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2014 Monaco Grand Prix

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Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Monte-Carlo, 2014What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Monaco Grand Prix.

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2014 Monaco Grand Prix

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    109 comments on “Rate the race: 2014 Monaco Grand Prix”

    1. Way to go Marussia!

      1. Was thinking exactly the same! 5 seconds or not, POINTS!

        1. and Chilton still 100% finish, right? lol

      2. Daniel (@collettdumbletonhall)
        25th May 2014, 15:49

        So happy for them. They are no longer my actual local team due to the fact that they have moved from South Yorkshire but I am still rooting for them. Go Marussia!

    2. Ugh guys, Monaco is so boring, no excitement whatsoever…

      Seriously though, what a great race. Pity we never got to see Hamilton push Rosberg to the flag, but there was enough going on to cover for that!

      1. It was actually a boring race until the last 15 laps.

        7/10 for me, not more. Nice to see Bianchi scoring points.

        1. Yup, it was terrible aside from a couple of interesting laps whilst Danny was chasing down Hamilton. I wonder if most of the voters slept through the first part and woke up at the end. :D

          1. @textuality So I take it you missed Sutil’s, Magnussen’s, Hulkenberg’s and Raikkonen’s overtakes?

            1. @textuality @ciaran Ya, I was just about to comment that he must have missed those earlier passes and the fact that Marussia kept moving up and up the time sheets.

            2. It seemed like 90% of the coverage was Hamilton chasing Rosberg which was boring. Like probably everyone else I was waiting for the pitstops as a chance for Hamilton to challenge for the lead and that was thrown away with the safety car.
              So while there was action further back, all we got were the highlights and not the actual battles so my vote was 4 out of 10.

      2. Yeah, Monaco, impossible to pass blah blah, and it did have it’s processional moments but there were always chases and battles going on to keep me intrigued, then there were audacious passes, kamikaze moves and outrageous misfortune throughout to spice things up even further. 7.

    3. I don’t care what the rating rules are I’m giving it a 10 for Marussia !!!

    4. Zantkiller (@)
      25th May 2014, 14:54

      I thought Spain was the definition of a slow burner, that though was a perfect one.

      Scenes of Marussia celebrating were brilliant.

    5. 5. Dullest race of the year. However the Hamilton-Ricciardo battle was epic!

      1. Are you mad… That was the best Monaco race I’ve seen in donkey’s years

        1. And the 2010, 2011 and 2013 races? They were way better than this one (specially 2011).

        2. Yes, so it rates a 5/6 instead of the usual 3/4

      2. And the 2010, 2011 and 2013 races? They were way better than this one (specially 2011).

      3. 6 for me. I’m sorry but the expected battle for the win never materialized there.

      4. Would love to know what you rated the last race…

        Sorry, but what was wrong with no run-off, no DRS, and every single overtake (and there were quite a few!) being earned?

        Crazy opinions there!

        I gave it a 9. Real racing from real racers, on a real circuit. Huge congrats to Bianchi and Marussia. Was a ballsy move following Raikkonen.

      5. Rated it a 5 as well. Just wasn’t exciting at all to me. Vettel looked racy before retiring and might have added a bit more excitement. It would have been nice to see him take it to Lewis.

        1. As I explained last race I rate on excitement not interest. Chess can be very interesting but hardly ever exciting. So I gave it a five as well

      6. It always is a poor race for actual racing. 10 of the last 11 races have been won from pole. There was only a few “good” overtakes, the rest were dangerous lunges that just force the driver out wide. The only jeopardy was caused by poor driving, failing cars and some dirt. I didn’t believe for a second that Hamilton would pass Rosberg and certainly not that Ricciardo would get by. I only watched the highlights thankfully, I would have been upset if I’d watched it live.

        Thank god Rosberg cheated so the weekend wasn’t a total blow-out.

    6. Go Marussia!!!

    7. That was an epic!

    8. 7 – Monaco did conspire against the action to some extent by not affording many overtaking opportunities but MARUSSIA!

      1. Shame Ricciardo couldn’t quite get a shot at Hamilton towards the end. But defenitely a great Monaco race.

      2. I gave it 8 because that’s close to the most you can get in a dry race at Monte Carlo. Daniel late attack added a bit of drama and Bianchi’s performance (pros to the tv director for giving him some air time) was noteworthy.

        Bring on Canada!

      3. I didn’t enjoy it as much as Spain, simply because the battles couldn’t materialise into anything more than a slight procession. But still a very good race, by Monaco standards.

      4. I think 7’s fair. Monaco is tricky to score because the race tend to be a bit dull in modern F1 but this wasn’t just an enjoyable Monaco grand prix but an enjoyable race all round. And who could vote down a race that saw Marussia get their first championship points?

    9. Congratulations to Bianchi! Congratulations to Marussia! Amazing job, amazing!

    10. Congratulaion Marussia and Bianchi the only thing exiting in this race. Well done!!!!

    11. Was going to give a 10 but it 9 it is…

    12. A solid 8. Great drive by Bianchi, probably DOTW.

      1. Yeah maybe McLaren will be after him?

    13. A solid 10!! Just got the German anthem to listen to now :/ ;)

    14. Such a confusing race, some stupid and yet some brilliant drives. Absolutely thrilling!

    15. 9
      Thought it would be normal monaco procession race. But blimey, it was another great race. Great battle between NR & LH for majority of the race and then LH visor problem gave DR an opportunity to close in on LH.

      Solid drive from BIANCHI, HULKENBERG.

      1. Hulkenburg did great to keep ahead of Button, not as good as Bianchi though!!!

        1. That’s why I wrote Bianchi’s name first :)
          Definitely my DOTR

    16. Unfortunately my enjoyment was seriously reduced by having an awful stream for the first half of the race. Even with Hamilton constantly close it never felt likely to result in anything, and with bad video I couldn’t immerse myself in it properly.

      1. Try adtelly dot tv that’s what I use and much better than free stream

      2. Yep I also got a bad stream Matt, and my backup stream wasn’t much better, they are usually better than that.

    17. 5/10 for me. A few good battles but overall the field was too drawn out and team battles were neutralised because of RAIs and VETs bad luck, which made it rather boring to watch. Also both SCs came out at the wrong time 1 too early and 1 exactly in the SC window.

    18. I can’t understand how people can vote it a 1. Brundle said on more than one occasion “I’ve not seen that in a long time” about some great overtakes. It wasn’t a thriller all the way through and had it’s dull periods but plenty of tension, excitement and incidents to warrant more than a 1 surely?

      Marussia just feel like they are world champions. Really happy to see this but could well be the nail in the coffin for Caterham in f1

    19. Yes (@come-on-kubica)
      25th May 2014, 15:01

      The sky commentators are absolutely awful. They were all over the place today. But magnificent performance by Jules Bianchi. Also fantastic drive by Daniel Ricciardo, hope Red Bull can continue improving the car. And an outstanding overtake by Nico Hulkenberg. Retirements do make a race more enjoyable.

      1. The thing about Magnussen needing to give back the place to a driver who was 2 positions in front of him was embarrassing.

    20. Deserves a 3 but make it a 5 for Marussia!!!!

      1. haha just… what?!

        I do worry that F1 is being moulded for fans who share your opinion.

        Honestly, we don’t need lots of DRS overtakes per lap that can’t be defended.

        What was wrong with all of this tooth-and-nail style gritty racing? Just a genuine question.

        I just don’t even understand how people could see this as ‘boring’. It was really tight racing throughout nearly the entire duration.

        There was a slight lull for about 15 laps about 45/50 laps in in, but that was it!

    21. What on earth happened with Ferrari there, no tv caught any collision with Marussia (as Ferrari tweeted) so makes one think if there really was something or just….dare I say it…..tactics?

      GJ Nico, GJ Marussia, GJ Ricciardo

      1. Why would Ferrari sabotage their own driver when he’s running third? Why would anyone?

      2. That’s silly.

      3. Not unheard of when talking about Ferrari, we can always go back to Barrichello, Massa, Irvine, etc archives to pick up situations where very, very dubious calls have been made.

      4. While Raikkonen was going into the pits, Barrichello (commentator for Brazil occasionally) said there was talk on the radio a Marussia hit him.

    22. 5/10 for me. Would have been better if the leaders actually challenged each other at some point.

    23. Drama. Chaos. Bianchi. Sutil. Magnussen. War.


    24. The race rated 8, because of the action, great Kimi start, until the unsafe release, great Vergne, fair driving from Nico, Ricciardo good,
      Hulkenberg really good, but for me, Bianchi….!

    25. I gave it a 6. Quite boring, but came into life at the end. Lots of retirements – like in the old days – let backmarkers to score few points.

    26. 9/10

      – Bianchi in the points.
      – Ricciardo catching Hamilton. (10s in like 3 laps or so?)

      Bad luck for Vettel. I wonder what can he do if he is still in the race. The RB10 really has potential.

    27. 8. Amazing the tension a bit of needle between the lead drivers will bring. Always something happening down the field.

    28. For Monaco that was pretty good. Would be a 10 if the safety car didn’t rid us of the chance of the strategic battle for the win.

    29. This race like Spain was a slowly brewing like a good stew.
      I give it a 9! Because it was awesome

    30. Alex McFarlane
      25th May 2014, 15:11

      Well done to Bianchi and Marussia, glad they finally have something to show for their efforts.

      A good race by Monaco standards, I’d give it a solid 8.

    31. 8/10
      Entertaining race all around, Marussia’s first points and some good midfield battles along the way, with the usual couple of incidents around Monaco which certainly helped to spice it up. Only downside was the rather tedious part after Sutil’s crash where for about 15 laps not much happened.

      Nonetheless a great race and one of the best in Monaco for quite awhile!

    32. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      25th May 2014, 15:15

      Those last 15 laps or so were absolutely manic! Loved it!

      Gave it a 7.
      But on a Monaco scale it’s gets an 8.


    33. A very good Monaco race. Strategic tension, more than enough overtaking and loads of drama.

      The drama was of the magnitude that I even had to turn off the tv for a moment after Kimi’s additional pitstop to stop myself from throwing the remote to the wall.

    34. I gave it a 4. Good score for Monaco.

    35. Not 10 because Hamilton didn’t win lol, but the rest was awesome, so many incidents and overtakes for a Monaco race. What a difference from Spain and China

    36. what a race, it was great! the end made up for the boring bit at the beginning and then the middle of the race.


    37. 8 for me lot of things happening around… fantastic move by hulk to pass MAG DEF JB in the end and BIA what a race for him and marussia. entertaining… way to go…

    38. 7/10

      A few good overtakes, kudos to Sutil who managed a few passes at the hairpin again this year … until he crashed. Great overtakes by Hulkenberg and Bianchi too.

      However it was a pretty dull race until Ricciardo began catching up on Hamilton. I don’t understand many of the high scores given here, nothing happened during ¾ of the race.

      I feel sad for Kimi, a top 3 was possible but his team threw it away.

      1. Raikkonen’s team didn’t really throw it away…
        1. Chilton punctured his tyre during the 2nd Safety Car period
        2. Raikkonen was WAY too ambitious into the Loew’s hairpin on Magnussen, and required a new front wing. I believe he’ll recieve a grid penalty in Canada.
        Raikkonen in all fairness just had a bad race, due to misfortune and a bit of poor decision making on his behalf.

        1. @pezlo2013, agreed, mind you the poor decision making came about because there was nothing left to lose.

    39. Talking points, incidents, some incredible overtakes, there was usually something happening, and a feel-good result with Bianchi in the points. 9.

    40. 7. A lot of drama, especially towards the end. The first half was probably a bit more boring than I expected, but it’s Monaco, so it can happen. Shame that Vettel and Raikkonen had problems, I think that the fight for P3 would have been very interesting.

    41. As far as Monaco GPs go, this is a 10. This however is Rate the Race, not Rate the Race on Basis of an Average Monaco GP, so I’m giving it a 9.

      Great battles, unexpected overtakes which took huge balls, mistakes, a backmarker scoring legit points (not seen since Super Aguri) and drama. Together with Bahrain the only races in a long time where I’ve been able to keep my attention purely to the race and wish it wasn’t over just yet.

    42. I never really noticed Marussia but even I was so glad for them to score their first points, gotta thank Raikkonen and Magnussen for that :P Just because of that, I’m going to ignore the rating rules and give it a 9

    43. 4. I was disappointed when Vettel’s car broke down once more. He really has no luck at all has he? Raikkonen got pipped by a puncture, and Alonso was in no-mans-land. The Mercedes battle never really materialized. I expected some fireworks, but it was more talk than action. Highlights for me were Ricciardo doing a good job at the end, and Marussia finally get some points. Im happy for them, it surely will re-litt the fire and passion they have.

    44. I think a 6 is a fair score to rate yesterday’s Monaco GP (it’s almost 1am here in Melbourne)
      I knew many people would vote higher up than I did, but in all fairness not much action occurred throughout the whole race. Yes, Perez and Sutil’s crashes both caused Safety Cars in the first 30-ish laps, and yes, Marrusia scored 2 points, but apart from that it was like the drivers were on train tracks until the last 10 laps. They just went through Loews, Rascasse and Nouvelle Station, and so on 50-ish laps in a row.
      In all fairness, the most entertaining piece during that period was depicting whether or not anyone would even have a small look up the inside.
      Thank goodness the last 15 laps shaped out the way they did. I was looking at a 3 for the majority of the race.

    45. 7 it is. Closer to an 8 than to a 6. Would have been better without the top-4. As much as I liked the moves done in midfield and behind, it´s sad noone at the front end ever tried anything.

    46. Since I’m a fan of Kimi and Valtteri this race wasn’t so great for me, but the action was there, some nice crashes, couple of nice overtakes… 8/10 for me :)

    47. Neil (@neilosjames)
      25th May 2014, 15:54

      Gave it an 8.

      It was never going to be an overtaking-fest but for a Monaco race, it was really good. Hulkenberg and Bianchi pulled off two of the best overtakes of the year, Hamilton kept Rosberg honest before Ricciardo kept him honest, some good close battling at the rear of the field and Raikkonen summoning the spirit of 2008 with fastest lap.

      And Marussia with a point was the beautiful, beautiful icing on the cake. Took me back a decade to the days of edge-of-the-seat rooting for that Minardi to get to the end in the points.

      1. Totally agree!

        1. Loved it guys. Delighted for Marussia too.

          Loved Coulthard’s commentary on the Beeb too (I refuse to give money to Murdoch so I watched the BBC highlights).

    48. I’ll never like Monaco unless we get a repeat of Senna/Mansell ’92. A spectacle for sure but if ever anything looked more out of place and clumsy than here it would have to be the next land speed record being held down Pall Mall.

      5 and most of that is for Rosberg’s superb drive (no I don’t think he messed up on purpose in quali.)

    49. I’ve lived better Gp’s, but wasn’t that bad, a 6 for me.
      A bit annoyed about Lewis’s stubborn mood, you can’t always win Lewis, better days ahead mate !
      Rosberg was brilliant of maestria, the Pool and Casino were fantastically quick !

      Well done Bianchi, well done Marussia ! Here come some money from the FOM for you guys…

    50. GB (@bgp001ruled)
      25th May 2014, 18:36

      8. it was not a specially interesting race, but the safety cars, the crashes, bianchi and monaco itself made it eventfully enough to make it somehow enjoyable! it wasnt all boring, just some laps in the middle…

    51. 6. Kimi’s start was fantastic, but outside of that it was utterly dull at the front, and that’s what got the bulk of the coverage. If I could have the choice to cycle through the cameras, I’d probably rate this higher.

      -No Maldonado. I was really hoping to see him in action.
      -Processional at the front as mentioned before. Had Riccardo closed to Hamilton earlier, that would have been far better.
      -Tyre struggles – Keeping the set up to temp shouldn’t be that difficult.

      -BIANCHI!!! (DOTW! Seriously, I’ll wander off early pouting like Lewis if it’s the Chilton Family Voting Team which keeps Jules from snagging it this time around.)
      -Kimi outshining Alonso early.
      -Vettel continuing his Webber luck – makes me glad that it looks like Red Bull is genuinely not screwing over Riccardo, and letting him shine.
      -Hulk’s drive.
      -The pre-retirement pace of the Toro Rossos.

      Monaco is usually my least favorite race of the season, but it served up a race that I’d initially expected a 3 out of.

    52. Hamilton’s contrived get up is getting old, fast. IMO it cheapens F1.

      1. I was thinking the same thing. He would never have been able to get past and nico deserved the win. Lewis will start disenfranchising fans and play into Nico hands if he keeps acting like a cry baby. Nico for the title.

    53. Monaco. Hmmm, Always a split decision for me. A 10 for the buildup, the nostalgia and tradition, and usually a 3-4 for the race itself because you can’t really pass.

      But I’m giving this one a 7 simply because Marussia got some points!!! And to a much lesser degree because RIC actually pushed HAM at the end a bit. But truthfully, the RIC pressure was not as dramatic as it looked because it wan’t like he could pass him at Monaco if he had really caught him. If they’d had another 5 laps, Daniel most likely wouldn’t have done anything more than destroy his tires and irritate Lewis.

      But again, I’ll give it a 7 just for Marussia! Congratulations guys!!!!

    54. As far as Monaco goes, that was a real cracker! Too bad Hamilton dropped back near the end, else I might have given it a 10/10. Some fantastic overtaking, especially that move from Hulkenberg on Magnussen at Portier and Bianchi on Kobi at the Rascasse. Thoroughly enjoyed it, especially with the oversteer due to the new engines :)

    55. What makes this race is the in car camera and seeing how close they are to the barriers. Amazing really. Daniel deserved some good luck and a great third place. 7

    56. It was not bad, i gave 8 points.

    57. soundscape (@)
      26th May 2014, 0:44

      Not bad, 7 overall.

      There were some great passes; too bad the coverage missed most of them and had to rely on replays.

      Other than that, a pretty standard Monaco affair. Numerous safety cars and an orderly procession.

    58. Gave it a 9/10 because it’s Monaco.
      I was loving Kimi’s pace riding in 3rd before the 2nd safety car and his collision with Chilton which ruined his chances. I would have loved to have seen him on the podium. A tip of the hat to Hulk and Alonso who did what the car allowed them to do.
      But DOTW, without a doubt, JULES BIANCHI! He’ll be partying hardest tonight after that spectacular drive in the Marussia. Great Job Mate. I’d love to see this become a regular thing for him and the rest of the team.

    59. Yes, I gave it a 10. Many reasons, top 10 point winners were well scattered from richest to poor in resources. Smug Lewis got a second, started believing What N Luada and Nigel said…… Can not say ‘passing is impossible’ as many RACERS found places to pass, some more successful than others…. Kimi for example … I always support Kimi, but not sure about that komikaze move AND taking young Magnussen out. That was inexcusable. One last thought, as I remember it, green race cars were long considered bad luck…. I think JClark was killed while driving a green race car…. Thanks, RacernRemy

    60. The following is pasted in from another article in todays F1. It’s understood that Rosberg apologised to Hamilton on Sunday morning for blocking his final lap during qualifying, while it also emerged on race day that Hamilton himself said sorry to Rosberg in Spain two weeks ago after running with a higher engine setting than had been pre-agreed prior to the grand prix. So once again Lewis is screwing over his team mate just like he did with Alonzo a few years ago.. Lewis seems to have no concept of what the term, team mate means….. Lewis is just devious and appears not to care about his behaviour as long as he wins… RnR

    61. Definitely the most exciting Monaco race I’ve seen in a long time. Battles all through the field, drivers taking chances that sometimes paid off and sometimes didn’t, nail biting finish for a few teams = 8 for me!

    62. Good for Monaco, but by no means good

    63. The championship could have used two things:

      1) Rosberg to take a win from Hamilton while both cars are running – Check
      2) Bit of aggro between the two contenders – Double check

      I’m generally not a huge fan of the Monaco race, but this one was pretty good, albeit most of the action is missfortune and errors rather moments of brilliance. All you can expect in the way of overtakes at Monaco is a few messy, wheel banging passes, and we certainly got some of those. 7 from me but i can see why people would rate it either higher or lower.

    64. As a Finn, I can say it was a dissappointing race, luckily Rosberg saved it, but it was still a bit boring.

    65. As far as Monaco goes, that was a stunner! Best dry Monaco GP I’ve seen, second best race of 2014 after Bahrain.

    66. 7/10
      And that’s mostly down to the several unexpected accidents/retirements which led to a thrilling finale with Bianchi in the top 10! I also noticed many drivers actually trying to overtake, which is good to see at Monaco.

    67. turned over and watched the giro instead
      not interested now in which of them wins, boring rosberg/bad loser hamilton

    68. I rated the race a 5 and even then I thought I may have been a bit generous, so I was very surprised when most people have rated it an 8.

      I only saw the BBC highlights and not the live race and while that usually means I don’t enjoy the race as much I don’t think that explains the difference.

      For me it was a typical Monaco Grand Prix, it may be the ultimate test of the driver and the most glamorous race on the calendar but the race itself is usually one of the most boring of the year and unless the pole sitter makes a mistake or has car trouble he is almost guaranteed the victory.

      That is why I have been glad when the BBC have chosen another race to broadcast live instead of Monaco.

      Even if a GP does not have much on track action, if it has lots of tension and not knowing what the result will be until the chequered flag it can still be a great race for me but sadly it didn’t deliver.

      There were a couple of good overtakes in the race which probably stopped me giving the race a lower rating, and I was really glad that Marussia finally got some points.

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