2014 Chinese Grand Prix championship points

2014 Chinese Grand Prix

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2014 Chinese Grand Prix

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36 comments on “2014 Chinese Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Does anyone know why Red Bull told Vettel that he was on a different strategy than Ric? Red Bull really dropped the ball on this one. Vettel could have taken 3rd place, and Ric 4th. Good Job to the least likeable team in F1.

    Congratulations to Hamilton and Rosberg. Always great to see a team who doesn’t favor anyone bringing it home.

    1. Does anyone know why Red Bull told Vettel that he was on a different strategy than Ric?

      Because at the time he was, They had Vettel on a 3-stop & Ricciardo on a 2.

      When they saw the 3 stop strategy wouldn’t work they switched Vettel to a 2 by extending his middle stint.
      There was also some talk on the radio post race about the car setup been geared towards the option tyre as they planned to run the final 2 stints on it at the end.

      1. Wonder if they could have left RIC out for a couple of more laps in the middle stint and then put him on the options to really attack ALO for the final laps. Probably too far, but it would have been fun to watch :)

  2. That battle for 3rd in the championship is really hotting up

    1. I think in Barcelona when all of the teams will have more or less of their first round of upgrades on their cars, we can get a realistic order on the positions the championship will finish.
      Having said that, I think the first 3 position is a fight between Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari. The next 3 will be between Force India, McLaren and Williams. The next 3 between Torro Rosso, Lotus and Sauber with Marussia and Caterham finishing at the bottom.

  3. What in the world happened for Vettel to finish 20+ seconds behind Ricciardo? All I know was that Alonso undercut him for 2nd place, Vettel backed off and then what happened?

    1. Team Orders at red bull again. Maybe issues with Vettel moving to mclaren when Honda arrives?

      1. He has a contract until 2015 …

  4. Ferrari has a realistic shot at 2nd in WCC so they have to sort Raikkonen’s problem ASAP

    1. Oh he must also resign with immediate effect.

      1. Him resigning is not going to make anything better for ferrari..they need to help resolve his problems and not just repeat 2008…where he had issues the whole year and the team couldn’t or didn’t do anything..Raikkonen is clearly not happy with the car and also with the way he doesn’t get a clean weekend..i hope they resolve his issues..i’m sure he will be up there with Fernando if its resolved..

        1. @rahim-rg You do realize that @kwekuq was being sarcastic!

    2. I thought you say the RB10 is eating the F14T for breakfast ! Told U yesterday that the #14 F14T must be taken in consideration, if the conditions are dry. Ferrari’s main problem still seems to be 2nd driver: too few points brought by Kimi which might see Ferrari 3rd or 4th at the end of the season in the WCC, just like in 2013.

      1. Massa in those circumstances wouldn’t bring any points. Without a race set up Kimi somehow finished in points. It is nearly impossible. Besides, he has problems with the gearbox. Is it Kimi’s fault?

  5. Rosberg’s championship lead shrinks even further.

    1. Rosberg’s very lucky that he didn’t DNF after that contact with Bottas. He could’ve finished with no points today.

  6. Williams made an awful mistake at the pit stop for Massa. They can’t afford to throw away points this early part of the season.

    1. Typical Williams. Mercedes customer teams’ advantage of PU is about to be gone now. They should capitalize it earlier as Force India did. I think it might be too late. in Spain, Red Bull and Ferrari would be even stronger.

    2. awful mistake

      I think there was something wrong on the car, maybe because of the earlier contact with Alonso?

      1. Different wheel)

      2. If that was true, then it would have been double hard attempting to fit the wheel meant for the right rear on the left rear.

  7. Nico’s lead won’t last long. I even wonder whether Alonso could catch him.

    1. I doubt it. So far no one has gained more points than Rosberg in a race weekend except, obviously, Hamilton. Mercedes have never been beaten in a race so far, I don’t expect it to change anytime soon.

      1. @yobo01 Yeah, it’s logical. but If Ferrari become challenge Mercedes, Nico would be the first blood.

  8. Anyone wants to bet that Hamilton will beat Vettel’s record of nine consecutive wins? If it wasn’t for the power unit failure in Melbourne this would be likely his fourth consecutive win. That Mercedes is unbeatable if doesn’t fail from time to time.

    1. I think Rosberg will have say in it. Vettel didn’t really have anyone to challenge him in the 9 races that he won. Hamilton has Rosberg who can give him a run for his money. I think Rosberg will be strong in Barcelona and Monaco. And Lewis needs to consistently be focused to get 9 in a row and considering that’s this is the first time he had 3 back to back wins, it’s a tall ask.

      1. I can’t understand why people just want to write Rosberg off so early in the season.

        1. Maybe because he has the same car as Hamilton and only won a race due to Hamiltons car breaking down, they may as well change Rosbergs no to 2. Its very interesting looking at Vettles previous dominance. He is now slower than his rookie partner. We now have the quickest driver in F1 in the quickest car. I think with the safety levels of the cars now, that all the F1 records are in jeopardy. As Alonso said, Vettle is not in the same league as Hamilton. If Vettle can get 4 WC in a row just watch Hamilton oblitorate his this. The worst thing any driver wants is to be in a car with a very similar speed to Hamiltons. Having said this I would love to see Alonso in a similar car.

  9. Alex McFarlane
    20th April 2014, 11:02

    Could Mercedes be the first team to win every race in a season? They’re so far ahead that they’re not even racing at 100%
    Hamilton’s fuel usage was lower than anyone else in the top 10, so there must’ve been bags more pace in that car if he had had to push harder.

    1. Could be. Personally, Mercedes this year looks stronger compared to the rest of the teams than any 2000-2004 Ferrari. The differences are huge sometimes: seconds, ad literam. Unless rain takes over, nobody can challenge Mercedes. That wasn’t the case back in 2000-2004. Williams/Montoya/Ralf Schumacher gave MSchumacher some headaches in Qualies and sometimes in Races too.

    2. Doubt so. When you look at Rosbergs overtakes on Vettel and Ricciardo, you´ll see it´s only straight-line-speed that makes them quicker. Vettel nearly got by again in the first corner on the outside, while on older tyres. At the Ricciardo-overtake it was a 0.8-second-margin on the beginning of the straight when Rosberg cruised by at the end. So RBR still has a much stronger aero-package, only losing out on PU. Maybe even Ferrari´s Aero is better than the Merc´s.
      Furthermore, there still seem to be huge steps possible within the PU (or the PU-software), as shown by Ferrari, who had less top-speed-disadvantage than in Bahrain despite it being a far longer straight in Shanghai.
      And, on top of that, there are still many races to come with chances of rain or other unexpected circumstances (like e.g. both Mercs crashing into each other. Or is it expected this is going to happen somewhen in the season?). And to add to that, this years Mercs drivers are Ham and Ros, not Prost and Senna who came closest in 88.

      1. Don’t know exactly what your HAM/ROS with PRO/SEN comparison wants to tell us, but I think it’s that HAM/ROS is a weaker pair than PRO/SEN. Senna and Prost were great indeed, but I think things are exagerated. Both of them had a car better than competition by miles every time they won. These days things are lot more mixed up compared to what happened in F1 20-30 years ago. Rules were not that restrictive, they had special engines for Qualies etc etc. I rate HAM higher than ROS overall, but I think HAM is at least as good as Prost… if not better. HAM is really fast and agressive too.

      2. Alex McFarlane
        20th April 2014, 16:25

        I don’t doubt that could be true, but Merc have finished well ahead of everyone in all the races so far. If we consider laws of dimishing returns, then Renault and Ferrari may eventually match the power of the Merc, but then Merc probably have plenty of potential to develop aero-wise.
        It’s a tough feat to achieve, and would require lots of luck and focus, but I think it’s possible.

      3. There won’t be much chance of Rosbberg and Hamilton crashing into each other unless the safety car comes out:):):)

      4. Nonsense. Mercedes it’s a great car aero wise. Only Red Bull match it.

  10. @keithcollantine
    Didn’t Romain Grosjean finish 11th in Malaysia? How come he is still 22nd here? Sutil finished 11th in Australia and retired the next 3 races. Esteban finished 12th there, so i guess he should be higher than the Caterham and Marussia drivers?

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