Paul di Resta, Force India, Monte-Carlo, Monaco, 2013

Wet start expected for Monaco Grand Prix weekend

2014 Monaco Grand Prix weather

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Paul di Resta, Force India, Monte-Carlo, Monaco, 2013Last year’s Monaco Grand Prix weekend didn’t escape the rain which occasionally blows in to disrupt the sunbathers.

A shower at the beginning of qualifying made for treacherous conditions. That caught out Force India’s Paul di Resta, who didn’t make the cut for Q2.

More rain is forecast this weekend but, for the time being at least, it is not expected to interfere with the competitive sessions.

The first showers are expected in time for the beginning of first practice which, uniquely, is on Thursday instead of Friday. Further rainfall is expected in the run-up to the second practice session later in the day.

The rain will lessen on Friday, when F1 cars do not run, and no further precipitation is expected over the remaining days.

Saturday is forecast to be fine and sunny, with clear skies and air temperatures exceeding 20C – ideal conditions for qualifying. Similar temperatures are expected on Sunday, though there will be cloud cover in the morning which should break up during the grand prix.

As the Monaco race weekend starts a day earlier than usual the forecast is still developing. Further updates will be posted via F1 Fanatic Live and the F1 Fanatic Twitter account over the next four days.

The Indianapolis 500 takes place on the same day and weather conditions there are especially important as IndyCars do not run on ovals in the rain. Fortunately the current forecast is for a dry but cloudy day, with temperatures reaching 25C.

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2014 Monaco Grand Prix

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19 comments on “Wet start expected for Monaco Grand Prix weekend”

  1. I would have loved to have seen a wet race here with these new engines. It would have 50s/60s levels of tail-happiness!

    1. I personally can’t wait for a wet Singapore.
      That would be mega!!

    2. I made a video about the cars that have raced in monaco over the years and put em in 1 lap.

  2. arrgghhh I’m sick already of the weather trolling us! give us a wet race for once! enough of these ‘wet weather expected through weekend…. except race which should be dry’.

    rage over

  3. Please, African rain gods, give us a wet race – if not here then Canada or Britain or Germany. Us F1 fans are parched!

    1. Rain, torquey cars with no downforce on the most punishing circuit, for some figure skating. Amen.

    2. @vettel1 I’ll be at the race in Montreal and am hoping that it is as sunny and nice as it was two years ago when I was last there.

      Think of us in the grand stands!

      1. @rcorporon I send my condolences to you and all your fellow spectators in advance ;)

        1. @vettel1 A gentleman and scholar!

  4. As is the trend so far this season the wet weather will not arrive on the days we want it to.

  5. It was a trend that started at the beginning of last year, we see rain during a race weekend but it doesn’t affect the race itself. I don’t think we’ve seen a fully wet race since 2012, which IMO is a real disappointment and goes some way to explaining the general decline in ratings over the last year, it’s much rarer for a really memorable Grand Prix to occur in the dry than in the wet, and what’s more I think everyone wants to see how these cars behave under a heavy fuel load in wet conditions! The sport needs a wet race soon!

    1. Nope. We haven’t seen a fully wet race since Korea 2010. It’s been almost 4 years! Canada 2011, Hungary 2011, Malaysia 2012 & Brazil 2012 were not full wet races.

    2. Don’t go telling Bernie, he’ll be getting the sprinklers out!

  6. Thursday practice barely see any running around Monaco thanks to the fiesta on Friday radically changing track features/feel for Sat and Sunday. The rain will further reduce running.. Great.

  7. I’ve never been a fan of wet weather for any session of race weekends, and continue to be surprised at the number of people that look forward to it. I wonder how many people who have complained about the cars being too slow forget how much slower the cars have to go in the wet. To me it just makes for a messy crapshoot with drivers unable to race on the edge. And I guess there must be a high percentage of people then that are all for BE’s idea of sprinklers. Depressing.

  8. NNNOOOOOOOO!!!! When are we going to get a wet race?!

  9. Neil (@neilosjames)
    21st May 2014, 18:28

    One imagines a wet Monaco race nowadays would have a giant red flag thrown over it, so as much as I like a wet race, I’m glad we’re not getting one this weekend.

    1. There is rain forecast for Sunday at the end of the race

  10. Wet track? It will be very exciting! :)

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