Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2014

2014 Canadian Grand Prix result

2014 Canadian Grand Prix

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Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, 2014

13Daniel RicciardoRed Bull-Renault701hr 39m 12.830s
26Nico RosbergMercedes704.2364.236
31Sebastian VettelRed Bull-Renault705.2471.011
422Jenson ButtonMcLaren-Mercedes7011.7556.508
527Nico HulkenbergForce India-Mercedes7012.8431.088
614Fernando AlonsoFerrari7014.8692.026
777Valtteri BottasWilliams-Mercedes7023.5788.709
825Jean-Eric VergneToro Rosso-Renault7028.0264.448
920Kevin MagnussenMcLaren-Mercedes7029.2541.228
107Kimi RaikkonenFerrari7053.67824.424
1111Sergio PerezForce India-Mercedes691 lap1 lap
1219Felipe MassaWilliams-Mercedes691 lap0.150
1399Adrian SutilSauber-Ferrari691 lap109.540
1421Esteban GutierrezSauber-Ferrari646 laps5 laps
Not classified
8Romain GrosjeanLotus-Renault5911 laps5 lapsRear wing
26Daniil KvyatToro Rosso-Renault4723 laps12 lapsTransmission
44Lewis HamiltonMercedes4624 laps1 lapBrakes
10Kamui KobayashiCaterham-Renault2347 laps23 lapsSuspension
13Pastor MaldonadoLotus-Renault2149 laps2 lapsPower unit
9Marcus EricssonCaterham-Renault763 laps14 lapsTurbo
17Jules BianchiMarussia-Ferrari070 laps7 lapsAccident
4Max ChiltonMarussia-Ferrari070 laps0.000Accident

Image © Red Bull/Getty

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111 comments on “2014 Canadian Grand Prix result”

  1. Massa ruined his and Perez’s race! Really gutted for Force India.

    1. Perez’s race was ruined with his brake issues. He could have won today. :-(

      1. I don’t want to sound stupid here.. Massa was most likely a bit too optimistic, but I had the feeling, from the onboard of Perez, that he went just a little bit left, while normally, he would stay almost at the white line on the right side. That might have been the reason why he and Massa collided.. I thought Massa did want to brake there, but got surprised that Perez went just a little bit to left.. but that is just my opinion.. It’s a shame though.. Great race, but the Mercedes had to have issues to make it such a drama..

        1. How much will people trying to excuse this useless Brazilian.
          Do you expect me to believe no one on the radio told him Perez was suffering from brake problems? Besides it was obvious for a few laps that was behind him.
          Williams was stupid for signing him. They should throw him out and call Di Resta.
          Di Resta might be an annoying little man but at least he knows how to half drive a car.

      2. No, his race was compromised by brake issues. Massa literally wrecked his race. That’s the problem with Massa. He can’t “race.” Wheel to wheel racing with this guy tend to end in accidents no matter who he’s racing. I feel sorry for Force India and Perez.

        1. but I had the feeling, from the onboard of Perez, that he went just a little bit left, while normally, he would stay almost at the white line on the right side. That might have been the reason why he and Massa collided

          He was closing rapidly on Vettel down the straight, that’s why he went left.

          1. possible as well.. will have to see that again.. But yeah, Massa messed it up.. He will for sure get a grid penalty for the next race

      3. @kingshark, yes his brake issue ruined his chance of winning but it was a brake issue on the MBs that gave him the chance, that’s racing.

    2. Massively disappointed for Force India. They were within sniffing chance of an incredible victory.

    3. I disagree, watching in slow motion over and over again, Massa was in a straight line and passing and, at the last second, Perez moved abruptly to the left. If you get the chance, watch from the wide view and then from Perez’s cockpit where you see his steering wheel. This was not Massa’s fault, it was Perez that jerked just slightly to the left and caused the crash.

  2. Stupid driving from Massa! If Rosberg wins the WDC this year it will just be because of pure luck. Rosberg= 0 DNF’S while Hamilton = 2 DNF’S

    1. that’s racing, mate.

    2. Not ‘pure’ luck at all. Some luck, but honestly it depends on how the rest of the season is, and it is too soon to be making statements like that one.

    3. Exactly, I think Lewis’s driving style had an input in his DNF though, he is the latest of the late brakers, putting more pressure on his breaks, thus causing them to fail. Seeing as they were already weak. As a Hamilton fan and a Williams fan, this was absolutely the worst result possible really, but I’d still rate it a nine on all of the drama… Aggghhhh.

      1. But it’s not as though Mercedes didn’t know (a) that’s Hamilton’s style, and (b) Canada is where breaks are under highest pressure.

        1. So many races to go. No bid deal. Rosberg will have a DNF sooner or later. Surprised, though, at the very slow Lewis pitstop.
          Lewis needs to worry about that more than about any reliability issues.

      2. It probably helps to be racing in clean air.

        1. If you are good you can also look after your car – I am saying no more !

      3. The brakes failed because of the MGU-K not helping with braking. Sure Hamilton brakes harder but he can’t be a wizard to know that this thing would happen.

    4. Hamilton ruined his brakes on his own. He was running with rear brake bias most of the race plus following Nico and him being a late braker did not help his cause.

  3. Good race … can’t believe Rosenberg was not punished for straight lining the chicane to defend from Hamilton ..how did button end up 4th ? When did he pass hulk and Alonso?

      1. Because he didn’t gain a position.

        1. Still gained an advantage

          1. No he didn’t…..

          2. Yup, about 1.5 seconds. Stewards turn a blind eye to Rosberg though.

          3. I think it’s fair to say that he got an advantage. I however also think a final warning was sufficient.

          4. The drivers meeting established that it could happen once, after that it was a penalty. So even though he gained an advantage, this was all sorted out before the race

          5. Paul (@frankjaeger)
            9th June 2014, 1:26

            @lexblair It’s just ridiculous of you to say he didn’t gain an advantage, he completely missed the chicane for christ sake

        2. But he gained an advantage by exceeding the track limits… in my book that should’ve been punished

          1. And he got out of Hamiltons DRS range.

        3. @ Kingshark, don’t be ridiculous. Rosberg straight lined and Hamilton took a chicane. Just pretend it wasn’t Hamilton behind and you will see it more objectively.

          Had Hamilton gotten a fair ruling in that situation, he would have been in clean air and perhaps his brakes would not have overheated and failed. Something to think about.

          1. So Hamilton who went straight on while having break issues should also be punished. Both cars was having break issues! Stop pretending Hamilton is the greatest racing driver and look at the race in context he pushed his breaks to far end of! As for gaining an advantage I’d agree if Hamilton was about to overtake him on that corner!

    1. Yes, the problem is that most punishments would be too harsh, but I think having to give the place to Hamilton would be fair, but a bit presumptuous seeing as there was no guarantee Hamilton would have passed him. However he should definitely have been punished, maybe a point on Rosbergs license?

      1. @ William Stuart, Rosberg simply has to yield the position. That’s what happens in all forms of racing. There are no pit lane penalties for straight lining if you concede position. One of the ways to pass a car in front is to force them into a mistake, Hamilton did exactly that!

        1. At last someone mentions it – Rosberg makes mistakes when subjected to pressure. Don’t tell me that Hamilton is losing the mind battle. It’s Nico that gets flustered.

      2. That’s why they introduced a whole new range of penalties, a good one would have been a 5 seconds penalty, or be ordered to give the position, like Alonso last year at Monaco.

    2. Ben (@scuderia29)
      8th June 2014, 21:22

      yeah im confused about buttons 4th position too

    3. penalty for rosberg?! guys, are you serious? how about kvyat who did a same but he and kimi were side by side, and they didn’t even investigate it.

  4. Is it the first time in Kimi’s career that he was the last running car to cross the line of a F1 GP?

    1. sutil was last running car

  5. Biased as i may be, i believe it was perez’s fault for that collision. Massa was going for the inside line, and perez moved over. Felipe waa going to get past, perez moved under braking. I feel sorry for massa seeing as he drove an incredible race, rubbish pit stop but then massive stint on tyres. Hes had al the bad luck this season.

  6. Great race! Amazing win for Ricciardo! Huge effort from Nico, but Red Bull is a team to take care. We probably have a F1 championship after all.

  7. red bull again playing into ric hands. i hope vettel leaves red bull at the end of this year. what a joke that ric cant wint a race without team orders. That first place belonged to vettel. Ric you are a terrible joke. For those who defend him. Watch the race and ask why do they always screw up vettel a car or strategy. No excuse. Again vettel you need to leave this horrible team. Ric enjoy your victory for it will be forever stained. Too bad you can’t win one for yourself. You would wish your first victory meant something. After vettel was told not to race you. Enjoy this one.

    Also not surprised by massa.

    1. So why is Ricciardo a joke?

    2. What did I jus read!?!

    3. Ha ha ha … very funny :-)

    4. Wait, what?

    5. There is a point in it: Red Bull pitted Vettel at the wrong time, gifting Ricciardo track position when prior to being stuck behind Hülkenberg Vettel was demonstrably faster. That cost him the victory, ultimately.

      1. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I suspect that the time the team thought it was the right thing to do.

    6. Andre, you are kidding?

    7. We call this kind of fans ‘脑残粉’ in my country.

      1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
        8th June 2014, 21:36

        @peking901 hhehehe, I can’t read it, but I guess it’s a four-letter word
        I’m a Vettel fan, but to try to put Ricciardo’s victory down is childish.
        @vettel1 I’m sure you can comment better than this. Try again. Ric is the man of the day. Seb will have his chance as well. It’s only Daniel is showing to handle this year’s car better. It’s good to see he is better than old Mark, who cracked under Seb’s pressure. As far as I saw today, Seb hasn’t cracked under Ric’s pressure (yet) and it’s good to see Seb’s reaction congratulating his teammate and not being sore and show “a face” as a British guy did in Monaco.

        1. @omarr-pepper I don’t genuinely agree with that though – I think Sebastian was faster. That is not to demean Ricciardo though, who was also of course very good and made his strategy work.

          1. @vettel1, the obvious riposte is, “then why was he not able to pass Perez”?

          2. @hohum apologies for taking a while to reply, but I feel that is easily addressed.

            Ricciardo himself spent the best part of 20-30 laps stuck behind Perez. Equally, Vettel spent that amount of time stuck behind Hülkenberg. It just so transpired that when Vettel came out from his second pit stop, he was greeted by Perez – allowing Ricciardo to reduce the gap as Vettel lost time.

            Neither had the speed to make the quick passes which would have easily put Vettel into prime winning contention.

        2. Is F1 only followed by conspiracy theorists???

      2. @omarr-pepper It means brain-damaged :P
        @peking901 你是中国人吗?没想到这里有可以讲华文的人。

    8. This is such a wrong post. not because of your opinions, but the way you present them.

      The earth is flat! Your pants are on fire. Just saying things doesn’t make them true. If you are going to make comments like that, please show some intelligence, and support your oppinions with arguements and facts.

    9. And where will he go? Dyson Ferrari?? Red Bull is his best and only option considering there is no vacancy in Mercedes. And Mclaren-Honda would be a massive gamble.

      1. A gamble like Hamilton moving from McLaren to Mercedes? Or Prost leaving Renault and going to McLaren? Sometimes gambles win…

        1. Jimi (@hendrix666)
          9th June 2014, 1:16

          A gamble like Hill moving from Williams to Arrows? Or Villeneuve leaving Williams and going to BAR? Sometimes gambles lose…

          Had to do it @clive-allen! :P

          1. That’s why they’re called gambles. My point is that sometimes they win. ;) @hendrix666

    10. I’m a Vettel fan myself but if DR didn’t deserve to win then neither did SV because it was either LH or NR (actually just LH) who deserved to win. Things just didn’t work out for Vettel. He himself already realizes this and has taken the opportunity to celebrate DR’s first win with the rest of the world.

    11. Ricciardo is enjoying a great moment and it will last for as long as he can keep it, there is no real reason to push Vettel ahead as in the past, when Webber was told to hold position, Vettel has an opportunity to match his team mate in qualy, or do you think he is being ordered to qualify behind Ricciardo?

    12. @f1andy83 COTD!! Plz, this guy deserves it. He made most of us laugh our guts out!! :)

  8. Rosberg cutting the chicane was like something out of a videogame. The decision not to punish him was maddening.

    Let’s see, the leader of the championship made a mistake in Monaco to secure pole and made a mistake in Canada and kept his lead. Hamilton can’t get a break (no pun intended!)

    1. Calm down. it was a genuine mistake and he was ahead at the time. You are also allowed one warning before a penalty.

      1. Yeah, the driver who makes the most mistakes reaps all the rewards. It’s bizarre.

        1. What do you think would be a fair outcome then?

          1. Drive through.

          2. Give the position to Lewis or 5 second penalty.

      2. The mistake was genuine. But it’s the action after the mistake that’s making ppl (or at least me) mad. He could have at least lifted a bit while cuting the corner. The replay shown he floored it like mad and gained advantage. Hamilton was right behind / almost beside him at that corner.

      3. Sorry that’s not a mistake you take a warning from. You have to give up position when that happens. The guy behind pressured you into a mistake. You left the circuit. Either make a U turn and renter the track where you went off, or yield the position. It’s only fair.

    2. Exactly.

    3. Ben (@scuderia29)
      8th June 2014, 21:24

      hamilton wasnt close enough to even think about a move, its not like rosberg only kept the position because he crossed the chicane, he would have led out of the final corner even if he made the corner, a penalty would have been ridiculous

      1. Using that reasoning, maybe everyone more than a second ahead of the next car should cut all chicanes.

        1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
          8th June 2014, 21:40

          @rantingmrp and damage your tyres in the process, plus gaining the warning on the first time and the penalty on the second.

        2. Haha, exactly.
          F1 already protects drivers massively from their mistakes, but now it seems it rewards them. Get rid of the run off and Rosberg would have been a write-off, how is it right that he goes unpunished?

      2. But he got out of DRS range which must have given him a massive breathing space. Hamilton was definitely closing on him to overtake.
        The problem was what penalty to give considering he was already leading. A drive through would have been harsh. Maybe a 5 second penalty added at the end of the race?
        By the way is he cleared by the stewards? There was no indication during the race.

  9. Ricciardo stood out as a great qualifier for Toro Rosso in the past, and has been solid for RedBull so I’m quite pleased to see him get his first victory.

    First of many.

    1. Vettel was ahead of him and faster than him all weekend. He wouldn’t have won the race if it wasn’t for team orders.

  10. What a drive from Rosberg. If luck doesn’t change hands soon at Mercedes I think that Rosberg has the championship in the bag, although is a long way to go yet

    1. Nico’s father was one of the unluckiest drivers ever but he was a gritty fighter (and a character) and that’s how he won his championship. So far I see no sign of his son following in his footsteps.

    2. …Yeah what a drive from Rosberg:

      Firstly he outbraked himself and nearly smashed into his teammate one turn1 at the start, but for Hamiltons fast reactions saving both of them…

      Secondly after his first pit stop he nearly lost control an smashed into the wall at the first chicane

      Thirdly locked up brakes into the last chicane, floor’d the throttle on the run-off, and set the fastest lap of the race and got himself out of DRS range of Hamilton.

      Fourthly loses the race lead to Hamilton after Hamilton put in a stonking in-lap before the last pit, only for him to DNF moments later. Then, after the team analsying what went wrong with Lewis rear brakes, got advice from the team on how to manage his own by running much more forward on the brake bias, releaving pressure on the rears without MGU-K working.

      All in all, another result for Rosberg which came about via both luck and cheating.

      Good day.

  11. What a race. But have Ferrari ever brought updates which actually worked?

  12. Typical perez move, not the first time he moved underbraking, too many times. Last year he did similar move many time( china with Kimi, spa with grosjean, monza with Kimi). He need to learn from today’s accident, its dangerous.

    1. it was definetly perez who moved under braking that caused that accident. People on this site obviously dislike massa for sone reason, just because he was the car behind dosent mean its his fault. Shame because massa drove a hreat race before that.

    2. The only thing Perez learnt today is that Massa is uncapable of racing wheel to wheel

      1. thats also true, “two wrong..” whatever that goes with.

        in current driver line up Massa is weakest wheel 2 wheel driver. perez, grosjean and maldonado with bad spacial awareness.

        1. Perez and Grosjean have good spacial awareness and race craft, they have both developed over time, however Maldonado has gradually got worse with regards to both spacial awareness and racing wheel to wheel.

  13. This was better than Bahrain, which was amazing. Much drama in this gp, Massa added the cherry on top. Perez held RBR up, otherwise Riccardio would’ve got P1 much sooner. Stunning, breathtaking race! I’m not crazy bout 2014 cars and im an Alonso-diehard but this is the 2nd absolute classic this year.

    1. I couldn’t agree more

    2. Agreed. Add that on to the great race in Monaco and the good races in Spain and Australia and this is an amazing year.

  14. Happy for Ric . Rosberg having luck on his hands I believe. He may win the championship or he may not .

    1. Unless the DNFs even out Hamilton hasn’t got a prayer.

    2. It’s the most depressing thing isn’t it, worse than if Liverpool lose the title at the last minute… Could be a depressing season of sport. But it’s racing, and the only way to look at it is that Rosberg will certainly get his share of unreliability, I’m hoping that at the very least the number of DNF’s even out, so it is a fair run to the title.

  15. great race by daniel ricciardo so happy for him….but massa is soo stupid and impatient he could have waited a few corner he can overtake perez but he just made that crazy move

    1. Ben (@scuderia29)
      8th June 2014, 21:25

      @smokinjoe naa perez braked so early, massa couldnt have predicted it

    2. Early sudden brake from Perez, watch it again mate.

      1. @spoutnik from this angle it looks more like massa fault ..he did moved a bit right and made that contact

        1. @smokinjoe most probably a (weird) racing incident, both moved toward one another, but stewards will decide.

          1. @spoutnik i agree it was a miscalculation from both the drivers under stress.Perez slowed down way too much and moved left to defend and with massa DRS open perez simply misjudged the speed and massa just bumped into perez, but irrespective of who fault was that, massa had the chance to win the race he had the car and strategy to win it in final ten laps but he just blew it ..massa is a great racer but mental bit fragile

  16. Massa just ruined it for me. I was on the edge of my seat and was runningnmy nails. Tha was exhilarating until lap 69.

    I know Perez moved left but that is becoz he was getting far too close to Vettel. But Massa can’t race as well. Felt really sad for Sat. Perez made my day.

  17. Makes me wonder how bad things are at Sauber right now if with this rate of attrition in the field and Raikkonen’s pace and error they still couldn’t pull a “Marussia” and snatch a point with Sutil.

  18. It was Massa fault. If he avoid the contact there, he would crash Perez in the corner anyway. Massa was too much optimistc and has to be puniched with grid positions

  19. I still don’t know how Button got 4th. He was behind Hulkenberg and Alonso one lap, the next he’s 4th.. Great stuff from him too.

  20. Paul (@frankjaeger)
    9th June 2014, 1:29

    Great race and crazy result. I wanna see Button’s takes on Alonso and Hulk!!

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