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Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo showed up at the Circuit de Catalunya to see how his new F1 team principal Marco Mattiacci is getting on.

What did Montezemolo say to rally his troops? Submit your funniest suggestion for this week’s caption competition in the comments below.

As usual a selection of the best will appear in the next F1 Fanatic round-up.

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Image © Ferrari/Ercole Colombo

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109 comments on “Caption Competition 51: Ferrari bosses”

  1. FlyingLobster27
    17th May 2014, 12:10

    “And then I said, ‘don’t worry Fernando, next year’s car will be competitive’!”

  2. “So, who’s next?”

    1. Sorry, but I’m more of a Close to the Edge and Caress of Steel guy, Luca!

      1. @davidnotcoulthard

        By “Caress of Steel” you mean “2112”, right?

        1. @cjpdk
          Believe me, I didn’t. I certainly didn’t.

  3. “Well, this is awkward…”

  4. “Do I have to show my fist?”

  5. Marco- “Stayin alive stayin aliv…..OH! Luca I didn’t see you there! I was just testing my headset….

  6. “If only he knew what we were calling him on the radio!”

  7. MM: And then I got on the radio to Kimi and said “Fernando is faster than you…” I was unsure what his reaction was because he reacts to everything in the same way!

    1. What? @craigo-o

    2. “…and then I said to Kimi, ‘we don’t have a number 2 driver at Ferrari'” :D

  8. Why don’t we start team orders even earlier this year? We’re already so many points behind – Forza Fernando!

  9. Hey, you’re both right, he wants me to speak to someone called Newey

  10. LDM: He he he, he doesn’t know what is going on?

  11. Luca: “good luck, muhaha”

  12. “I’m a joke”

  13. Luca: Does Fernando knows he is going to be lapped today by Mercedes?
    Marco: No, he wont be. We are switching him on a faster strategy and let Kimi be lapped down.
    Luca: Kimi will be furious!!
    Marco : We can always give him icecreams to cool down :P

    1. Luca: You are learning the tricks of trade too early.. :D

    2. winner

  14. “And so we all agree it would be a shame if anything unfortunate were to happen to your kids or wife … Now, lose the sad faces, smile for the cameras, and back to work !”

    1. hahaha perfect! :D

  15. Just saying it sounds funny, try it………. Cost Cap, Hahahahaha!!!!

  16. LdM: I’m finally quitting, guys!

  17. Luca and a co-conspirator are seen here initiating Marco Mattiacci with the old shaving-cream-in-the-headphones gag.

  18. Luca: “…and then I told the press, ‘we’ll be fighting for wins from the start next season!'”

  19. Kimoni Nakamoto (@)
    17th May 2014, 13:23

    Guy on the right: “…but he knows nothing about F1 at all, who the hell is this guy?”
    LdM: “don’t worry, he’s just here to be scapegoated for how badly I’ve messed 2014 up. I’m bringing Ross back next year.”

  20. Yeah, who needs Newey when you got history?

    1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      17th May 2014, 14:29

      Ha! Love it!

  21. MM: We put a potty in Kimi’s Car, are we sure he know’s what he’s doing?

  22. “And then… He ‘resigned’!”

  23. Luca – “this is my silent assassin”

  24. Luca: “I am ‘watch’ing you”

  25. Marco :”Everything is wrong here Luca, even the design of the headset. ”
    Luca :”Ferrari has no problem, Oh wait !! Bernie definitely knows a good hairdresser.”

  26. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    17th May 2014, 14:26

    Luca: “Don’t worry, we’ll get Fernando to finish his career at Ferrari, just as Senna was 100% absolutely going to do.”

  27. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    17th May 2014, 14:39

    Ferrari PR Dept.: “Given the options of “Yes” and “No”, 83% of Ferrari staff have shown they dislike their new team Principle… Except for these two here.”

  28. Jack (@jackisthestig)
    17th May 2014, 14:43

    “I told the drivers if they are lapped I get to uurhumm ‘spend the evening’ with their girlfriend… So, how do I look boys?”

  29. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    17th May 2014, 14:57

    “Good you find my jokes funny, because Stefano didn’t”

  30. can i call Michael Schumacher lol ! which you both knows that i can’t !!

  31. Ldm – “Any chance we can catch up to Mercedes this year?”

  32. Another one.. not for competition sake.. just for fun

    LDM – “What if I put a car salesman as Team principle next?”

    1. This is actually quite funny imo

  33. Luca, “”we’re going to be using a Wankel”, when I hear myself say it I suppose it does sound a little funny”

  34. Don’t look like you’re afraid of me! Smile for the camera, smile!

  35. “Marco, meet the man who’s replacing you. I’d like you to work with him so he can learn all about the role of team principal.”

  36. This car is a joke !!!!

  37. LDM: Is it true what he’s telling me Marco? Did Kimi really think he would get equal treatment?

  38. Luca: Don’t look behind your back Marco…

  39. “…and so I told Jean Todt that we’d be more than happy to take 2 million out our budget!”

  40. “I made him an offer you couldn’t refuse”

  41. Marco: Luca! I’ve found the way to make the car faster, we get a certain Adrian Newey, I’ll make him an offer he couldn’t refuse wink wink.
    Luca: Haha that’s a good one… you’re kidding right?
    Marco: Ahem, yeah sure.

    The next day

  42. A disoriented old fan makes Ferrari staff laugh.

    1. Hehe, still the daddy of all captions that Beckham one.

  43. LdM: “A trained monkey could do better than you guys. Right? Ha ha ha!”

  44. Luca: Marco, we couldn’t actually get him, so instead meet our new Adrian Newey look-a-like designer

  45. LDM: I hire a sock puppet to “be in charge” and now I can run the team and still blame him if things go wrong!

  46. Luca pulls out the old tickle tactic to renew Ferrari spirits

  47. “Sorry that you had to wipe “SD” off your earcup, but we didn’t have an “MM” sticker nearby…”

  48. Luca Di Montezemelo: “Hey guys, do you want to hear a joke?”

    Stefano Domenicali

  49. Marco tries to see the funny side after Luca and Antonella have hidden his sunglasses

  50. Marco : “You are gonna love this guys, Wolff wants to know if we want to rent a third car”

  51. MM: I’ve made my first big decision…
    LD: Excellent! What is it?
    MM: I’ve decided to change our coffee supplier!
    LD: Oh…

  52. “Well done! We beat Kimi!”

    1. LOL! I vote for this one

  53. LDM: I am sorry but who is Marco amongts you both ?

  54. Neil (@neilosjames)
    17th May 2014, 18:55

    “…and if you stay around long enough without winning, the ‘achievements’ heading on your Wikipedia article is replaced with one talking about how stylish you dress!”


  55. “Good to know you have size 9 feet, that reminds me I need to order some concrete.”

  56. Alex McFarlane
    17th May 2014, 19:37

    Ferrari reaction to Mercedes megaphone solution to the noise ‘problem’ in F1

  57. LDM “No seriously, the wind tunnel will be working properly next week”

  58. Andre Furtado
    17th May 2014, 20:21

    Maldonado said what?

  59. “Here’s Luca!”

  60. “Aww, thanks guys. My very first set of earphones!”

  61. The bigwigs at Ferrari found it hard to to hide their amusement when they heard the sound of the proposed “clarinet” exhaust

    1. FTW !!!

  62. And then, I made him pit first

  63. di Montezemolo’s latest morale-boosting scheme – a high-pitched voice effect for all team radio transmissions – proved an instant hit within the Ferrari team.

  64. “And you really think we will be as high as fifth by the end of the season?”

  65. The Ferrari team enjoy some downtime whilst their guests concentrate on the race

  66. Stefano wants to know if he can come back from the naughty step now

  67. Marco, meet your replacement – he’s on standby round the back.

  68. Monty: “Don’t tell anyone, but I’m actually Özil. Set the fastest time and I’ll let you touch the FA Cup trophy.”

  69. Mattiacci: “When you offered me the job, i thought you were jocking. And now you’re asking me to turn this team around and win races? You’re a funny guy!!”

  70. When we win, then we will drink plenty of yellow beer. But, if we should lose, then you will be drinking plenty of yellow (you know what). drmrs 5/17/2014

  71. Mattiacci: “So, that’s a large sicilian, a 12″ margharita and a side order of garlic bread … oh, and a choc ice whislt you’re at it as well”.

  72. Good news, the Mercedes engine fits the chassis.

  73. Mat, if you cant do it, this kid will be your replacement.

  74. “Good news, he almost completed a lap”
    “Really? Really?”

  75. Marco Mattiacci living the american dream, from used cars salesman to F1 team principal, just to find out that he made a pact with de Devil himself, Luca di Montezemolo!

  76. And…hahaha…the best bit is…lol…the scrutineers will never find it!

  77. LDM: No we are not joking there really is a scorpion in your headset.

  78. Man in background watches Formula One race…

  79. “and next year you two will be the DRIVERS”

  80. “see whats on my right hand? you wanna me to show it to the world”

  81. “I know. I couldn’t believe it either. But I promise you. Fernando has just said to me that he’ll drive for nothing if I will give him a new contract”

  82. So you got the hang of fishing then because you will both be replacing Ross next year.

  83. Ant Saunders
    18th May 2014, 22:44

    Wet willy!

  84. Last one to assume a defensive posture is a rotten egg!

  85. He is the next sacrifice…

  86. Montezemolo practices trantiloquist show

  87. – what’s so funny?

    – we were just wondering what Ron Dennis would make of your sloppy open shirt.

  88. Luca: It helps if you switch the headphones on Marco!

  89. Max Faulkner
    19th May 2014, 14:11

    “And then Fernando said to the press ‘I think we have a chance of being competitive this year'”

  90. My account isn’t working right now so i am a guest.

    Caption: “Was that a fast Ferrari I saw? Oh no it was a Mercedes reflecting the red sign, Nevermind”.

  91. LDM: They asked, “Are you trying to bring Ross back, we heard he made a visit to the factory”, and I said, “Nooo, he was just on holiday, I’ve already found the perfect man to run Ferrari, a car salesmen!”

  92. marco- my headphones don’t work
    luda- turn the volume knob in the other direction, rookie

  93. Luca to the engineer: Those sideburns are bigger than mine. Hopefuly there is some magic underneath those.

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