Rosberg equals father’s tally with second Monaco win

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Nico Rosberg chalked up his fifth career win on the streets of his home town – and has now won as many races as his world championship-winning father Keke.

He joins Giuseppe Farina, Clay Regazzoni, John Watson and Michele Alboreto, who were all winners of five world championship races.

This is the first time Rosberg has won twice at the same venues – and what a place to do it in. The prestige of the Monaco Grand Prix makes it one of the most coveted prizes in motor racing.

Rosberg became the 14th driver to win more than once at the Principality, joining the exclusive ranks of multiple Monaco Grand Prix winners:

Driver Wins Years
Ayrton Senna 6 1987, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993
Graham Hill 5 1963, 1964, 1965, 1968, 1969
Michael Schumacher 5 1994, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001
Alain Prost 4 1984, 1985, 1986, 1988
Stirling Moss 3 1956, 1960, 1961
Jackie Stewart 3 1966, 1971, 1973
Juan Manuel Fangio 2 1950, 1957
Maurice Trintignant 2 1955, 1958
Niki Lauda 2 1975, 1976
Jody Scheckter 2 1977, 1979
David Coulthard 2 2000, 2002
Fernando Alonso 2 2006, 2007
Mark Webber 2 2010, 2012
Nico Rosberg 2 2013, 2014

Rosberg’s sixth pole position puts him level with Phil Hill, Emerson Fittipaldi, Jean-Pierre Jabouille, Alan Jones, Carlos Reutemann and Ralf Schumacher.

But he was denied a ‘grand slam’ by Kimi Raikkonen, whose late pit stop helped him set the 40th fastest lap of his career. One more will put him level with Alain Prost, and after that only Michael Schumacher has more, with 77.

With Lewis Hamilton in second place this was Mercedes’ tenth one-two, half of which have come in the last five races. The last team to score one-twos in five consecutive races were Ferrari in the 2002 Hungarian, Belgian, Italian, United States and Japanese Grands Prix.

If Mercedes keep racking up one-two they will win the constructors’ championship in Singapore with five races to spare.

Ninth place for Jules Bianchi meant he scored Marussia’s first points in their 45th race since the Russian-backed team’s first race in 2012. Prior to that they started 38 point-less races as Virgin.

That leaves Caterham the only team in F1 today which has never scored a point. Like Marussia, they changed their identity in 2012 having competed in the previous two seasons as Lotus. If they fail to score a point in the next 11 races they will equal HRT’s record of most starts without a point.

Bianchi had to wait 25 races before his first points. That’s the eighth-longest in F1 history – the record is held by Nicola Larini, who started 44 races before taking his first points with second in the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix.

Valtteri Bottas’s power unit failure meant he failed to score a point in a race for the first time this year, leaving Rosberg, Alonso and Nico Hulkenberg the only drivers who have scored at every round.

Mercedes extended their streak of leading every lap of the season so far. They are the first team to lead every lap of the first six races since McLaren in 1988, who didn’t fail to lead a lap until the start of round eight at Silverstone.

Review the year so far in statistics here:

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97 comments on “Rosberg equals father’s tally with second Monaco win”

  1. The last team to score one-twos in five consecutive races were Ferrari, who did so at in the Hungarian, Belgian, Italian, United States and Japanese Grands Prix.

    I assume you meant to include the year there. 2004?

    1. It was actually 2002 – as the 2004 season had USA earlier in the season and China before Japan

      1. Yeah, and Kimi won the 2004 Belgian GP so it clearly is 2002.

  2. Mitch White
    26th May 2014, 13:11

    Raikkonen now has the same number of race starts as Alain Prost and only 1 less fastest lap.

    1. …3 less championships and 31 less wins

      1. Details, details! *chuckle*

      2. …and 17 less pole positions.

      3. Corrado (@)
        26th May 2014, 14:13

        …and a lot less races spent in the best car… unlike Prost !!!!!

        1. …though Prost won the 1986 title in a car that had no right to do so. ;)

          1. LotsOfControl (@for-unlawful-carnal-knowledge)
            26th May 2014, 14:28

            True, true.

          2. @geemac ahem, 1993…

          3. Ignore that one @pielighter. And 85. And 89.

          4. And nearly did in 1983!

  3. leaving Rosberg and Alonso the only drivers who have scored at every round.

    Hulkenburg has also scored in every race this year with 6th-5th-5th-6th-10th-5th

    1. I think Keith means Rosberg and Alonso are the only two to have finished in the points on the lead lap at every GP – but Hulkenberg has also scored at every race so far

      1. in that case what about bottas??

        1. Bottas retired. @sjct83

    2. Was thinking the same

    3. @random-linkz-2 Apologies, I overlooked Hulkenberg, who is having a really good season (again!).

      1. @keithcollantine He’s once again been very good in race pace, but Perez is giving him much more of a run for his money than I thought he would!

        1. Perez has been extremely positive surprise this year.

  4. -If Massa has scored points, he has always scored 6 points this year and this is the first time when he scored points and Bottas didn’t score 4 points.

    -Vettel is currently the highest placed driver who hasn’t finished in the same place twice in 6th place with a 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th (not to mention all his point scoring places are in a numerical order), 18th and 20th

    -Williams have still only got either 10 points or 6 pints from a race this year,

    1. Lucas Wilson (@full-throttle-f1)
      27th May 2014, 9:04

      6 pints from a race!!! No wonder they have been making questionable descions on race weekends!!

    2. Hmm, 10 points or 6 pints? Decisions decisions.

  5. Nice retro photo- looks like the 1985 Williams going into Stag Corner (Stag hotel in the background – been there many a time) onto Jones Straight in Adelaide- good times.

    Senna’s feat of 6 wins is incredible if you consider he could have got 8 if in 1984 the “powers to be” made sure they stopped the race so Prost would win, then in 1988 he wanted to crush Prost so much and had too much faith in the “power to be” he went off into the tunnel.

    Keke to win WDC in 1982 with one win shows how much at that time solid points were the difference and how close the racing could be. I would have thought 3-4 wins a need to win but not so that year- great racing!!

    1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      26th May 2014, 13:40

      So maybe Nico also wins the champ as Lauda vs Prost: winning less races.

      1. Yes quite possible this year for sure!!

    2. Senna’s feat of 6 wins is incredible if you consider he could have got 8 if in 1984 the “powers to be” made sure they stopped the race so Prost would win

      Bellof would beg to differ, he was catching Senna faster than Senna was catching Prost when the red flag was shown. ;)

      1. Yeh but Senna was still on slicks LOL!! :)

        1. so? Either he would have kept running on slicks and lost time, or he would have stopped for rain tyres and would have lost position @garns.

          What @geemac points out is that, contrary to popular belief, it was not Senna who lost the biggest opportunity from that race being stopped.

          1. @BasCB
            No sorry mate I was being funny. I was meaning to @GeeMac if Belloff was faster than Senna there must be SOME reason- Senna MUST be on a slower tyre- Ayrton was certainly on the wets that day, they all were mate! Just having a lend!! :)

          2. Ah, right, you got me there @garns!

      2. Whether rightly or wrongly, he was disqualified anyway.

      3. Many forget that, thanks for mentioning. However, it was much easier to drive a car with Ford Coswort than Hart turbo in wet conditions…, if you keep wondering why he was faster than Ayrton. That is the answer.
        On the other hand Bellof still holds the record lap time on Nurburgring circuit. He was a great talent indeed. Interesting enough, the same man who stoped the race in Monaco caused his crash at Spa.

        1. Sorry, because of typo. It can only be Cosworth :-)

    3. 1992 and 1993 would have not been possible for Senna if his rivals hadn’t had misfortunes.

      1. And 1987.

  6. Leaving Rosberg and Alonso the only drivers who have scored at every round.

    what about Nico Hulkenberg???6-5-5-6-10-5

  7. Well, his father didn’t cheat, did he?

    1. Oh you mean like using boost the team agreed should not be used? You know…a tangible cheat vs. a proven non-cheat.

      1. @robbie You mean the same boost that Nico used in Bahrain?

        1. @heisenberg I would actually not mind being straightened out on this, as I didn’t know until the commentary during the race that LH had used boost against the team’s wishes. They made no mention that NR did it too. Did he actually use boost against LH and the team’s wishes too? If so it is curious to me that DC didn’t mention that when he was mentioning that LH did it.

          If I go by the comment of @N below it seems LH did it when the team agreed both drivers should not, and NR did it when both drivers were allowed to do it.

          1. As I understood the whole thing (LH using it was confirmed by Lauda to Brundle on the grid walk, Nico doing the same before came up after the race) @robbie, Rosberg used it without asking for permission to do so (as it had probably not been explicitly mentioned they shouldn’t), and Hamilton did not like it, after that the team agreed that neither of the drivers would do that to gain an advantage over the other, but despite that Hamilton did use it in Barcelona, so the team had him apologize and made sure neither of them would so so again.

          2. @robbie Here’s a quote from the post-race press conference:

            Q: (Oana Popoiu – F1 Zone) I have a question for Lewis. Niki Lauda said that in Barcelona you used an engine mode you were told not to and you had to apologise to Nico for that. Do you think that that mode would have helped you win the race today?
            LH: No… today we were using all the modes. In the last race it was a mode that didn’t really affect the outcome of the race. We were told that we had to stay in a certain mode. Nico did it in Bahrain and I did it in Barcelona. In this race we stuck to the strategies we had to stick.
            NR: I don’t know what Niki is referring to but it’s completely normal that we switch modes together you know, we always do that in the races. It’s nothing unusual.

            Regardless of whether the team only clarified after to Bahrain to both drivers that they weren’t to use it, Rosberg still did so without the team’s permission and without Lewis’ knowledge. Lewis using it in Barcelona seems to just be getting even on that front.

          3. Ok fair enough…missed all that…can’t stick around and chat right now…talk later.

      2. From Rosbergs own mouth:

        “Rosberg: “I don’t know what Niki is referring to but it’s completely normal that we switch modes together you know, we always do that in the races. It’s nothing unusual.”

      3. What I don’t understand is why have a boost mode and then agree not to use it ? That simply makes no sense. If they didn’t want the drivers using it then it wouldn’t be available to them. They may recommend when and where to use which mode, but I seriously doubt they sat down and said ” this button puts you onto a super fast mode, you must never use it !”.. I mean come on !

        This is F1, winning is everything. I’m sorry, but I don’t class someone using a different engine mode as cheating ( unless said engine mode is against the rules). Hamilton also seems to use much less fuel than Rosberg throughout the race, so if he’s got it available at the end how is it cheating to make the most of it ? Some could call it good tactic.

        1. @f190 From what I understand, it is there to be used against other teams when needed, and they probably use in qualifying. But when they are racing each other, the team doesn’t allow them to use it and save the engine/fuel because there is no point in using it as the other car can also do so and the advantage would be neglected.

        2. What I don’t understand is why have a boost mode and then agree not to use it ?

          @f190 Because it’s the qualifying engine map which is not meant to be used in the race.

    2. Indeed, it’s weird that we’ve seen mistakes at Mirabeau all week-end but every driver locked up the left front and only Rosberg managed to lock the right front …

      1. @paeschli Spot on ! Perhaps he was trying not to make the corner as opposed to others trying to make it .Can anyone analyse the loads on the corner ,is it left loaded ? I saw from the thermal images that the wheel on the opposite side of the corner takes the heat due to more distance to be covered ( well , that would depend on diff setting also, I guess) and more load on it .Which means again it is comparatively rarer to lock up the right front , even though it is possible in normal circumstances. Well , one thing is sure , This sort of thing ain’t happenin in canada ! We will see who’s boss ;-)

        1. The onboard thermal camera actually showed Ricciardo regularly having the inside tyre heat up first, with the outside tyre only producing more heat further through the corner if the corner was long enough.

          1. @matt90 are you talking about when taking the corner or before it when they are braking when they avoid the bump in Mirabeau ?

            Usually I think in tracks when they have to go over curves , the opposite tyre gets more loaded . For example , in Spain , going through the parabolic right hand curve stresses out the lefts.

            The general thing I am interested is , does the tyre which locks up depend on the direction of the corner ?

          2. When taking the corner, during the very early turn in from what I remember.

      2. It doesn’t matter which way the corner goes, you can lock left, right, or both tyres. Besides, if you’re going to lock a front, you’re more likely to lock the inside.

    3. I guess you’d have to ask his wife!

      1. If you think of it from a Physics point of view, you would expect the inside tire to lock up. As you turn right, the weight of the car wants to go straight…but what acutally happens is the weight of the car is transfered to the outside. meaning there is more weight on the outer tire which means it would require more force to lock up. Therefore, if one tire is going to lock up, it will be the tire that requires less force.
        Its like cars driving on ice without a locking diff. The tire on ice will spin, the tire on pavement will not.

  8. Daniel Ricciardo is the first non-Mercedes driver to achieve more than one podium finish this season and the first to finish third more than once, ending the streak of a different driver finishing in third in every race. Red Bull have overtaken McLaren for second most podiums this season, with three.

    As @Andae23 pointed out to me on Twitter, Adrian Sutil is closing in on the unwanted record of most races without a podium, currently held by Pierluigi Martini.

    All three rookies done a pretty good job, except for each being involved in an incident, yet Kevin Magnussen was the only one to score.

    Jules Bianchi still has more penalty points than championship points this season.

    First DNS for Pastor Maldonado and the first for the Enstone team since the shambles that was the 2005 United States Grand Prix.

    This is the second time that Valtteri Bottas has suffered a mechanical failure in his short F1 career. He suffered a hydraulics problem in Hungary last year.

    Sauber has never gone more than six races from the first race of a season without scoring a point. Monaco was the sixth race of the season.

    The same three drivers appeared on the podium as in the last race, albeit in a different order (Hamilton, Rosberg, Ricciardo). This last happened in 2012 Korea-India (Vettel, Webber, Alonso).

    Daniel Ricciardo and Romain Grosjean finished a F1 race in Monaco for the first time after three attempts. Both scored points.

    First double DNF for Toro Rosso since Spa 2011.

    Marcus Ericsson has equalled the best result in F1 for Caterham/Lotus/Green Lotus/Whatever with 11th place. Petrov achieved 11th in the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix.

    McLaren either have no or both cars in the points in all races this season.

    Nico Rosberg has been on the podium in every race so far this season. Michael Schumacher finished in the top 3 in every race in 2002 (finished third just once).

    In every race that Felipe Massa has finished seventh so far this season, Nico Hulkenberg has finished fifth.

    First time Sebastian Vettel has retired in a race more than once in the first six races of the season since 2008. He has also suffered more race-ending mechanical problems than his teammate.

    Sergio Perez has a bad record at Monaco. He crashed in 2011 and in 2012 before the race had even begun, leaving him down the order or not racing at all, and in 2013 and 2014 he was involved in avoidable contact with World Champions. His only finish there is his favourite position – 11th.

    Raikkonen’s first fastest lap since India last year and Ferrari’s first since Abu Dhabi last year.

    1. Also Rosberg’s win was the only win in a single-seater race for a non-DAMS car in Monaco this weekend.

    2. As @Andae23 pointed out to me on Twitter, Adrian Sutil is closing in on the unwanted record of most races without a podium, currently held by Pierluigi Martini.

      I’ve been keeping an eye out for this after hearing about it pre-season. When will he break this record @craig-o (assuming he doesn’t get a podium in the coming races)?

      1. I am not sure if it is still current but Andrea De Chesaris was the longest to race with no win, over 200 I think!

        Can Sutil get up there really, or just an also ran for his career??

        1. @garns He does indeed, 208 starts without a win. Nick Heidfeld is second (183) and Martin Brundle is third (158). Sutil’s 119 starts without a win leave him 9th on that list, the most of any active driver.

          1. Correction: 114 starts for Sutil.

          2. Yes Martin Brundle – (I listen to his great commentary right now:). Martin had a few thirds and I think 2 x second?? He was one I really wanted to grab one win to be honest- top bloke!

            I think pretty well all the F1 guys could give some good results with a good car- Andrea had a talent, but not enough for a Ron Dennis (and the likes) for a close look . He would not last that long now in F1- just ask Seb Buemi!!………… and some others!

      2. Pierluigi Martini’s material was vastly worse than anything Sutil ever drove since the Spyker, though. Heck, I’d put Martini in a car over Sutil even today.

    3. @craig-o

      First DNS for Pastor Maldonado and the first for the Enstone team since the shambles that was the 2005 United States Grand Prix.

      Both drivers won’t start every race in the season – the fourth consecutive time that’s happened for the team, and five times in six years.

      (2013 – Raikkonen didn’t start the last two races (Kovalainen); 2012 – Grosjean had a one race ban (D’Ambrosio); 2011 – Heidfeld was replaced by Senna from Spa; 2009 – Piquet was replaced by Grosjean from Valencia (I think))

      1. I worded that badly. I’m saying that it’s another season where team Enstone doesn’t have both drivers starting every single race on the calendar.

  9. the record is held by Nicola Larini, who started 44 races before taking his first points with second in the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix.

    Max Chilton will own this one.

  10. Nico did not cheat! Charlie and Herbie Blash thought the same, and with the data they have, as well as maybe 800 GP between them, well that’s more that good enough for me!!

    Also to think Nico cheated means he is beaten in the mind games- he is clearly not so why would a guy in provisional pole throw one into Mirabeau, just in case? He would not and had thoughts for a faster lap.

    I looked at Schumi in 2006 again today, and that was not a good one really, nothing like this week and hopefully one The Champ is not too proud of. I think unfair to look at both the same!!

  11. 3rd place Daniel Riccardo was the 100th podium for Australia

    Jules Bianchi was 326º driver to score in F1
    He was the 29th driver who scored the first points of his career at Monaco GP.
    The last driver to do so was Eric Bernard in 1990

    1. 100th podium- Go Aussie Go! That one goes to Sir Jack!

      Daniel is making us more and more proud with his driving so far- he has shown he has deserved that drive!! While beating Seb so far this year his is quick to point of Seb is having some issues and still giving the 4WDC some great respect- but pretty chuffed how he is driving :)

  12. – Pastor Maldonado still hasn’t finished a Monaco GP in all of his 4 starts, although he couldn’t do anything about it this time. He also hasn’t finished a GP in Australia and Malaysia in his carreer.

    – This is the first time since the 1999 French GP that both Sauber drivers retire due to driver errors

    – With 7 retirements out of 6 races. The Sauber drivers already had more retirements than in the whole of 2013

    – With a 11th place, Marcus Ericcson has recorded the best result for a Swede since Stefan Johansson in the 1989 Portugese GP where he finished 3rd.

    – Kimi Raikkonen has had the worst first 6 races of the season since 2004 where his best finish was 8th

    – Nico and Keke Rosberg now have the same amount of Podiums, both 17. Keke scored his last podium in… Monaco

    – This is the second year in a row, Kimi Raikkonen colided with a Mclaren driver at Monaco

    – The first time only 4 cars were on the lead lap since the 2011 Spain GP

    – The first time Mercedes has had 5 one-two’s in a row. In 1955 they had 4 one-two’s in a row

    – The ‘modern’ Mercedes team now scored more wins (10) than the ‘old’ Mercedes team in 1954 and 1955 (9 wins).

    1. Tom (@11mcgratht)
      28th May 2014, 18:20

      Where do you get all this info from? Is there some site you get it from or do you just work it out?

  13. Keith you named so many racers but you didn’t mention Juan Pablo Montoya who won a race here, it was a legendary race by Juan and it was in his last year for Williams. He deserves a mention even if he only won it once.

    1. Then so do other one-time winners, which would make the list a lot longer. I think Keith doesn’t have anything against Juan, Jarno, Olivier, Kimi, etc.

  14. @keithcollantine So far this year, the World Championship Leader has failed to win any race in which they’ve led the Championship heading into the race.

    1. Good stat. That happened all the way through 2010 I believe. Given Hamilton’s love for Montreal, I expect this to continue for at least one more race.

      1. I believe that also happened in 2012 right?

        1. I believe it was until the 10th race not sure though.

          1. Yes, that’s right, Alonso won in Germany (10th round of the season) while he was leading the championship and so did Vettel in India after he regained his lead in the WDC in the previous round in Korea.

        2. Alonso was leading following round 7, then won the subsequent race. Both Vettel and Alonso went on to win one further race each while already leading the championship.

          1. I think Hamilton was leading after round 7.

          2. You’re right.

    2. Excellent stat!

    3. Excellen stat. If this continues all season and Mercedes keep on racking up 1-2s, then Hamilton would win the championship by 11 points.

  15. ‘If they fail to score a point in the next 11 races they will equal HRT’s record of most starts without a point.’
    how is this possible? they joined the same year in 2010…

    1. @sato113 As explained in the article, the entrant has changed since then. Besides which, Lotus as an entrant had already scored points (and has since the former Renault team took over the name in 2012).

  16. The Rosbergs have 10 F1 wins in total, seven of them were on street circuits.

  17. He joins Giuseppe Farina, Clay Regazzoni, John Watson and Michele Alboreto, who were all winners of five world championship races.

    Weird to think Farina won a championship and Alboreto fought for a championship with 5 career wins, which is less than some runner-ups have scored in a single year in modern times!

    1. @npf1 Mike Hawthorn and Phil Hill both world champions have three career wins. That’s the same amount as Johnny Herbert, Giancarlo Fisichella and Heinz-Harald Frentzen!

  18. First time since 2009 that either of the Red Bulls has failed to finish in the top 4 at Monaco.

    Best finish for the Lotus name at Monaco since Alessandro Zanardi finished 7th in 1993. Most points since Senna’s 1987 win.

    Car #13 is the only car not to have managed a top 13 finish so far in 2014.

    First Monaco GP since 2007 that neither Williams crashed out of.

    First Constructors’ points for Marussia – the first team score their maiden points since Mercedes in Australia 2010 (as there was no Constructors’ Championship before 1958). Excluding Mercedes, the last maiden points-scorers were Force India in Belgium 2009, or Super Aguri in Spain 2007 if teams that had previously scored points under different names are excluded.

    Ferrari are now the only team not to have had a race-ending mechanical failure on either car this season (they are yet to have a DNF in 2014).

    20th season in a row that at least 1 Ferrari-powered car has set a fastest lap – extends their record.
    Raikkonen’s 200th GP (including 1 no-start in 2005).

    And some more from

    6th race in a row without a pole for Red Bull – equals their string in 2012. First time they have gone 6 races without winning since they started winning in 2009.

    Vettel has outqualified his team-mate in Monaco in every odd-numbered year but never in an even-numbered year.

    First time since Belgium 2010 that both Saubers dropped out in Q1.

    Hamilton equals Mansell’s total of 59 podiums.

    1. @paulgilb Ricciardo was 3rd…

      But other than that some great stats, especially the Vettel one!

      1. Vettel did not finish in the top 4 though – in each of 2010-2013 both Red Bulls were in the top 4.

  19. If Mercedes keep racking up one-two they will win the constructors’ championship in Singapore with five races to spare.

    Surely if Merc continue the one-two’s they will win the constructors championship in Germany.

    They will have done (10 * (25 + 18)) – 18 = 412 points with only 9 * 43 = 387 available to another team that could do one-two’s in every race to the end of the season.

    1. Whoops, I forgot the double points, but that only moves it on one race.

      If Mercs do one-two’s until Hungary they will have 455 points with only a max of 430 available.

      1. Postreader
        27th May 2014, 0:36

        The other teams don’t exactly have zero points though.

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