2014 Monaco Grand Prix Sunday in Tweets

2014 Monaco Grand Prix

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An action-packed Monte-Carlo race saw Marussia achieve their biggest success to date, with Jules Bianchi claiming two points for ninth place.

But over at Mercedes the relationship between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg continued to deteriorate.

Here’s the day’s story from Twitter.


On the grid tribute was paid to triple world champion Sir Jack Brabham, who had passed away a week earlier.


Sergio Perez’s race came to an early end after a collision with former team mate Jenson Button on lap one.

Ferrari were not pleased as Max Chilton ruined Kimi Raikkonen’s chance of a podium finish.

Meanwhile, Nico Hulkenberg opportunistically passed Kevin Magnussen into the Portier corner.

Bianchi was similarly opportunistic, squeezing past Kamui Kobayashi in what was the beginning of something special for him and Marussia.

Magnussen and Raikkonen had an incident, not their first of the season. That allowed Bianchi to score his first points in Formula 1, his team achieving a first top ten finish in their fifth season in the sport.

After the chequered flag

The Mercedes duo and their relationship was again a subject of much discussion.

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2014 Monaco Grand Prix

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17 comments on “2014 Monaco Grand Prix Sunday in Tweets”

  1. As for Hamilton’s antics, sadly his radio calls this weekend reminded me too much of his state of mind at Monaco in 2011. Lets hope he is reminded of that as well, pulls together and makes another step up instead of losing it. There lies a job for Lauda.

    1. His always insisting that Senna vs Prost has returned and that HE is Senna, is irritating.

  2. Canada is Hamilton’s patch, I expect that he will take the win, and the championship lead back, there but his mental state left a lot to be desired in Monaco. He just didn’t seem to be at the races all weekend, right from the moment he trundled down the pitlane on his rather tasty MV Agusta. Oversleeping, evidence that you are missing that tiny bit of focus needed to prevail at Monaco, having a go at your team mate in front of the press, these things don’t win you world championships. He has to knuckle down and land a counterpunch quickly. This title battle is going all the way to Abu Double and the momentum will swing between the two of them all season, he can’t afford to dwell on mistakes or perceived ill treatment by Rosberg.

    Rosberg on the other hand was on it from start to finish, bar the mistake into Mirabeau in Q3. I’ve watched the replays over and over and while there is some doubt, I’m giving him the benefit of it for now. From what we have seen of him this far in his career he just doesn’t seem to be that type of driver.

    Jules Bianchi though, what a drive! Thoroughly well deserved points for him and the mighty Marussia squad. Take that Tony Fernandes!

    1. When did hamilton have a go at rosberg ?

      1. “We’re not friends” is having a go in my book. Making cryptic statements post qualifying is another.

      2. According to Hamilton, he is more motivated for a cheeseburger than Rosberg!

    2. @geemac,

      Oversleeping, evidence that you are missing that tiny bit of focus needed to prevail at Monaco

      I disagree with any “he wasn’t on it” proposition. His only mistake this weekend was being 0.059s slower on the first lap of Q3 than Rosberg. He was fast in practice, fast in qualifying, and fast in the race, putting pressure on Rosberg which might have yielded something at the first round of pit stops if Sutil had not crashed at that point.

      Of course, his off track behaviour left a lot to be desired, but it did not affect his on track performances. I hope he picks himself up, patches thing up with his team, before this gets out of hand, and people start asking questions about his focus the moment he does actually make a mistake.

      1. Agreed it was a bit harsh, but there is so little in it at the moment he really does need to be all over it every second of every weekend to prevail.

      2. Of course, his off track behaviour left a lot to be desired, but it did not affect his on track performances.

        Most people here ignore that and it’s a shame, his driving was flawless all weekend, except he was 6 hundreds of a second too slow in Q3.

    3. Fumbles (@)
      26th May 2014, 16:49

      I expect that he will take the win, and the championship lead back

      Pondering here of course, but what if Nico beats Hamilton at Canada? Imagine the reaction to that! Monaco was always claimed as a Hamilton circuit, but Webber was always good there too and he won twice in the Red Bull. But since Mercedes has got good it’s been Rosberg that’s been winning on a circuit that Hamilton hadn’t lost prior to coming into F1, and has been the favourite at for years. It’s all pondering, but with the contrasting states of Hamilton and Rosberg, a shift in Rosberg’s favour (like winning in Canada) could be REALLY damaging. Just pondering though :P

      1. That’s true @turbotoaster, it would be a psychological blow. I suppose it would be commensurate with Hamilton winning in China, which is considered to be a bit of a Rosberg circuit.

  3. From what Mark Priestley says, Hamilton must be the loneliest guy in F1. Possessor of an awesome amount of natural talent, he simply isn’t equipped to handle the inevitable consequences that his talent brings. We’ve seen it often with boxers, footballers and other sportsmen who become tragic, unfulfilled figures. It is very sad to see. And not something he can be blamed for because it’s not something you can learn. You either have that ability to cope or you don’t. It might be interesting if the bozos at Sky F1 interviewed Priestley to expand on his comments. Their coverage is becoming increasingly dire. Only Ant Davidson is worth listening to.

    1. It seems talent has protected Hamilton from learning to grow up, despite what he says about his upbringing not many other people have grown up with a multi million dollar company watching their backs.

      1. maarten.f1 (@)
        28th May 2014, 14:06

        Many talents are being brought up like that in various sports. We’ve seen it in Football (but what do you expect, when you’re barely 20 years old and earn like 100000 pounds a week), and we’ll see it more and more in Formula 1 as teams are now fully invested into a youth academy (or whatever you’d like to call it).

        I suppose all good Formula 1 drivers have a bit of an egoistic streak, but there are only a few good ones who manage to build a team around them. I think Vettel is pretty good at it, Schumacher seemed to be pretty good at it too, and I suppose Alonso is pretty good too. Hamilton, sadly, doesn’t seem to be very good at it. As a driver it is important to appreciate the people who are working on your car, if you do, they’ll go the extra mile for you. If you don’t, they’d be less inclined I imagine.

        I always find Marc Priestley’s stories about how things went about in the McLaren garage pretty interesting, after all, he experienced it first hand.

  4. To my mind Hamilton has already lost the championship. He just can’t cope with a team mate who’s as quick as him. Alonso, Button and now Rosberg. The only championship he won was when he had a non threatening team-mate in Hekki. Lewis basically said he left McLaren because he felt they didn’t support him, what he actually meant was, he left because Button had the same chance of winning and he didn’t like it. Used to be a Lewis fan but i’m sick of his excuses, his moaning and his general attitude. I thought it would be tragic if he didn’t win at least 3 WDC’s, now i think he’s lucky he won one early because he doesn’t have the head for it anymore.

    1. To my mind Hamilton has already lost the championship

      How quickly things can change. Before this race there a lot of comments along the lines of “The championship is already over, Hamilton is going to win 9 races in a row, Rosberg is the new Barrichello, etc.”

      The championship is not over. Before this race, Lewis was three points ahead, now he is four points behind. Everything to play for.

  5. Ha! Britney twitted the hashtag “#wediditagain” :-)

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