Grosjean keen to make amends for 2013

2014 Monaco Grand Prix

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Romain Grosjean says he aims to stay out of trouble in this year’s Monaco Grand Prix following his poor showing in this race last season.

The Lotus driver damaged his car four times during the Monaco Grand Prix weekend last year. The last came when he drove into the back of Daniel Ricciardo during the race, leading the then-Toro Rosso driver to tell him “you’re an idiot”.

Grosjean defended his record in Monaco, where he won convincingly five years ago before racing in F1: “I’ve been on pole position here in GP2, won the race in GP2.”

But he admitted his form in the grand prix has not been as strong: “The other side, if you look at crashes I think I have a good record and a few corners that I know too well.”

“To be fair last year I completely missed my weekend and wherever I would have been it would have been the same story so I should just try not to do that again.

“Of course you have to respect the track and every mistake is more obvious than everywhere else. But I’ve always been quick so I’ll try to keep that in my pocket but just stay away from the race.”

2014 Monaco Grand Prix

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12 comments on “Grosjean keen to make amends for 2013”

  1. Go out there and show it Romain. I do think he can, but lets see how it goes. I would be inclined to say much the same for Maldonado, who could/should have had better results here in the last couple of seasons.

    1. I am predicting a front row start for RG

    2. @bascb if it wasn’t for all the annoying barriers and rival cars…

      Seriously, tho, you’re right.

  2. Quite a stark difference between the Lotus drivers –

    Romain was constantly hammered by his peers for idiotic driving, but his attitude was very humble. He knew he had made a mistake and was generally trying to improve himself and make amends.

    Crashtor on the other hand, intentionally bumps into other driver and has absolutely no remorse on his actions.

    Drivers might get mad at Romain, but I’m sure they hate Pastor

    1. Was Pastor’s win at Spain a fluke?

      1. How is this related to his point at all?

  3. I was present on his last outing in GP2. He didn’t win it, but he sliced through the field, managing to jump from 26th to 4th in the feature race, looking invincible, and ran a comfortable sprint race where he ended on the podium. That was a brilliant race I thoroughly enjoyed. I really hope he can be as brilliant in an F1 in Monaco.

    1. i think the renault engine is slowly coming to life

    2. And in 2009, it was Pastor that won the sprint race..

  4. Wait for PÉrez…:D

  5. Eager to see what Ricciardio can do, can he pull off a win?

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