            2. @ironcito agreed, Melbourne his car was utter rubbish.

              Dan was looking like he had very strong race pace in Malaysia before pitstop drama’s, and Bahrain… it seemed like he was too busy just looking for things to explain why he wasn’t lapping the field instead of driving

              Anywho, I hope he gets back on the horse and puts in some great under dog drives …so far Dan’s been doing that dance at red bull for me.

            3. According to Red Bull/Vettel, he had some damage in his car during qualifying because of the spin in FP3, in addition to the downshift problem. On the race, he had the DRS issue and some other issue causing him to lose power at the end of the straights.

    3. I really hoped to see Stoffel behind the wheel.

    4. Vettel, Raikkonen, Button, Massa? Where are those guys? Surely they can use every minute of extra testing?

      1. They have just had two three day race weekends back to back so I doubt that a shortage of time in the car is a major issue at the present time – specific issues with the cars are now the focus.

        I suspect that they know what problems they have and what they need to be trying out so as long as they are confident in the feedback of whichever driver is in the car then they can do the analysis and testing to plan and move the car forward.

      2. The teams might decide to split the drivers between different tests throughout the season, so those drivers you mentioned might get both days at the next test. It would be easier logistically and can see why the drivers might prefer it too so they can spend more time at home.

    5. For Red Bull Dan is driving both days at the track and Seb will be driving in the simulator back at the factory.

    6. I expected Susie Stoddart to drive for Williams on atleast 1 of these two days. Really waiting to see her in an F1 car.

      1. GB (@bgp001ruled)
        8th April 2014, 13:23

        it was announced, she will. in silverstone i think. but not because i think she will do good. just because she is a woman…

    7. It’s a shame Mercedes gets to test experimental tyres again.

    8. It is sad that F1 teams continue to test and race in Bahrain, giving tacit support to a regime that has imprisoned and almost certainly tortured all of its leading political opponents.

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