Hamilton nears clean sweep with first Spanish win

2014 Spanish Grand Prix stats and facts

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Victory in the Spanish Grand Prix meant Lewis Hamilton became the 13th driver to win four races in a row.

Three other drivers on the grid have also achieved that feat: Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel. The latter set the all-time record of nine consecutive wins at the end of last year.

Hamilton is now eighth on the all-time list of race winners after taking his 26th career victory. He needs one more win to reach Jackie Stewart’s tally of 27 wins, which stood as the record for 14 years between 1973 and 1987.

Hamilton also picked up his 35th pole position and now leads the drivers’ championship for the first time since the 2012 Canadian Grand Prix.

As in Malaysia and Bahrain, this was the first time Hamilton had won the Spanish Grand Prix. Leaving aside the new race in Russia and the Austrian Grand Prix, which last featured on the calendar before Hamilton raced in F1, he has now won every race on the calendar with one exception: the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Vettel also needs one more win to complete a clean sweep. He is yet to win in Hungary, where Hamilton has racked up four wins. Here is how many time F1’s most prolific active winners (ten or more wins) have won each race, and Michael Schumacher’s record at each for reference.

Australian Grand Prix1112304
Malaysian Grand Prix3312103
Chinese Grand Prix1231101
Bahrain Grand Prix2310121
Spanish Grand Prix1212116
Monaco Grand Prix1211105
Canadian Grand Prix1131107
British Grand Prix1211003
German Grand Prix1320004
Hungarian Grand Prix0141204
Belgian Grand Prix2014116
Italian Grand Prix3210005
Singapore Grand Prix3210000
Japanese Grand Prix4211106
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix3011000
United States Grand Prix1020005
Brazilian Grand Prix2001124

However for the first time this year a Mercedes driver did not set fastest lap. Sebastian Vettel notched up his 23rd, putting him level with Juan Manuel Fangio and Nelson Piquet.

This was the first chink in Mercedes’ domination of a season in which they have still led every lap, taken every pole position and won every race.

But they did take their ninth one-two finish, giving them one more than Lotus. Four teams have achieved more, and Mercedes need another seven to catch up with Red Bull. It was their fourth in a row – the last team to manage more were Ferrari, who ended the 2002 season with five consecutive one-two finishes.

Mercedes are the first team to have led every lap of the first five races of a season since Williams with their FW14B in 1992. That streak same to an end in the sixth race for Williams, on lap 71 of the Monaco Grand Prix when Ayrton Senna took the lead as Nigel Mansell pitted with a suspected puncture, setting up a famous finish.

Only six drivers finished the race on the lead lap. The fewest seen last year was five, at the Canadian Grand Prix.

That means only three drivers in the field have completed every racing lap this year: Nico Rosberg, Fernando Alonso and Valtteri Bottas.

Daniel Ricciardo finally scored his first official podium finish in F1, after having his Australian Grand Prix podium taken away from him due to a technical infringement. He is the 204th driver to score a top-three finish.

Aside from the Mercedes pair, no driver has scored more than one podium finish so far this year.

Alonso and Ferrari have now a year without winning a race. Ferrari haven’t gone a year or longer without winning a race since 1994, when Gerhard Berger ended a win-less stretched which began at the 1990 Spanish Grand Prix with victory in Germany.

During that time only Vettel, Hamilton and Rosberg have claimed victories. Not since the 1988 season have only three different drivers done all the winning over a 12-month period.

Finally, Pastor Maldonado racked up the most penalties in 2011 and 2012, but last year he fell short of the top spot. He’s begun 2014 strongly, however, and after clattering into Marcus Ericsson on lap one in Spain he’s back on top again.

Review the year so far in statistics here:

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65 comments on “Hamilton nears clean sweep with first Spanish win”

  1. Great stats, Keith. One remark: Hamilton last led the championship after the 2012 Canadian Grand Prix.

    I was also wondering about McLaren’s run of no-points finishes – when was the last time they had 3 in a row?

    1. @adrianmorse Oops, so he did. Thanks – have changed it.

      1. @keithcollantine You can’t ask for a better fan base than this. Nothing can go by unchecked. :)

  2. I don’t believe a driver has ever won 4 consecutive races in a single season and not won the championship.

    Leaving aside the new race in Russia and the Austrian Grand Prix, which last featured on the calendar before Hamilton raced in F1, he has now won every race on the calendar with one exception: the Brazilian Grand Prix.

    Of course, although he has won the Japanese Grand Prix, he has never won at Suzuka specifically.

    Prior to this year, Hamilton had never won a race in rounds 2, 3 or 5 (and has only won rounds 1 and 4 once each, making it traditionally one of the weaker sections of past seasons). Rounds 12 and 16 the only ones left where he has not won (excluding round 20 which he has only contested once and will not feature this year). Round 12 is the only round where he has never had a win or pole.

  3. He’s begun 2014 strongly

    I like how that sounds )

    1. …and define himself by run amok in the end of the year.

      1. @ruliemaulana You wait this time around . The game has changed . He will win .

        1. @hamilfan I think both I and @ivan-vinitskyy were talking about Maldonaldo :)

          1. Oops sorry about that .

    2. The bookies can see how this one is going to end. Hamilton and Rosberg may be only 3 points apart right now, but Hamilton is already 1/5 on for the WDC and Rosberg is 4/1 against.

  4. Looks like Hamilton is going for Vettels record of nine consecutive wins in a row straight away as soon he got a chance to do so. But I doubt he will achieve it because Monaco might be a good place for Rosberg to win. Even in the Williams he always was very strong there. Another reason this might be his chance is that it seems we are witnessing 1988 all over again. Therefore Hamilton might out qualify Rosberg by 1.4 seconds an than crash out of the lead of the race

    1. I wouldn’t rule Hamilton out at Monaco. He too has always been very strong there, and only missed out on pole (and the inevitable following victory) by less than a 10th last year, in a car he was uncomfortable in, particularly in the early stages of quali laps when the brakes weren’t fully up to temperature. He was actually quicker in the 2nd and 3rd sectors. What I think will be really interesting is to see wether Merc will let the 2nd driver switch to a different strategy in terms of number of stops as apposed to just tyre choice. Otherwise it will simply be one following the other home from the first corner.

      1. Vettel won 9 races in a row because Weber was not able to stop him, Rosberg is much better than Webber

        1. Don’t you worry, Rosberg will finish 2nd in all races hamilton finishes first

        2. Absolutely spot on!

        3. I never said Hamilton will win 9 in a row, just not to rule him out at Monaco.

        4. Aqib (@aqibqadeer)
          13th May 2014, 10:17

          its not the case of webber not being as good it was just that the car was designed around vettel but i think the merc car is designed around both of them and not favouring any one of them

        5. Bold statement. You just dare say that because Rosberg has finished second four times now but do bare in mind that the Mercedes is easlily a second faster than any other car, an advantage the RB never had in it’s four years of ‘dominance’. Right now I’d be very cautious with making such a statement.

    2. Nico is strong in Monte Carlo but I’d put my money on Lewis for pole.

      Maybe Red Bull or someone else will put on a show in Monaco were power is less relevant and some do well t the “stop-and-go” circuit of Monte Carlo.

      1. @jcost How is :DR around this track ? I would love for him to get pole .

        1. @hamilfan, he’s won his two FR3.5 outings there, but didn’t quite get it together in his Toro Rosso years.

  5. I may be wrong but wasn’t the last time hamilton led the championship after the 2012 Canadian Grand Prix? @keithcollantine

    1. Ah my bad I see it has been changed

      1. Good spot. Hope next weekend brings another new 3rd place man!

        1. Unfortunately I have a feeling it’ll be one of the red bull drivers… Preferably ricciardo

  6. Five different drivers from four different teams have finished in third place so far this season (although six have been awarded third place).

    Jenson Button appears to have taken Sergio Perez’s traditional place of finishing 11th. He had three in a row in 2008.

    Only Valtteri Bottas and Nico Rosberg have finished every race in the top 8 so far this season. McLaren have suffered three races in a row without a top 10 finish. This last happened in 2009. Never before have they gone four races without a top 10.

    Williams are ahead of McLaren in the World Constructors’ Championship for the first time since the 2009 German Grand Prix. McLaren won the next race.

    Vettel has now gone three races without a podium. His longest run since 2012.

    Hamilton leads Rosberg 4-1 in the FIA Pole Position Trophy thingy.

    First time since Malaysia last year where a Brit, a German and an Australian were on the podium.

    Valtteri Bottas equalled his best result to date. He has finished every race this season ahead of his countryman, Kimi Raikkonen.

    A win at Monaco for Lewis Hamilton will put him equal with Jim Clark (1965) and Nigel Mansell (1992) for most consecutive wins for a British driver, and equal with Jack Brabham (1960) too for most consecutive wins for a Commonwealth driver.

    1. Fantastic! Thank you.

    2. @craig-o

      If Red Bull doesn’t win in Monaco it will be the first time since 2008 they did not won one of at least six consecutive races.

      Since 2009 there have only been once held five races in a row in which a Red Bull did not win.

    3. @craig-o If either Hamilton or Rosberg win both the Monaco and British Grand Prix they only become the eight driver to so so both twice or more.

      Others being Mark Webber, Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso, Alain Prost, Jackie Stewart, David Coulthard, Stirling Moss.

      1. Add to that Monza and only Michael Schumacher, Alain Prost, Stirling Moss, Fernando Alonso and Jackie Stewart are left.

        Add to that the fourth and final classic race, Spa, only Alain Prost and Michael Schumacher are left.

        Hamilton can join a very select club this year by winning Spa, Monaco and Silverstone this year.

  7. Sixth place was Alonso’s lowest finish at Barcelona since he recorded 13th in a Minardi in 2001. He failed to finish in 2008.

  8. Most Spanish GP Points Scores for Alonso ( 120 ) previous record was Michael Schumacher ( 118 ).

    Romain Grosjean is the driver who has scored the most points in the Spanish GP without a win (16 points)

    Highest 20th Place Finish Ratio for Marcus Ericsson (40.00%), previous record was Manny Ayulo (33.33% )
    Most 10th Fastest Laps for Jenson Button ( 19 ) previous record was Jarno Trulli (18 )

    200th Constructors’ Championship Points Scores for Red Bull
    Nico Rosberg is the 32nd driver in F1 history to achieve five consecutive podiums. It was the 70th time a driver managed this feat.

    “Lewis Hamilton is the 13nd driver in F1 history to achieve four consecutive win”s. It was the 22th time a driver managed this feat.

    “Daniel Ricciardo was the 204th driver to achieve a podium”, he is the 100th driver to achieve podium finishes without a Win

    1. That stat about grosjean is incorrect, rosberg has never won there and scored 18 points alone yesterday so it may well be rosberg, but I don’t know who actually holds that stat, just that it isn’t Grosjean

      1. Barrichello has more too.

        1. correct statistic:
          Romain Grosjean is the driver who has scored the most points at the Spanish GP (16 points) without a single win in F1

          1. Ricciardo is tied with him in that case. 1 point last year and 15 this year.

          2. Ah I see.

          3. Ricciardo also has 16 and no wins.

          4. Nico rosberg has a ton of points here and no win!

  9. Looking at the list of prolific winners above, Alonso is the only one not to have won in Belgium.. A track where winning is valued more highly than most

    1. He’s won at Malaysia, Monaco and Japan at least twice. All tough tracks for different reasons.

  10. * Rosberg was sixth driver to score four successive races in the same position excluding wins.

    Piquet 4x2nd in 1987
    Alboreto 4x7th in 1992
    Frentzen 4x3rd in 1997
    Hamilton 4x2nd in 2007
    Webber 4x3rd in 2011 and 4x4th in 2012

    * For the first time since the bottom three teams debuted in 2010, a driver outside those three teams has started two races from the last of the grid during one season.

    1. Amazing that so few drivers have done that compared to the number of 1st places. Is that limited to within a single season though, or might there be more examples straddling two?

  11. Just noticed, every race Hamilton wins doesn’t leave that country

    1. He won in Turkey, no?

    2. @wil-liam please explain?

  12. Looks like Vettel is epic around Suzuka .

    1. Wasn’t so good at Fuji, as Mark Webber will tell you…

      1. @bullfrog, I don’t know whether to put a smile on my face or a grin.

  13. In every race so far this season, Chilton has both started and finished in an odd-numbered position.

    Every driver has outqualified their team-mate at least once this season, and Raikkonen is the only driver not to have finished ahead of his team-mate at least once this season.

    If Hamilton fails to win the championship, he will be the first driver to do so despite winning 4 consecutive races during the season.

    Only tracks at which Hamilton has raced but not started on pole: Sakhir, Magny-Cours, Greater Noida, Monte-Carlo, Suzuka, Istanbul, Austin.

    And some from magnetimarelli.com:

    Slowest pole lap at Catalunya.

    First time since Turkey – Britain 2010 that Hamilton has managed 4 consecutive podiums.

    No non-Mercedes driver has finished within 20 seconds of the winner this year.

    First time since Hungary 2010 that the pole-sitter was more than a second ahead of anyone other than his team-mate in Q3.

    First time ever that the same 2 drivers have finished in the top 2 in the same order for 4 consecutive races.

    First time since 2008 that Button has gone 3 races without scoring (on that occasion he went 14 races without scoring).

    1. First time ever that the same 2 drivers have finished in the top 2 in the same order for 4 consecutive races.

      I think we’ll be updating this one for a while longer. Unless of course Rosberg managed to get a win somewhere. I do think he will be able to in Monaco but Canada and England surely will see Hamilton go on to win.

  14. Question. If Mercedes continue racking in the 43 constructors point per race, by which race would they take the constructor’s championship?

    1. by Hungary I think!

      1. Surely that’s only if their rivals retire at just about every round?

    2. Safely after Hungary I think. Because of double points and the missing points for second in Australia, but it depends a lot on the amount of points their closest rival scored until than already.

    3. Technically after Japan, assuming Red Bull were to finish 3rd and 4th at every race scoring 27 to Mercedes 43.

  15. The table just goes to show the amazing abilities of the great Schumacher, mega wins at a high speed circuits such as Spa and Italy, and still mega wins at high down forces circuits in Spain and Japan. Legend!!!!!

  16. First races in ages where Hamilton has finally followed up a win with a race finish. previously he would always DNF in the next race after a win.

    1. well he just won 4 in a row!

    2. ‘Only’ 7 of his wins were like that. He last time it happened was 2012.

  17. Schumacher such a bad driver, 0 wins in Singapore …

    Nice table Keith. Very intersting to see how Alonso has 19 wins ahead of the summer break and only 6 after. Shows how well developed that Ferrari always is after the summer break.

  18. Cocaine-Mackeine
    13th May 2014, 12:24

    @keithcollantine Hamilton hasn’t won twice at Austin yet….. Just a little mistake :)

    1. He won Indianapolis in 2007 which is United States GrandPrix

      1. Cocaine-Mackeine
        13th May 2014, 21:22

        Oh…. My mistake

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