2014 Spanish Grand Prix Friday in Tweets

2014 Spanish Grand Prix

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An eventful beginning to the Spanish Grand Prix included Sergio Perez driving his car single-handed while holding his rear-view mirror, and Giedo van der Garde narrowly avoiding a high-speed collision.

Here’s how Friday in Barcelona unfolded on Twitter.

Practice 1

Rear-view mirrors were the talking point early on.

Sebastian Vettel’s day ended early, reminiscent of Red Bull’s winter testing.

Practice 2

Just before the end of the afternoon session, Jean-Eric Vergne lost a wheel after exiting the pits, and Max Chilton put his car into a gravel trap.

After the running

Kimi Raikkonen is feeling more comfortable in his Ferrari this weekend, while Lewis Hamilton got his quest for a fourth consecutive victory off to a very good start.

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2014 Spanish Grand Prix

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8 comments on “2014 Spanish Grand Prix Friday in Tweets”

  1. BJ (@beejis60)
    9th May 2014, 23:26

    Agreed with brundle

    1. Me too – I love that about these new regulations! Yes I miss the sound, but heck I think it’s much better to watch (on TV at least).

  2. I’m somewhat surprised they follow their cars through GPS, instead of the on board cameras. I assume that would make it easier to see things… like the mirror in Perez’s hands.

    1. The teams don’t have direct access to the camera feeds – it’s provided by FOM on a slight delay, so is essentially useless for accurate tracking.

      1. Seems silly, you would think it would make sense to give each team access to all of the onboards on their two cars. Or at least the T-cams – one facing forwards, one backwards.

        1. BTW do all of the cars carry t-cams at once? I’ve always assumed they do but maybe they don’t.

    2. I remember a rainy Adelaide where some drivers ( I think Prost and Mansell) told their engineers to guide them which way to go by watching the live feed of the HELICOPTER SHOT, that was back in the days of analogue broadcasts.

  3. Hamilton didn’t like these mirrors so Perez took action right away.

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