Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Shanghai International Circuit, 2014

Alonso “very lucky to finish” after contact with Massa

2014 Chinese Grand Prix

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Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Shanghai International Circuit, 2014Fernando Alonso said he was fortunate to finish the Chinese Grand Prix after colliding with Felipe Massa at the first corner.

Alonso and Massa clashed as the Williams driver pulled alongside the Ferrari heading into turn one at the start of the race, but both were able to continue.

“It was a big contact,” said Alonso on the podium after finishing third.

“I ask in the radio ‘can you check the car’ because, you know, it felt OK but obviously I don’t know from the outside how it looks. It was OK, we managed very lucky to finish the race.”

“Hopefully next one will be a clean start,” he added.

Alonso professed himself happy to have scored Ferrari’s first podium finish of the season after the team made progress with their car in China.

“It was a good weekend, we did improve the car a little bit compared to the first three races so we felt more competitive,” he said.

“Now the race being here in the podium is some kind of surprise for us, it’s a nice surprise finally.”

“I think I’m third in the drivers’ championship between these two guys [Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton],” he added.

“So we didn’t have the start of the season we would like but at the end of the we’re still in the fight.”

2014 Chinese Grand Prix

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32 comments on “Alonso “very lucky to finish” after contact with Massa”

  1. Fred was lucky. Kimi, not so much

  2. That was a miracle. When they touched each other, clearly I could see Alonso’s car was bouncing, sideway, flincing or whatever.. It was astonishing he still managed 1st corner rampage as if nothing happened. also I hats off to Ferrari, their perfect strategy and stunning pit stop. Nice start for the new team principal either even though I doubt he did anything but watching for now.

    1. Nice start for the new team principal either even though I doubt he did anything but watching for now.

      Maybe he is bringing good luck with him !!!!

      1. @tifoso1989 Marco with sunglasses reminded me of The Old Man. Is it just me?

        1. @eggry
          Maybe he’s trying to reproduce the effect of the old man, you know the Italians are sometimes superstitious. The old man was something else to know that Bernie Ecclestone was sweatting infront of him when negotiating commercial agreements and that he began to sell cars only to finance his racing team is just astonishing

  3. It was a big contact to the point that Massa’s Williams lifted a little bit off the track, great control from Alonso at the moment of the contact his steering wheel was absolutely fixed

    1. I was more impressed by Bottas’ car control after his contact with Rosberg :P

  4. Again what a stunning start from Massa. If the run to turn one was longer he could have jumped up to second.

    1. There was one onboard camera showing Massa passing like a rocket. Stunning start from Felipe. A race ruined by two botched pitstops.

  5. Both Williams drivers are really, really dumb. They just throw themselves at the first corner like the race is going to end at the second one. Another wasted opportunity to score a handful of good points.

    1. I don’t see it. Massa’s initial move may have been a little aggressive, but the contact was later, after Massa had straightened. The Bottas contact was against the rear of his car, not some wild move. Racing incident to me.

      1. Both were racing incidents, but equally they could have been avoided.

        Nonetheless, it’s good to see nobody is blaming each other for this one, and everybody is moving on.

    2. Paul (@frankjaeger)
      20th April 2014, 23:34

      @crandreico Massa was completely within his rights to go for that gap. He dove into that gap, secured it, straightened up and then got shoved. Definitely not his fault. A very proactive start

      1. @frankjaeger Am I saying the contrary? Alonso was at fault when he was clearly the one who squeezed him and made contact with him. What I am saying is, because of both Williams drivers aggressiveness at the start, on such a tricky corner, they just threw AGAIN what it was a good oportunity for them to finish higher in the standings, and maybe even grab a seat on the podium. They are trying too hard to demonstrate something, but in the process they just do more harm to the team that to themselves.

        1. So you’re admitting the incidents weren’t their fault, but saying they were stupid for trying to overtake? I bet you’re one of those people who moans about it being a procession too aren’t you? Lets just all follow each other around…

          You do realise this is racing right?

          1. @skett Then bet every penny you have then pal…

        2. Paul (@frankjaeger)
          21st April 2014, 14:49

          @skett “a good oportunity for them to finish higher in the standings, and maybe even grab a seat on the podium”

          Firstly, having a proactive, ‘aggressive’ start is to achieve exactly this! Do you expect them to submit to their starting positions until after the first few corners? In light of how most of the GP’s have gone this year, qualifying position and your place in the train after the first few laps is vital to securing your position in the result. Felipe didn’t throw away anything with his attack at the race start, he simply vied for position and got knocked by Alonso.

          Secondly, I really don’t think they’re trying to demonstrate their abilities in comparison to any other driver on the grid. Massa has well proved him abilities in past as it is.

          1. I’m completely with you @frankjaeger, sorry my comment was aimed at @crandreico

          2. It was a stupid move on a track where such a massive straight plays in favour of Williams with their less draggier car combined with the Mercedes PU. With a more cautious start they could’ve been 3rd and 4th or more likely 4th and 5th by the start of the second lap.

    3. pastaman (@)
      21st April 2014, 2:00

      Dude… what? Both clearly racing incidents

  6. If we were to place blame, Massa or Alonso? I seem to head Sky are blaming Massa but I don’t see that Massa did much wrong there. He move quickly to the left but then held his line and Alonso then just moved to the right until touch.

    1. I won’t say Massa did wrong. he was pushed by others too. There was nowhere to go. Alonso simply didn’t expect Massa would come. Just a racing incident for my eyes.

    2. It was unexpected manoeuvre for Alonso as he couldn’t see Massa. Fernando would have avoided this clash otherwise. Race incident, I can’t blame anyone.

    3. Race incident for me, at the start when everybody is running after each other you cannot look in front at your right and left side at the same time, Massa moved to avoid contact with another car, Fernando didn’t expect him to be just next to him

    4. Race incident as Alonso could not see him coming down I suppose , But yeah Alonso could have been a touch more careful but .,,Kudos to him and ferrari for managing 3rd . I remember him saying after bahrain that they will finish closer to RBR or even ahead , and he did . As for Kimi , is it just that he si not able to adapt to the F14T as well as Alonso ?

    5. Racing Incident- Massa had to avoid hitting Ricciardo and Alonso couldn’t see Massa as it happened so fast

    6. If we were to place blame, Massa or Alonso?

      I would say that there is no need to start controversial blaming when there isn’t any to be given. Just a racing incident that happens.

  7. Very lucky, if his luck had turned out differently, Alonso would have pulled a Grosjean of his own

  8. MaldoMassa or MassaNaldo??? I think massa’s starting to sound like maldonaldo…verry annoying. He doesn’t accept his mistakes and instead blame it unto others. Wow…too cocky in every interview…baaad. Remember…bad intentions gets back to you double…see what happened to him on the pitstop.

    1. pastaman (@)
      21st April 2014, 2:02

      Maybe in previous races, but I fail to see anything that was Massa’s fault in this race

    2. No, Massa is more into hitting barriers, not other cars.

  9. I think I’m third in the drivers’ championship between these two guys.

    Only for Ferrari would the FIA make third come between first and second.

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