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The tension between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton stepped up a gear during the Monaco Grand Prix weekend. Rosberg went off during qualifying, bringing out the yellow flags which prevented his team mate from improving his lap time.

While Hamilton fumed, Rosberg collected his second consecutive win on the streets of the Principality.

Here he is in kitchen during the build-up to the race weekend. As always it’s up to you to add your best attempt at a caption to the picture.

Post your captions in the comments and a selection of the best will appear in the next F1 Fanatic round-up.

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Image © Daimler/Hoch Zwei

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130 comments on “Caption Competition 52: Nico Rosberg”

  1. Ben Kuipers
    31st May 2014, 11:04

    I’d wish i had Some more ham-ilton..

  2. Magnificent Geoffrey (@magnificent-geoffrey)
    31st May 2014, 11:12

    “I know Lewis thinks I added chilli to his apple crumble on purpose, but if he checks the data, he’ll see that it was just an honest mistake.”

    1. This is gold

  3. Lewis keeps going on about being hungry, I’ll make him this and he should be less hungry.

    1. Winner!!!

    2. awesome. .. winner…

    3. Great one!!

  4. Now we just tear off this rivalry leaf, mix it into our bowl of friendship, and that’s why we don’t like each other.

  5. Eddie (@wackyracer)
    31st May 2014, 11:22

    22.1 Consumption of pizza during breakfast, lunch and dinner is forbidden. Pizza can be consumed only if as a substitute of meat, leaves are used.

  6. Fitzroyalty
    31st May 2014, 11:22

    How many leaves am I allowed to eat today?

  7. “Hehe…this time i’ll put something in his food!”

  8. “This is a typical recipe from Stevenage”

  9. Here’s a free Nico Rosberger.

  10. Can you smell what the Ros is cooking?

    1. Lol.

      1. Smells like…victory.

  11. Jonathan Sarginson
    31st May 2014, 11:35

    …a woman’s work is never done…

    1. This is just blatantly sexist.

  12. Lewis baby!!
    Salad ready!…. No habanero I promise…..
    Your always first in my heart..😍😈

  13. Nico, “Lewis is cream puff…ah sorry! Lewis’ cream puff!!”

  14. “Then you pull off some of these leaves on the left, hmmmm pulling off to the left, must try that”

  15. This should cure Lewis’s obsession with hunger.

    1. lol. I like this

  16. Lewis’s temper is not the only thing that’s baking.

  17. Bryan Bolton
    31st May 2014, 11:43

    I have to make Lewis a salad. where’s the sour grapes?

  18. …and on the next episode of Master Cheat

    1. Keith will never pic this, but it’s hilarious.

    2. Hahahaha, best one yet

  19. “Why am I even making this? I’m not even that hungry.”

    1. +1

  20. Two of these leaves and voila, Suttil’s dinner is done.

    1. I like this one! Made me giggle like girl!

  21. Even cooking his favourite dish failed to lift Nico’s spirits, as the full implications of the hug ban started to set in.

  22. Next you place the mixture in the brake ducts and by Mirabeau it should be perfectly cooked. And we’re done, pole position.

  23. “…And today I’ll show you how to prepare a Gratin Hamiltonois. Now it’s important to have the Lewis ingredient very steamy, possibly through cheating your way through qualifying. Preferable take a hungry one.”

  24. I’ll cook my tires just as bad going into Mirabeau

  25. Andrew Dioso
    31st May 2014, 12:02

    Lewis loves me, lewis loves me not,lewis loves me….

  26. AMR (@aiera-music)
    31st May 2014, 12:06

    Life can be tough for a number two driver!

  27. After failing to get it tattood onto his wrist or sewn onto his apron, Nico’s sponsor settles for having thier watch placed on the table.

  28. Nico: “So, Lewis is cooking next? …Ah, there’s a smoke detector on the left!”

  29. darren magee
    31st May 2014, 12:22

    Lewis this should slow you down in Montreal so win number three here we come

  30. A bit of tires squeak, some brakes locking, brush it with some steering wheel wobble and here it is. Perfect Pole for Perfect win.

  31. And here is Nico Rosberg making Derek Warwick’s favourite dish.

  32. The secret is not only in the ingredients, but how to bake it as well, but that’s another episode.

  33. “I wonder if these leaves are thin enough to fit through the gap in a helmets visor…”

  34. Today, I’m going to show you how to make the Rosburger.

  35. “It’s about time I tried out my new recipe for getting pole position at Monaco.”

  36. Now where’s that silver spoon?

    1. I giggle at this one as well!

  37. Alex McFarlane
    31st May 2014, 12:53

    Nico’s pre-race Monaco breakfast gave him such bad gas even his teammate couldn’t follow. Hamilton later claimed it had ‘burned his eyes’.

  38. “…And in the celebrity chef look alike competition we have Nico Rosberg, doing his Gordon Ramsey impression!”

  39. As my team-mate is hungrier than I am, here I am cooking for him.

  40. Nico whips up a humble pie to serve his good pal Hamilton.

    1. Probably the best one. So simple, yet so accurate.

  41. Alas, Nico was to find out just how much Lewis didn’t like cucumber in his pre-qualifying tuna salad

  42. Dan_the_McLaren_fan (@dan_the_mclaren_fan)
    31st May 2014, 13:31

    “Nico Rosberg waiting for crucial parts arriving from former boss, now fisherman Ross Brawn”

  43. It puts the leaves in the bowl and mixes it!

  44. Karthik Mohan
    31st May 2014, 13:39

    You know what they say, The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! I am sure Lewis is hungrier than me!

  45. ‘Pick my bayleaf one more time..’

  46. …and then you add the vial of Hamilton’s tears..

  47. “Now we will see who’s the hungriest”

  48. Rossberg attempts to show Hamilton that he can stand the heat.

  49. Cooking some sort of pole position..

  50. In the cropped landscape photo he appears to be giving a massage. “Sorry Lewis, no happy ending in Monaco this year”

  51. The only key to being the best in Formula One is a healthy diet…….
    ….and a car thats miles better than the rest of the field

  52. Winning GP’s and cooking dinner: Nico Rosberg, the perfect wife :)).

  53. Nico takes the trendy route to gaining tenths on his rival. Fattening him up.

  54. There … Its almost done.. now let me just “leave” this to everyone’s own interpretation .. especially Lewis :)

  55. Wing of bat…
    eye of toad.
    If this doesn’t stop him…
    dive down the escape road.

  56. Rosberge prefers to prepare the MGK-Compost system of his Power Unit himsel

  57. “I am brewing up a storm”

  58. Now , just add those leaves exactly at the right moment……and you can get away without ruining the recipe .

    1. haha

    2. For me, the best so far.

  59. For this cooking session,I am sure that I will finish in front of Hamilton and Toto Wolff!

  60. “Clearly only one of the Mercedes drivers could handle the heat.”

  61. Leeeewis!!!!
    Your salad is ready, I promise it has no habanero!
    Remember you are always # 1 in my heart!

  62. Contrary to reports, Nico was harshly punished by Mercedes by being made to cook for the whole paddock

  63. Mark in Florida
    31st May 2014, 16:04

    Lewis I am making your favorite, Stevenage Stew.

  64. “Oooops, Lewis has allergy?! Didn’t know… Sorry…”

  65. He loves me, he loves me not…he loves me?

  66. “Now that’s what you call an honest days work.”

  67. Smoked salmon – a gentle wiggle here, some light smoke and it can go straight onto the top shelf.

  68. Can I get some yellow leaves…

  69. Testing a new microphone: Lewis, Nico is faster than you, can you understand that message?

  70. When I lose the championship I’ll retire and become a chef

  71. The list of ingredients proves this will taste good

  72. “Revenge is a dish best served as… a salad. Eat this Lewis!”

  73. Six races in and Nico bakes a victory cake. At the end of the season Lewis will demonstrate how to make a sour krout.

  74. “… and a little bit of poison. Lewis, come here, lunch is ready!”

  75. As a gift of friendship, Nico decided to prepare breakfast for Lewis prior to Free Practice One.

  76. Its weird, I didn’t think Britney could cook.

  77. catered ham
    31st May 2014, 19:07

    …and the smooth output of the split turbo 1600 is why Lewis is fatter than you

  78. Rosberg takes a leaf out of Prost’s salad.

  79. “Hey Lewis this Monaco dish should take care of you Stevenage Couch Hunger”

  80. EDIT :
    “Hey Lewis this Monaco dish should take care of your Stevenage Couch Hunger”

  81. And that would be my recipe “a la Monte Carlo friends, not friends and friends again speciality”.

  82. “Hide this in his helmet. He’ll think it’s a bit of dirt…”

  83. This salad will never put meat on my bones.

  84. Nico: “just cooking up the next “plot” of how to ruin Hamilton’s weekend”

  85. “No I’ll leave the lemon out, Lewis is bitter enough”

  86. Britney’s in the kitchen

    1. Lewis is in the living room

  87. “I can see why Lewis gets hungry sometimes. For instance… I was so hungry by the time I go to Mirabeau that I had to pull over and make myself a pizza. Check the pantry data, it’s all there!”

  88. Leaving thyme on the table wasn’t the problem; it was getting his hands dirty that put people off.

  89. Leaving thyme on the table wasn’t the problem; it was getting his hands dirty which put people off.

  90. Just a few more of these greens and Lewis’ puffy eye potion should be ready

  91. Poor poor Lewis. He always is so hungry-hungry, it makes me cry. Thank God my grandma has tought me some satisfied belly lessons. This will help Lewis so much! Hopefully, my tears won’t spoil it.

  92. Hoping to maintain their dominance, Mercedes already is working on the fuel for 2020 F1 cars.

  93. With this, maybe he will at least emulate an out of body experience.

  94. No Lewis, leaf me alone, I’m cooking up a recipe for the next qualifying round !

  95. “This laxative should make sure Lewis doesn’t finish the race in Canada”

    1. Thats good, May be true.

  96. I am going to make a forget me not meal for Lewis.

  97. Lewis’ agent told him that he will be on a cooking show but he refused it because he knows that Nico is a better cook than Lewis.

  98. Covering the car’s nose cone with thyme would look nicer.

  99. This old family recipe is so good it can literally make your eyes water.

  100. I hope I don’t over Cook this, Otherwise it’ll leave a terrible taste in Lewis’s mouth & put him off his appetite.

  101. You don’t make friends with saaalad, you don’t make friends with saalad

  102. Ready…steady…cook escape road!

  103. “Add a dash of understeer and voilà, Pole Position”

  104. HammyYAMMY
    5th June 2014, 4:31

    if only hamilton would be LEAF me.

  105. J. K., Pn, Finland
    16th June 2014, 0:25

    Makes it taste…

  106. Consequences if I don’t hit the Podium!

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