2014 Spanish Grand Prix Saturday in Tweets

2014 Spanish Grand Prix

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Pastor Maldonado redesigned the front of his Lotus and the Spanish crowd lapped it up as Sebastian Vettel’s miserable weekend continued.

Here’s how Saturday at the Circuit de Catalunya unfolded on Twitter.

Practice 3

Felipinho Massa got a lovely present from his father’s team.


Pastor Maldonado and Lotus were confident heading into qualifying, but it all ended very soon.

A power unit problem meant Kevin Magnussen could not set a time in Q2.

Mercedes duly took another pole position, with Nico Rosberg second on the grid for the first time this year.

After qualifying

Later, junior series were in action, GP2 and GP3 races taking place at the track.

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2014 Spanish Grand Prix

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6 comments on “2014 Spanish Grand Prix Saturday in Tweets”

  1. Regarding the Tweet where Ricciardo has his helmet on the wrong way, there has to be a joke there somewhere about how he’s beating Vettel with his eyes covered or something…

    I’d just like to clarify I am by no means saying Ricciardo is better, just that I’m sure someone could make a joke there somewhere…

    1. If only i could sit this way i could see my teammate more often.

      And what? youre not getting A-material for free

  2. Re: the stands pic

    I cracked a wry smile at the start of Sky’s broadcast when Lazenby used some generic line about how Spanish racing fans are some of the most passionate in the world. Where he got the word “racing” confused with “Alonso”, and forgot the caveat “when he’s at the front”.

    1. That was just the main stand. Some of the smaller ones were nearly empty.

  3. “Who wants some cake? Not you, Adrian…”

  4. Original design for Felipe’s son T-Shirt was “Valtteri is faster than my daddy”.

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