Maldonado earns reprimand for steering wheel error

2014 Canadian Grand Prix

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Pastor Maldonado has been given a reprimand for failing to reattach the steering wheel on his Lotus after he stopped during qualifying.

Maldonado was told by his team to stop the car following his last flying lap in Q1 due to a problem with the turbo intake. The stewards noted that although he left the car in a safe place he did not reattach its steering wheel, as drivers are required to do by the rules, so that marshals can move the car.

Maldonado’s reprimand is his first of the season.

The stewards also confirmed Esteban Gutierrez will start the race from the pit lane after Sauber changed his chassis and gearbox following is crash during final practice.

Kamui Kobayashi has also been given a five-place penalty for a gearbox change, which moves him down to 21st place behind team mate Marcus Ericsson.

2014 Canadian Grand Prix

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17 comments on “Maldonado earns reprimand for steering wheel error”

  1. I hope Maldonado’s not superstitious otherwise he may regret picking that number 13 with luck he’s had.

    1. Anyone have any ideas why he went out of his way to choose a ‘doomed’ number and why was it that nobody at Lotus (or any of their sponsors) did not stop him?

      I just don’t understand his psychology.

      1. 13 is not considered unlucky in Venezuela, in fact many baseball players have carried that number in the past.

        Why was it that nobody at Lotus (or any of their sponsors) did not stop him?

        You serious? it’s just a number, I don’t understand your psychology.

      2. I always pick 13 and I would’ve picked it if I was in F1. I was born on a 13, and I like the idea of defying silly superstitions.

      3. Michael Brown
        8th June 2014, 3:07

        13 doesn’t carry the unlucky stigma in Venezuela. It is actually a significant number because it has been affiliated with many Venezuelan teams and athletes.

        1. when i played Handball i used 13 so it is just a number

  2. omarR-pepper
    7th June 2014, 21:16

    It was taking so long to happen again.

  3. Any race weekend without a reprimand/fine/penalty for Pastor is like an incomplete weekend for F1 :)

    1. Haha, he drives like a rookie, Max looks like a veteran next to Pastor.

  4. I agree that we are getting bored of the Maldonado jokes, but I also think his never-ending rookie errors are just salt in the wound.

    In other words, one can say Maldonado beats us with his errors by wearing us down and gettin us bored with even making fun of them.

  5. SC specialist……

  6. Maldonado’s reprimand is his first of the season.

    I was like; Is this correct?

    1. Beat me to it :D

    2. Didn’t he get a penalty or slap on the wrist for rolling Gutierez during the Bahrain GP?

    3. I think it is correct, but he had at least one penalty already, maybe two (can’t quite recall).

  7. It is incredible to think that Pastor won a GP in that awfull Williams, how did he do that and makes so many mistakes since…?

  8. Has there been any weekend this year where Maldonado hasn’t done something wrong?

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