2014 Monaco Grand Prix result

2014 Monaco Grand Prix

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16Nico RosbergMercedes781hr 49m 27.661s
244Lewis HamiltonMercedes789.2109.210
33Daniel RicciardoRed Bull-Renault789.6140.404
414Fernando AlonsoFerrari7832.45222.838
527Nico HulkenbergForce India-Mercedes771 lap1 lap
622Jenson ButtonMcLaren-Mercedes771 lap0.192
719Felipe MassaWilliams-Mercedes771 lap0.710
88Romain GrosjeanLotus-Renault771 lap17.112
917Jules BianchiMarussia-Ferrari771 lap3.541
1020Kevin MagnussenMcLaren-Mercedes771 lap5.648
119Marcus EricssonCaterham-Renault771 lap10.622
127Kimi RaikkonenFerrari771 lap0.610
1310Kamui KobayashiCaterham-Renault753 laps2 laps
144Max ChiltonMarussia-Ferrari753 laps49.549
Not classified
21Esteban GutierrezSauber-Ferrari5919 laps16 lapsAccident
77Valtteri BottasWilliams-Mercedes5523 laps4 lapsPower unit
25Jean-Eric VergneToro Rosso-Renault5028 laps5 lapsExhaust
99Adrian SutilSauber-Ferrari2355 laps27 lapsAccident
26Daniil KvyatToro Rosso-Renault1068 laps13 lapsExhaust
1Sebastian VettelRed Bull-Renault573 laps5 lapsTurbo
13Pastor MaldonadoLotus-Renault078 laps5 lapsFuel pump
11Sergio PerezForce India-Mercedes078 lapsAccident

Image © Daimler/Hoch Zwei

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95 comments on “2014 Monaco Grand Prix result”

  1. So 9th is factoring in the penalty?

    1. I think so. Great effort from them you have to say.

    2. Indeed it is @vettel1. 2 Points for Marussia

    3. How wonderful! They must be devastated at Caterham, Marussia probably wins the championship for tenth today.
      Jules was on fire, starting last !

      1. @spoutnik
        Actually it may not be over, Sauber may very well be the team in last and Caterham 10th if they don’t improve

        1. Maybe … And it’s not the car, the problem, as we saw today …

  2. Hunger can sometimes exhaust you.

    1. And can make you see things blurry :P

    2. Nah, he just overslept.

  3. Great drive from Bianchi, really happy for him and Marussia! Great drive from both Nico’s, Danny.. Really starting to think Kimi’s 2005 win around here was a fluke, though..

    1. Why? He did fairly well besides the move on Magnussen. I don’t think it was his fault that he lost 3rd at the first safety car.

      1. Dropping back due to the puncture behind the 2nd SC really did Kimi in. From there on it went down the drain.

        1. Even when you consider the Magnussen incident, it was an inspired recovery drive. He was stuck having to dispatch with the backmarkers while the other cars got to stroll away.

    2. Kimi probably would’ve finished on the podium without the extra pit stop, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

    3. Tell me what he did wrong to have to pit in 2nd time within a few laps during SC which effectively ruined his race. At the end he was just desperate and tried all or nothing move, since his race was already ruined (8th isn’t any comfort when he was well on going for 3rd).

    4. Kimi was 3rd without Chilton giving him a puncture.

    5. Why? He almost finished third …

    6. ‘If’s’ don’t amount to anything; he’s had dodgy moves around Monaco before, I wasn’t that surprised when he collected Magnussen at the end. Finishing high up does involve keeping the car together for the entire race.

      Not to mention, Ricciardo easily left Alonso behind at the end, while Alonso was catching both Daniel and Kimi before the SC. I highly doubt Kimi would have kept Daniel behind.

      I find his do-or-die moves around this track to be unimpressive; my appreciation of Kimi took a huge dent when he collided with Sutil in 2008; I’m not sure what his run-in with Magnussen today has done.

      1. @npf1 And you conveniently leave out the Chilton incident which ruined RAI’s race. Then you contradict yourself when you say “if’s don’t amount to anything” and speculate in the very next sentence how you think RIC would’ve passed RAI and half suggesting ALO would’ve at least caught RAI if not passed.

        Regarding to MAG, that was already addressed above. TL;DR Bad move from RAI, he gave up already by that time since his race was over already due to Chilton.

      2. @npf1

        ‘If’s’ don’t amount to anything

        That’s right, but it’s still ridiculous to blame driver for something (the extra pit stop during SC) that wasn’t his fault. Do you also think that Vettel was bad today, since he retired due to mechanical failure?

        Not to mention, Ricciardo easily left Alonso behind at the end, while Alonso was catching both Daniel and Kimi before the SC. I highly doubt Kimi would have kept Daniel behind.

        Ricciardo couldn’t pass Hamilton at the end of the race even though he was considerably faster, so I doubt he could’ve overtook Kimi either.

        1. @lari @hotbottoms Where exactly do I blame Raikkonen for the incident with Chilton? I’m only saying he didn’t keep it together afterwards. If you end up in the back, you still need to make it to the end to score the maximum amount of points and I lament that he didn’t do that, how is that blaming him for the Chilton incident? And I really don’t see how it’s ok he gave up on finishing in the points with Ferrari being where they are and having won his championship on a single point; he should be able to value a single point. He went for it last year too, without his moves ending in tears. I’m disgruntled he failed to do so this year.

          Ricciardo and Hamilton had similar lap times; Alonso fell behind but was quicker than Raikkonen before the SC; hence it is not entirely unrealistic Ricciardo would have found a way past due to differences in laptimes being bigger than between HAM and RIC.

          And if I really didn’t care about those ifs, I wouldn’t reply at all, would I?

          1. @npf1 I quote you “if’s don’t amount to anything”, so better leave those out, yes?

            1) Where did I say I think you blame Raikkonen for the incident? Please quote my post where I say it. I give you a hint, there isn’t such phrase.

            2) I already said 3 times I agree with you on that Loews move, can’t you read?

            3) Why did you leave the Chilton incident out in first place? I still need to repeat myself since you can’t answer it.

            4) They all had new tires when SC come out, so you never know how that would’ve turned out. As you said, we leave if’s out and RAI was 3rd when Chilton hit him, period.

          2. @lari Have I angered you in some way?

            1. I was replying to both you and hotbottoms, who stated it was “ridiculous to blame driver for something (the extra pit stop during SC) that wasn’t his fault”.

            2. Again, not only replying to you. At that; I do not read comments online with the same level of concentration that I read usually.

            3. I left it out because it wasn’t Kimi’s fault.

            4. Hamilton’s, Ricciardo’s and Alonso’s laptimes aren’t ifs. But sure, he could have finished 3d. I however remain upset by Raikkonen’s approach to the end of the race.

          3. @nfp1 “3. I left it out because it wasn’t Kimi’s fault.” So you only comment what is Kimi’s fault and not whole situation that led to it? Well, now we see your reasoning with comments.

            Laptimes are not ifs, yes. Hence we gotta remember they just got new tires and what did Raikkonen do at the start of the race? Get 4-5sec gap to RIC, who himself got 3sec gap to ALO. Also, when pushed, RAI did get the fastest lap of the race. Doesn’t matter if it’s new tires, all of them had, but it shows what the speed was there to clinch 3rd place, more likely than not.

      3. so i blame kimi for trying? what you think of alonso move on heidfield in monaco 2008 race? same corner?

        I think i’d rather have driver try an optimistic move than boring train which is what monaco always provide. again, i say optimistic, not idiotic. Kimi move on kmag was not idiotic.

        Regarding sutil incident, you do realize he didn’t even try to pass sutil that time around, he simply lock rear brake on bumps which is common in that part of circuit(DC crashing out that year i think or 2007). and because of rain, to avoid wet patch kimi had to brake early. He didn’t make a move, he simply lost control.

    7. also, if you think kimi’s win in 2005 is fluke then go watch 2003, 2006 race in both race he was faster driver. in 2003, his fastest lap was just about .1 sec slower than lap record set by MS in all conquering F2004 driving year old car. he hold unofficial lap record in monaco (2006 quali). he got front start in 2009 with F60 just mis pole time by few tenth of a sec.

      1. I don’t think so; I’m just intensely disappointed by the majority of his races around Monaco since his 2005 win. It’s true his 2009 race was good; he wasn’t the highest point scorer in between a couple of races for nothing that year.

        He just can’t seem to string together a complete race around here without some piss poor luck (2006, last year, this year) or just not doing all that well in the end (2008, the Magnussen incident this year).

    8. Gee, sorry for ever doubting demi-God Raikkonen, guys.

      1. Rofl, now you’re yielding. Sad, sad.

    9. Fastest lap!?

      1. in a Ferarri !?

  4. BIANCHI!!!!
    Game over for CATERHAM.

    1. And Sauber unfortunately :(

      1. Sauber will probably score a few points this season, enough to overhaul the 2 point deficit they currently have to Marussia. Caterham however, is screwed.

        1. Rumor is Tony Fernandes has put the team up for sale

          1. I feel sad for Sauber, Gutierrez made a mini mistake but it ended his race.

        2. Its going to be hard for Sauber to score points this season. Their driver line-up is very much meh and they need an incident packed gp to finish in points.

          1. Or put Nico Hulkenberg back in the car!

          2. Nah, Nico is doing very well in FI, let FI enjoy a good constructor’s position this season :D

  5. 2007, 2011 and now 2014. What is it with Hamilton and Monaco? They dont seem to have a happy relationship do they?

    1. Had it rained, Hamilton would’ve won it and Rosberg would have said that “wins in the rain don’t count”

      1. Had, would could, if, but, etc, those words can twist every race since 1950 the way you like it.

        1. I’m just saying that given Hamiltons problems (engine failure at Melbourne, being on the slower tyre at Bahrein and now something stuck in his eye at Monaco) and the lack of problems on the other side of the garage, Hamilton is doing a great job.

          Also, the people who tought that he was going to crash into Rosberg at the start were proven wrong, which proves he is maybe more mature than Senna ever was.

          1. And I’m STILL just saying with woulds, colds, ifs, but, etc, you can twist things to your own likings, whatever the case may be. All that matters is what the end result is. You either accept it or not.

      2. What a pointless comment.

  6. Funny race, didn’t find it too interesting though.

    Shame for Vettel and Raikkonen, they had masterfully starts. Also Bottas, first time out of the points.

    Good for Bianchi, it was the surprise of the race.

  7. German team favors the crybaby German.
    Mercedes pit stop strategy favored Nico.

    1. Wow just WOW.Are u serious?

    2. @alokin
      Yeah, how couldn’t Mercedes see that SC was coming out next lap… Hamilton complaining about that was hilarious.

      1. He was complaining they didmt bring him in on the lap that sutil crashed instead of waiting an extra lap, if u are going to be a hater at least get the facts right

      2. yep, his race engineer was taking a nap, while Sutil crashed.

        1. @alokin
          I was being sarcastic, if it wasn’t clear enough. Did you notice that Ricciardo, both Ferraris and Rosberg also pitted right after the SC came out, not a lap before?

      3. @hotbottoms Wolff said Mercedes need crystal ball for Lewis…

    3. Ehm, yeah. Sure.
      1. Where ever did we hear Rosberg “crying”? You must have mistaken HAmiltons radio for Rosbergs.
      2. Teams always give first choice of stop to the driver first running on track (apart from Ferrari if Alonso is behind his teammate)

    4. were you watching the race or did you have something in your left eye too?

    5. @alokin
      Yes, that’s why they ordered Rosberg to stay behind Hamilton in Sepang 2013, it’s because they totally favour him >_>

    6. I’m telling you; Illuminati and Bilderberg Group. Heck, Toto Wolff probably knows 2Pac is still alive, too.

  8. Feel sorry for Caterham, but I knew that Bianchi was made of the stuff. Brilliant drive by him, just a shame it’s 2 not 4 points, but still an achievement nonetheless!!

  9. So pleased for Marussia and Bianchi. It’s been a hard few years but at least they can say they scored points now!!

  10. Strange that Riccardo’s car run perfectly every time while Vettel suffers misfortune race after race during qualifying and the race. Makes me think

    1. Makes a nice change that Vettel is throwing his toys out of the pram considering this was happening to Webber for the previous 4 seasons

      1. Is it this stuff again? We’ve had this multiple times and it’s not true. Vettel had an equal share of problems and never had Webber have to suffer problems literally on every race weekend.

      2. Michael Brown (@)
        25th May 2014, 15:34

        Makes a nice change that Vettel is throwing his toys out of the pram considering this was happening to Webber for the previous 4 seasons

        Hang on. Let me find that reliability post.

        There it is

    2. Reliability has been RBR’s issue for years now. RIC has not been unaffected either.

    3. Strange that Riccardo’s Vettel car run perfectly every time while Vettel Webber suffers misfortune race after race during qualifying and the race. Makes me think

      Hey, look, it’s 2011-2013!

        1. I was referring to the comments being made in that timeframe.

  11. “I’ve got something in my eye!!! Can’t see anything…” Hilarious!
    Ham, everything is ok, mate. It was fear you felt in your eye…It’s all right…maybe next time.

    1. I guess Hamilton can explain the weird motion by saying he was thinking about his background where he has climbed so far up that made him emotional ;)

    2. He’s so hungry, he cried.

  12. Guess Hamilton wasn’t poor enough as a youth to be hungry enough for the win today.

    1. Someone stole his lunch.

      */ i’ll get my coat.

      1. And then he stole someone’s bike…. sorry, had to :)

        1. Thats a racist steriotype.

          1. If we say Nico stole a bike, are we calling him something referring to what happened in Germany in the 40s?

        2. Why are you being racist? That’s not funny.

        3. Why are you being racist? That’s not funny.

  13. as i said in AS forum, with Bianchi and marussia finishing in point, everybody forgotten about another back marker, M. Ericsson, considering He’s rookie and not much rated driver to begin with, but, He did finish his first monaco GP and finish 11.

    I say excellent job ericsson.

    1. Indeed, he did his job today.

    2. @droiddamudi He ended well indeed, but I cannot say that was a good job, having ruined Massa’s weekend …

      1. whats with massa incident? i forgot?

        you mean yesterdays?

        common he’s rookie and its monaco.

    3. so close for marcus! still happy for Bianchi. i was hoping for a sc due to Kimis accident :P

    4. Ericsson was actually lapping the track as fast as Rosberg and closed the gap to Bianchi during the last part of the race as he tried to close the gap to Bianchi who they expected to pit and serve his penalty. But he didn’t pit obviously. But Ericsson did a fantastic job!

  14. Maybe Ericcson will score points: don’t forget Button is under investigation for throwing Sergio Pérez in the wall.

    1. nah i think button is to far infront. i guess button is going to get a drivethru whis is about a 20 sec on his time

  15. Massa going from 16 to 7 was brilliant.

    1. Quite a lot of retirements though ahead of him.

      1. Probably, but he gambled successfully with the chances of yellow flags and was able to keep consistency throughthe whole race. Why is this so difficult to admit? What you say applies also to Bianchi and everyone is going wild about him.

  16. Yeah, 5 DNF’s in front of Massa and RAI+MAG collision did most of the job. Only driver Massa actually passed on track was Grosjean, so in that light, not too impressive.

    1. Reply for Aldoh.

    2. Paul Sontag
      26th May 2014, 0:26

      Massa was good on old tires…was not a moving chicane.That is in his favour.

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