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2014 Canadian Grand Prix

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Which F1 driver was the best performer during the Canadian Grand Prix weekend?

Review how each driver got on below and vote for who impressed you the most during the last race weekend.

Canadian Grand Prix driver-by-driver

Red Bull

Sebastian Vettel – Came out on top of a very close battle for third on the grid despite saying he didn’t get the first sector right. Took his chance to pass Hamilton at the start but was never going to stay there once DRS was enabled. During the race he questioned his team’s decision to make his second pit stop while he was following Hulkenberg, who hadn’t made his first yet. It dropped Vettel into traffic, and cost him a place to Ricciardo who pitted a lap later. A late pass on Perez – and lightning reactions when an out-of-control Massa flew past him – earned his second podium finish of the year.

Daniel Ricciardo – Was at the opposite end of that four-way battle for third, after struggling with his balance in Q3, so lined up sixth on the grid. Stuck behind Massa, he made an early pit stop on lap 14 which got him ahead. His next visit jumped him past the other Williams and Vettel. Suffering Red Bull’s usual lack of straight-line speed, he finally unleashed a brilliantly-judged pass on Perez to take second with five laps to go. After that he quickly caught Rosberg and enjoyed the rare satisfaction of being able to drive past the Mercedes in a straight line to clinch his first grand prix win.


Nico Rosberg – Usually lacked a few hundredths of a second to his team mate in practice but capitalised on Hamilton’s error in Q3 to take his third pole position of the year. When Hamilton got off the line better Rosberg edged him wide to maintain his advantage. But he felt the pressure from his team mate later in the race and nearly put his car in the wall at turn four. Then he out-braked himself at the chicane and cut the corner, setting his fastest lap as he did, but said he eased off on the next lap to hand back any advantage. When the MGU-K problem hit he was briefly jumped by Hamilton in the pits before his team mate retired. Managed his ailing car impressively well, keeping Perez at arm’s length at the crucial DRS detection point (contrary to some reports, the Force India’s DRS had not failed). But when Ricciardo appeared in his mirrors he was powerless to stay ahead.

Lewis Hamilton – “I went wide a couple of times in turn six and then turn eight,” said Hamilton when explaining how he missed out on pole position to his team mate by less than eight hundredths of a second. Rosberg’s firm defending left Hamilton behind Vettel on lap one, but he was soon past the Red Bull. Piled the pressure on Rosberg in the second stint, but after their cars developed MGU-K problems his then succumbed to brake failure, possibly exacerbated by running in Rosberg’s slipstream. He’s now 22 points behind his team mate.


Fernando Alonso – As usual Ferrari flattered to deceive on Friday. Alonso’s seventh on Saturday behind the Mercedes, Red Bull and Williams cars was a fair reflection of what the car could do. Unable to make any progress from there in the race, he would have been eighth had it not been for Perez and Massa’s last-lap smash.

Kimi Raikkonen – Experienced more technical problems on Friday. Reached Q3 but could do no better than tenth, where he finished after replicating his spin from practice at the second hairpin.


Romain Grosjean – Lotus expected Canada’s long straights and short corners wouldn’t suit them, and sure enough Grosjean could only manage 14th on the grid. An unusual rear wing failure put him out late in the race.

Pastor Maldonado – Seemingly cursed with technical problems on Saturday, he pulled over with a turbo inlet problem, then collected a reprimand when he failed to reattach his steering wheel. Having started on soft tyres and made it up to eight by lap 15, a points finish might have been possible. But he’d been coping with power unit problems since the start of the race and they eventually caused his retirement.

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Jenson Button – Eighth in Q2, he slipped back one place in Q3. Preferring the soft tyres, he found it difficult to make progress amid groups of cars using DRS, but an opportunistic pass on Alonso and Hulkenberg set him up for an unlikely fourth place.

Kevin Magnussen – Traffic on his out-lap during his final run in Q2 compromised his tyre warm-up procedure, and the result was he came out on the rough end of a very narrow cut for a place in the final ten. Was preoccupied with tyre preservation in the race, trailing Vergne in ninth.

Force India

Nico Hulkenberg – Narrowly missed the cut for Q3 again, but starting the race on soft tyres proved an ideal strategy in a car that treats its rubber well. Wasn’t able to pass the Red Bulls after his pit stop, and was unfortunate to lose a place to Massa having been forced wide by Bottas. He was also demoted by Button in the closing stages, leaving him fifth for the fourth time this year.

Sergio Perez – Was consistently the slowest Mercedes-powered runner in qualifying and nearly got caught out in Q1 when he had a spin. But in the race he got ahead of his team mate at the start then passed Button in the opening stint. Having picked off the Red Bull drivers following his first pit stop Perez was well placed to capitalise on Mercedes’ problems, but was having minor electrical problems of his own. That helped Ricciardo pass, and Vettel got him as well as the last lap began. Edging off-line in the flat-out kink leading to turn one while Massa was trying to overtake was an unwise move which caused a huge crash, cost him a big points haul and led to a penalty for the next race.


Adrian Sutil – Struggling with poor engine drive-ability and a lack of downforce, he was pleased to make it into Q2. Was the last car running after another anonymous Sauber race.

Esteban Gutierrez – Was unable to take part in qualifying after hitting the wall during final practice. Despite the mild-looking impact a new chassis and gearbox was required, meaning he had to start from the pit lane. Struggled for grip in the race until his final stint, when he said “the car felt much better – I even enjoyed driving”. Then his power unit failed.

Toro Rosso

Jean-Eric Vergne – Missed much of first practice but replicated his excellent qualifying performance of last year by taking eighth on the grid. He was strong in the race as well, jumping Alonso at the start and leading him until the first pit stop. Kept Magnussen at bay to finally score his second points haul of the year.

Daniil Kvyat – Was half a second off Vergne in Q2 on his first visit to the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, and started seven places behind the other Toro Rosso. Had a scruffy race with a spin at turn one and a trip across the chicane while racing Raikkonen, then suffered another Toro Rosso technical problem.


Felipe Massa – His team mate held him back at the start, and soon afterwards he was under severe pressure from Ricciardo. A slow pit stop droped him behind Vergne and Alonso, but he passed the pair of them and rejoined the leading group. Managed to stretch his second stint out until lap 47 but was never going to make it to the end on his tyres, so pitted again and came out seventh. But he had the pace to win, and looked in good shape after passing his team mate, who ran wide, and Hulkenberg. But he got stuck behind Vettel, missing at least one chance to pass the Red Bull when his DRS did not activate. A last-lap move on Perez ended in disaster.

Valtteri Bottas – Felt he might have found the few thousandths he needed to take third place for the second year in a row had he not caught traffic on his final lap in Q3. Made his second pit stop earlier than Massa and paid a high price, getting stuck behind a group of slower cars. Had just been told to let Massa through when he ran wide, losing the position. He then lost two more places to Alonso and Button, finishing seventh.


Jules Bianchi – Wasn’t able to do a second run in Q1 due to a problem with his car, which left him behind Chilton on the grid. Was in the process of passing his team mate when he was hit at the rear, pitching him into the barrier.

Max Chilton – After 25 race finishes in a row he committed a racing driver’s cardinal sin by spinning into his team mate at the start and putting both out of the race.


Kamui Kobayashi – A penalty for a gearbox change moved him behind Ericsson on the grid, and broken suspension put an end to his race.

Marcus Ericsson – Crashed during qualifying for the second weekend in a row. Said his power unit felt weak on the formation lap and retired early in the race. The team traced the problem to a pipe connected to the turbo.

Qualifying and race results summary

DriverStartedGap to team mateLaps leading team matePittedFinishedGap to team mate
Sebastian Vettel3rd-0.041s35/7013rd+5.247s
Daniel Ricciardo6th+0.041s35/7011st-5.247s
Lewis Hamilton2nd+0.079s3/462
Nico Rosberg1st-0.079s43/4622nd
Fernando Alonso7th-0.4s69/7026th-38.809s
Kimi Raikkonen10th+0.4s1/70210th+38.809s
Romain Grosjean14th-0.596s10/212
Pastor Maldonado17th+0.596s11/210
Jenson Button9th-0.096s62/7024th-17.499s
Kevin Magnussen12th+0.096s8/7029th+17.499s
Nico Hulkenberg11th-0.172s7/6915thNot on same lap
Sergio Perez13th+0.172s62/69111thNot on same lap
Adrian Sutil16th44/64213thNot on same lap
Esteban Gutierrez22nd20/64314thNot on same lap
Jean-Eric Vergne8th-0.458s47/4728th
Daniil Kvyat15th+0.458s0/472
Felipe Massa5th+0.028s28/69212thNot on same lap
Valtteri Bottas4th-0.028s41/6927thNot on same lap
Jules Bianchi19th+0.011s0/00
Max Chilton18th-0.011s0/00
Kamui Kobayashi21st-0.542s7/70
Marcus Ericsson20th+0.542s0/70

Review the race data

Vote for your driver of the weekend

Which driver do you think did the best job this weekend?

Cast your vote below and explain your choice in the comments.

Who was the best driver of the 2014 Canadian Grand Prix weekend?

  • Marcus Ericsson (0%)
  • Kamui Kobayashi (0%)
  • Max Chilton (0%)
  • Jules Bianchi (0%)
  • Valtteri Bottas (0%)
  • Felipe Massa (7%)
  • Daniil Kvyat (0%)
  • Jean-Eric Vergne (2%)
  • Adrian Sutil (0%)
  • Esteban Gutierrez (0%)
  • Nico Hulkenberg (1%)
  • Sergio Perez (10%)
  • Kevin Magnussen (0%)
  • Jenson Button (4%)
  • Pastor Maldonado (0%)
  • Romain Grosjean (0%)
  • Kimi Raikkonen (0%)
  • Fernando Alonso (1%)
  • Lewis Hamilton (3%)
  • Nico Rosberg (22%)
  • Daniel Ricciardo (45%)
  • Sebastian Vettel (5%)

Total Voters: 702

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2014 Canadian Grand Prix

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165 comments on “Vote for your Canadian GP Driver of the Weekend”

  1. Ricciardo. First win, great race.

    Was going to go for Massa, until that collision.

    1. Happy for Ricciardo. Did us Aussies proud :) I was hoping for Massa to be on the podium but Perez ruined that this time round…

      1. Massa wasn’t going to win anyway, if he wanted to win he should have passed the Red-Bulls in the previous laps, even though he had fresher tyres he couldn’t do it

      2. You mean Massa ruined it.

    2. I don’t understand how Riccardo can get DotW by such a margin (currently 48%) when Rosberg clearly put in the performance of the weekend? Just because he won doesn’t mean he was the best… The point of this poll really does get lost on weekends like this.

      Rosberg beat Hamilton in qualifying on ‘his’ track, then took it to him in the race only to lose his place before Hamiltons complete failure because of a mechanical issue. Not only then did he finish in the points with a lack of power he finished on the podium putting a bigger gap between him and Hamilton. Such a result may pay off in the later half of the season.

      Don’t get me wrong Riccardo deserved what he got but on over all performance of the weekend Rosberg kind of proved to everyone yet again he isn’t the push over Hamilton expects him to be, he fought him from Sat to Sun.

      1. Tom (@11mcgratht)
        9th June 2014, 21:09

        Sadly for me (Hamilton fan) that’s so true. Rosberg is showing real quality at the moment and, despite all Hamilton’s wins, he has retained momentum. I’m afraid i see the championship slipping away already.

      2. Rosberg barely scraped pole even after Hamiltons qualifying lap mistakes, he had a poor start, he was lucky not to get a penalty for gaining an unfair advantage, was lucky he didn’t hit the wall after pitting. Ultimately lucky to finish the race at all, let alone in the points. Hardly driver of the weekend.

        1. +1

          plus he was behind hamilton before the brake failure too, without the failure probably Ham would have won the race

        2. Exactly but non of those things ‘happened’ to the degree where it effected him. He kept his cool the entire time regardless of the pressure he was under. I agree Hamilton would of probably own if it wasn’t for all the failures going on but he didnt, Rosberg did after beating him all weekend. It’s as simple as that, regardless of the almosts and the nearlys Rosberg beat him.

      3. Rosberg finished in second place in a car that was still clearly as fast, if not faster than, the cars behind him. Even with 1/3rd engine power missing, that Mercedes W05 is an amazing vehicle.

      4. All Rosberg did all race was not push the car until it broke when that problems started…*thats it*. He only stayed in the lead so long because of mercedes being much faster than everyone else giving them a massive gap when the problem started. Also he would have finished 5th+ if it wasn’t for some really slow force india cars (which were almost impossible to pass due to RBR lack of straight line speed).

      5. Ricciardo is doing great so far this season. He proves he can be faster than Seb and also than the rest of the pack. Imagining how big was the pressure above him (during the last laps) to win his first race and beating a Mercedes at this point (apart their problems), he deserves this DOTW.

      6. @kartingjimbo

        Most here vote on sentiment. See Button winning DotW for the 2011 race for a prime example. Button was far from impressive that weekend but the fact that he won such a chaotic race AND beat the dominant force of the season at that point automatically gave him lot’s of points.
        Ricciardo was in no way as poor as Button was in 2011 but he wasn’t the DotW if you look at performance.

    3. Yes Ricciardo, although he was not ahead of his teammate at any time prior to a well judged pit stop, but who else was there that could be said to have had a better round ? Rosberg, great Q3, hung on well for p2, but had superior car to begin with and gained advantage off track, Perez, fantastic job until he made a catastrophic error, Jenson steady but lucky ? who?

      1. @hohum

        A well judged pitstop he had no say in whatsoever.

        “who else was there that could be said to have had a better round ?”
        Vergne. For one. Very impressive in qualifying and solid in the race. Vettel also did a better job than Ricciardo. Outqualified Ricciardo and the Williams who looked set to grab the 2nd row of the grid for most of qualifying. Vettel and Ricciardo performed very similarly in the race. Vettel just got the short end of the stick during the 2nd round of pitstops.
        I still don’t understand why Red Bull pitted him when they did. They should have known he would end up in the middle of a fighting pack after that pitstop. A poor call from Red Bull cost Vettel a win here.

        1. @baron-2, Jev and STR were impressive given their Renault PU but p8 after the Perez/Massa crash is hardly a DOTW achievement, Vettels pitstop did seem poorly timed, and as we all know that has never happened to an RBR driver before, well, not to Vettel, so if’s and maybes aside, who else exceeded expectations to a greater degree than Dan R ?

          1. @hohum

            Are you really going to suggest Vettel has never had a poorly timed pitstop before?!
            Anyway, Ricciardo didn’t exceed expectations. He lined up 6th on the grid below expectations. 2 well timed (as opposed to his teammate) pitstops saw him jump ahead of the Williams he was stuck behind and his teammate who was stuck behind Hulkenberg.
            Then got stuck behind Perez without any chance of overtaking Perez until the Sauber developed brake problems.
            After that the victory was a given because there was absolutely no way Perez and Rosberg could defend with the problems they had.
            So basically, Ricciardo performed as expected in the race. Maybe Rosberg deserves more credit for bringing home a sick car in 2nd but he was helped a lot by the Sauber’s afwul 1st and 2nd sector times.
            Anyway, yeah, looking at the entire weekend I’d definitely say Vergne.
            Vettel, Rosberg and Vergne all did something that exceeded expectations. There wasn’t a single moment where Ricciardo was impressive or exceeded expectations. He had a solid weekend, nothing more.

    4. I was going for Massa he whined that he’s faster than Bottas. And then the last 5 laps just sealed it … starting from his attempt to overtake Vettel while forgetting his DRS

  2. Would have been Perez until he crashed out with my next selection Massa, but it doesn’t make sense to choose a driver of the weekend who didn’t finish, even if not their fault. Ricciardo had a great race as well, so he’s my choice. What a race from Montreal though!

    1. My thinking exactly.

  3. Rosberg. Pole against Hamilton on his best track, 2nd place with 160 hp less than the others sure is impressive..

    1. I was thinking of giving Rosberg a nod, but RIC getting his maiden win with a sweet move on turn 1 wrapped it up for me. Plus as much as I’m a Rosberg and Silver Arrow fan, I’m not feeling real clean about ROS right now after the Qualy in Monaco and now cutting the chicane to gain time in Canada. I’m starting to feel a bit of a pattern of “not quite clean” with Nico.

      1. Rosberg slowed to give back the time advantage on the next lap. He said so after the race.

      2. @daved He also did not cut the chicane to gain time, he locked up and took the run off. Totally different.

        1. @xtwl I didn’t mean to imply he did it intentionally when he cut the chicane, he did it under pressure to avoid a pass from Lewis which was simply a mistake. What I took exception with was that he accelerated through it once he got in trouble and did gain an advantage by doing so…even it if was not intentional to start with.

          @dmckay12 perhaps he did, but it still kept Lewis from getting in front of him when he went through that chicane and then gunned it to get back on track. And Lewis as pushing his car hard enough to catch back up which put more stress on it and the brakes. Plus, if Nico made a mistake going into that chicane and clearly would have lost the lead to Lewis had he not cut back in. This put Lewis behind him again and once more meant that Lewis had less cooling for his brakes.

          Had Nico lived with his mistake at the chicane and come out behind Lewis with less clean air to cool his brakes and had he then been forced to push harder to pass Lewis back….perhaps he would have been the one with the “unlucky brake failure”.

          Of course, we’ll never know because Nico keeps making mistakes and somehow benefiting from them.

          1. @daved Lewis was not making a move so this has nothing to do with Lewis. Rosberg locked up and went to the run off.

          2. @xtwl
            Are you being pedantic or do you just want to argue?

            Let’s try again, Nico was under pressure and he went too deep or he misjudged his braking zone, or he misjudged his speed or he was playing with the steering wheel. Whatever reason, Nico made a mistake and would have lost position had he not gunned it through the chicane.

            I really don’t want to argue semantics. The point is that when you go off track, you lose position simply because it takes time to recover your speed and get back on track. Nico was lucky that it “just happened” to be at a chicane where he was able to go straight and actually cut his race length. Just like he was lucky that his off in qualifying in Monaco “just happened” to give him an advantage and stop Lewis flying lap.

            I’m personally not impressed with those two events for whatever reason they happened. That is my opinion. If you don’t agree, then I understand that.

          3. @dmckay12 @xtwl I should also make one other point. I may not like Nico as much now that he seems to be “finding advantages”, as when he was doing the wholesome innocent routine. BUT, I will say that he’d have never won a WDC being “most popular on track”, and now he’s got a good shot at it.
            I guarantee you that Alonso, Vettel or Lewis wouldn’t win a most popular vote among the drivers either so I have to be realistic. It’s about winning and getting away with every edge you can find at the end of the day.

            I just used to pull for Nico as that guy who always tried to play it straight and so he was my favorite underdog. But I bet he’d rather have a WDC than my vote for most likable.

          4. @daved

            “Whatever reason, Nico made a mistake and would have lost position had he not gunned it through the chicane.”

            False. At no time was Hamilton making a move or did he have an advantage into the chicane. Thus Rosberg gained time but never a position. Rosberg made sure the time gained was lost over the next lap. There was no way he should have given the position to Hamilton. Even when coming back on track Lewis was to far away to effect a pass on him at that moment going into T1.

            When Lewis locked up and went straight he also went full throttle, rejoined on the track BUT he gained a position by doing so thus he had to give it back straight away.

            Rosberg simply locked up and went straight. He gained .5 of a second. He did this on every driver on the track.

          5. @xtwl I really don’t want to argue with you. I find myself in agreement with most of the posts you make on here and I’m sorry we disagree on this one. I think Nico is pushing things a bit and you don’t. So let’s just agree to disagree on this one.

    2. agreed. i think this was his best race for some time. the error at the chicane was the only blot really.

    3. Was he down 160 hp? It was the MGU-K that failed, that would be around 60-80 hp down, and that’s not available the whole lap either. That does level the playing field with the RB.

      1. @uan
        Nope, the entire hybrid part of his engine failed. He lost 160 hp overall. Also, it’s laughable to suggest that Mercedes were on a “level playing field” with Red Bull today. Look at how much faster Ricciardo was than Rosberg on the straight.

        Two weeks ago in Monaco Vettel had the exact same problem on a circuit where power is far less relevant than around Montreal, and he fell through the field like a stone.

        Rosberg drove superbly today, and Mercedes showed just what a great chassis they have. They were essentially on par with the rest of the field in pace without ERS (!)

    4. Well, you said it. In the race that Rosberg and Hamilton actually had, Hamilton won. Rosberg did a good job all weekend. But when your car is a class apart from others, you have to beat you teammate to enter this DOTW competition.

      As far as finishing p2 with a stricken car, it’s not like he had to drive the race with only 2 gears or something in his eye or whatever. As even he said, after he reset his braking points, it was business as usual.

      1. @dmw I cannot agree with you on this one. Regardless if your car is awesome or not, losing 160bhp is going to be difficult to finish in the points let alone on the podium.
        As for your argument that he lost to HAM, that is rubbish, where did HAM finish? Oh… that’s right he didn’t… Surely HAM must have had some issue that was even more critical than ROS, oh wait… He had the same overheating issue as Nico… Yet HAM couldn’t drive around the issue and as a result, he retired.
        Perhaps less hate towards Nico in Montreal, he had a great drive and deserved his DOTW nomination.

        1. Guess you don’t remember the smoke out the back of Hams car? Nico’s never reached that point….

  4. i was thinking either perez or ricciardo. but seeing as perez did a great job to keep everyone behind him for so long and got taken out by massa in the end, i went for him.

    hats off to ricciardo though, also vergne and button.

    1. You do know the crash was Perez fault ? Its hard to vote someone as driver of the weekend after they cause a massive crash.

      1. i still blame massa.

      2. If you watch the replay in slow motion Massa’s car went right slightly into Perez. Not sure if was caused by a brake problem or marbles. Perez’s car kept its line.

        1. Massa’s fault, Im sorry…have a nice day

        2. @sfrank15
          I just can not agree with you. Perez was veering left OFF the racing line going into a corner. He should have been swinging wide right and following Vettel (and where Massa was going) along the racing line. Watch the Vine video and tell me that you really believe Perez was following the racing line:
          Frankly, it was ham-fisted driving by Massa as well to come up with such closing speed, but Perez was definitely going into no man’s land with his line in that corner.

          It probably should have been deemed a racing incident, IMO, considering both drivers were wrong to some degree.

          1. It’s a strange one because if you look at Perez then yes he does move to the left to defend from Massa. However, if you watch Massa then he does move to the right, almost to try and back out of the move. Such a shame as both drivers were having a great race, but I don’t think it is so clear cut that you can blame one driver.

          2. I do see now that Perez was veering left somewhat to apparently block since it was the last lap. I still see Massa doing a quick turn to the right just before impact. I think both are at fault somewhat but Perez should not have been penalized for it.

        3. It was a tough call but Perez didn’t keep a straight line, turning into Massa too quickly for him to react:

        4. Some people are so strange. Stewards give Perez a penalty, on the footage he clearly moved left, and still you’d think it is Massa his fault? What ignorance.

          1. @xtwl

            Completely agree. Stewards have the data and have found Perez at fault. Anyone whos watched the above angle will see Perez come off line in the braking zone and cause the crash. Massa was on the inside line about to make a pass and didnt deviate. Perez moved over in the breaking zone and therefore did cause the crash. Massa often takes stick, but to blame him for this one is just wrong.

          2. Rick Lopez (@viscountviktor)
            9th June 2014, 16:46

            I completely agree with you good sir! Marob and @rigi are being ignorant and probably just hate Massa. He takes so much stick but has been so unlucky this year. He is a revitalised person at Williams, and with a bit of luck will get some solid results.

  5. I’m pretty much a Hamilton fan, so this hurt a bit, but I voted for Rosberg. Seized the opportunity to take pole, kept in front of Lewis (although I think he deserved a penalty for flooring it when he missed the chicane, if the stewards thought otherwise then their word is the law) and managed to finish the race second with a badly hampered power unit, thus extending his championship lead.
    Ricciardo a close second (messed up qualifying a bit) and Button third for me in DOTW standings.

    1. I voted Rosberg as well. To end up in second place with all that was going on is remarkable.

      1. You two pretty much sum up my thinking too.

      2. more like it shows how remarkably quick the Mercedes is even with problems – which is depressing – it was aweird circumstance – Perez had a slower downforce car so was losing out to Rosberg in the twisty part of the tracks, and even with power advantage could not pass Rosberg down the straights because of time lost earlier in the lap. at the same time, Perez kept the redbulls behind purely through his engine speed advantage over redbull. if Perez was not in the way, Ricciardo and Vettel would have past Rosberg ten laps earlier. Rosberg himself admitted he was helpless and expected to finish 5th at the end when he saw the cars line up behind him. I don’t think Rosberg did anything special to defend his position after the problem he suffered – he just got lucky it was the Mercedes powered force india behind him. you could see that with how quickly Ricciardo passed him when he got past the faster in a straight line Force India. Now if only we had engine parity and not this straight line discrepancy between the engine manufacturers caused by FIAs far too early engine homologation – then we could have exciting races like this every weekend.

        1. Oh man, I was fully with you until your last sentence, which is a song we have heard from you before. The teams and engine makers all knew at the same time and well in advance exactly when the date was for engine homologation, so this is absolutely nothing to do the FIA. Mercedes nailed it, others didn’t, end of story. That’s F1. You only have a case if you can somehow argue that Mercedes has gotten away with having more time or more knowledge or more allowance in some way or another that the other teams and engine makers did not have. Otherwise you just keep sounding to me like you think the FIA should have favoured RBR/Renault by giving them more time to catch up to Mercedes.

          1. I have to agree with @robbie on this one. Sure, the racing would be closer/better if they didn’t homologate the engines so early, but frankly, the teams and engine makers decided on the tradeoffs.
            RBR chose to keep developing their car at the end of last year even though they had the constructor and drivers championship wrapped up so VET could go for his 9 in a row streak. Had they changed focus once it was wrapped up and pushed Renault to work together then…they’d be in a different place now. THEY made the tradeoff decision. it ruined any suspense for the last 5-6 races in 2013, and has now ruined the suspense in the first season of the new formula. But. They. Made. That. Decision.

            Mercedes put effort towards 2014 and now they’re reaping the rewards. Ferrari….I have no idea what is going on over there. Simply no idea. I am no Ferrari fan, but I at least want them to be competitive so I can hate them again. LOL

            Now I just feel sorry for them and especially Alonso to be driving such a dog.

        2. kpcart, “If we only had engine parity…………………we could have exciting races like this every weekend” either you are being extremely subtle with your sarcasm or your logic is faulty, it is the speed disparity that made this race so exciting, add a sprinkling of unreliability and that is the real F1, cars with different strengths and weaknesses make for great racing not Formula Homogenised.

    2. Hamilton was beating Rosberg in the race before his brakes failed. He probably would have won if they hadn’t even with the same mgu-k problems as Rosberg. Rosberg also should have been penalised for setting the fastest lap of the race whilst cutting the corner. Ricciardo will no doubt get the majority of the vote, but Hamilton had done a similar job until the point he retired, he was out qualified, and passed his teammate during the second stops (without the benefit of his teammate being held up by an out of sync FI).

    3. I do not understand how anybody could pick Rosberg for driver of the day? He fluffed his start then missed his breaking point and locked his breaks going into turn 1 running his own teammate off the track. He almost stuck the car in the wall after a pit top, then completely missed the entire final chicane while being pressurized by Hamilton. If Perez had not been the lead car in the traffic jam behind then he would have finished around 4th.

      Sure he did ok to get the car back with problems, but that hardly makes up his generally error strewn race.

      1. First of all, it’s driver of the weekend, not driver of the day. Point by point: yes, he did have a bad start but knew he had the inside on the first turn and, therefore, braked later to close the door on Lewis; yes, he almost stuck the car in the wall after the stop but saved it with great car control. If he would’ve finished 4th I would have voted him still, 4th would’ve been great for him as well, which makes his 2nd even better by comparison.

    4. Agree entirely with your top 3 DOTW.

    5. I can’t agree with you and I normally like Nico a lot. But I feel like Nico got away with something in Monaco (whether deliberate or not) and he got away with something in this race as well by getting so much time on that lap when he cut the chicane. How they can deem that to have not been a “lasting advantage” when it saves his tires to cut that corner and gives him nearly a second of extra lead that Lewis then had to tear his car up to make up yet again….No, I don’t see there decision and I certainly don’t see Nico as driver of the weekend. .

      I don’t why Nico is the fair haired boy that can do no wrong in the stewards eyes, but I can say that the stewards are not infallible. They totally missed it in crashgate and I’m sure they’ve missed many others…including the incidents Nico had the last two races.

  6. No particular driver stood out as having an especially competent or blemish free weekend, but when it counted it seemed like Dan was the only one to roll his sleeves up and take the prize with both hands. It almost felt like no-one was going to score in an open goal on sunday.

  7. Rosberg for me, great weekend. Pole, 2nd despite a problem with his car.
    Kudos to Ricciardo (seizing the opportunity), Williams’ drivers (qualifying) and Force India’s drivers (good defensive driving)

    And yes, Rosberg cut the chicane = insert ‘he should have been punished’-comments
    and yes, Lewis could have had 2nd if his brakes hadn’t given up on him
    and yes, … let’s quit with the if’s and had’s for now ;-)

    1. + didn’t vote for Ricciardo because his qualifying wasn’t good enough for ‘driver of the weekend’ for me

      1. @gdewilde agree
        No driver really stood up this week end …
        Gave my vote to Rosberg because of his unexpected quali and he still managed 2nd after the loss of power, he did very well to fend off Perez.
        Ricciardo doesn’t enter my top choice because he had nothing more than Vettel (even less), he jumped him because of a poor strategy on Vettel’s side (I was amazed by the number of strange strategy decisions this week end, not very smart on the pit walls for a lot of teams). And was beaten in quali while he showed he can challenge Vettel on previous occasion, not his best week end. But have to reckon he sized the opportunity when it came.

    2. Same here. If it were driver of the race it would go to Ricciardo. But the driver of the weekend is undoubtedly Rosberg.

  8. As this is driver of the WEEKEND, which constitutes Fri, Sat, Sun and not just Sun, I vote for NR! Great pole lap, amazing efficiency and handling of pressure when the MGU-K failed !

    1. +1 people seem to be summing up an entire weekend in the last session of the weekend. While I agree the race is important, surely driver of the weekend implies just that. RIC didn’t out qualify VET, and while hats off to him for winning the race, didn’t star throughout the weekend.

    2. +100. ROS for DOTW…..

  9. Ricciardo was very impressive, he won the race by getting the move done on Perez. He did mess up qualy a bit though.
    Rosberg drove well with the problems he had but was slower than Hamilton in the race.
    Hamilton messed up qualy but made up for it in the race. The brake failure as he took the lead must have been a crushing disappointment for him but he handled himself well afterwards.
    Perez maximised his strategy before the accident with Massa, and was unfairly penalised for a racing incident IMHO. Based on that I voted Perez, with Hamilton and Ricciardo not far behind.

  10. Near the end of the race i would almost certainly have given it to Perez for a great, tyre conserving, but fast and consistent performance. But he has to take some blame for the Massa crash. Massa was also good but i think he might have to take a fraction of that blame too, and other than that his racecraft wasn’t particularly impressive i’m afraid. Ricciardo was great, and opportunistic, but ultimately i feel a little lucky in that he was outqualfied and raced by his team-mate but got ahead due to traffic – it was a nice pass on Perez though and i’m happy for his first win. It is well deserved after the season he’s had.

    I’m giving my vote to Rosberg though. He outqualified Hamilton on a circuit where he is supposedly unbeatable, and did it on merit so no controversy there. Then i think he had just enough to keep him at bay through the race, Lewis was close for quite a few laps but never looked like making the pass. Ok his run-through on the final chicane was a mistake he was lucky to get away with (both on track and via stewards), but i think this was a crucial weekend in the championship battle. Not necessarily due to the 18 points, but because if he could beat Lewis here he can potentially beat him anywhere. And also ofc he did a great job managing various issues and bringing the car home, putting in “qualifying laps” to build the gap through sectors 1-2 so he could defend sector 3 – great weekend from him.

    1. sorry, ricciardo was in front of vettel purely on merit. vettel lost out in the pitstops because the undercut failed. why did that happen? because ricci put in a stunning in lap. check the facts and see horner’s comments re the same.
      vettel threw everything at him but couldn’t get the pass done. ricciardo put in a fantastic drive considering his grid position.

      1. Vettel was also told not to take the fight to Ricciardo to try and conserve tires.

      2. @kenji

        Well, i’m sure he did put in a great lap but to put it another way Vettel was prevented from doing that because he came out in traffic. I’m sure Horner would rather praise his driver after his first win than focus on any negatives, that’s only natural. I would say there was not much between the RB drivers, but just for DoTW votes i decided on Rosberg 1st, Ricciardo would be 2nd choice.

      3. @kenji

        Vettel threw everything at him but couldn’t get the pass done

        And what did Daniel throw to get past Vettel (who I think was having a better race) and what could have Vettel thrown at that time to prevent that?

        That’s, in some way, what the Vettel-coulda/shoulda/woulda arguments (i.e. the one in my comment) centres around, at least that’sthe case for mine.

        1. don’t you people read the posts….ricci threw in a stunning in- lap. that’s why vettel got jumped whilst trying the undercut which would’ve favoured him over ricciardo. vettel got beaten by a better driver. just suck it up.

          1. Kenji, there is no real battle between RIC to VET.
            VET strategy is not worked out due to the traffic with no brake issue FI. But on the other hand, RIC waited long without any threat from back, also passed the brake issue FI. So comparing the RB drivers is not merit.

            But you can see enjoy your view, so you can (s/f/d) ()uck it yourself. Thanks.

    2. Totally agree!

  11. As this is driver of the weekend, I voted for Rosberg: fantastic qualifying performance, and somehow managed to keep second place even with failing brakes and no straight line speed. Ricciardo lost to his teammate in qualifying, and Perez was good only in the race (apart from the last lap).

  12. If we are to pick the driver of the WEEKEND, I can only see one choice. Someone who has been flawless all weekend.

    Rosberg is very close to that, but he’s been a bit weak for me in the race – if the technical problems hadn’t come for him I’d have hardly seen him keeping the position from Hamilton, and cutting the chicane he’s just ensured my opinion, although he’s still in my top 3.
    Hamilton’s qualifying mistake(s) was there for all to see, though he seemed very good in the race.
    Ricciardo wasn’t too great in the qualifying – he said it was “scrappy” – and was a bit lucky at the pit stops to come out ahead of Vettel, but from then on he capitalised magnificently on his opportunity.
    Vettel was very good in the qualifying and probably he could have win the race had he been in Ricciardo’s place, but we won’t know about it now.
    Button and Alonso were the other good performers, although both had bad stints at the start of the race, and I could have seen Button also snatching one more place in qualifying from my DOTW winner…

    …who is Jean-Eric Vergne. He got an unlikely 8th in qualifying ahead of two world champions in Q3 and didn’t fade away in the race. His start put him ahead of Fernando Alonso and fended off his attacks in the first stints perfectly. He dropped behind in the pits but was on for a point even without the last lap crash, and brought the car home in 8th position. Even he described it the best race of his career and I can see the point – probably the other contestant was last year’s race here when he got 6th – pretty much destroying this year’s winner –, there must be something really clicking for this guy here in Montreal. Also he’s very much deserved it after his recent run of bad luck, nice to see his good work rewarded.

    1. With hindsight I would have maybe also chosen Vergne, he was indeed very consistent all weekend long. Shame he wasn’t in the picture that much during the race or else more people would vote for him!

    2. Daniel (@collettdumbletonhall)
      9th June 2014, 13:14

      I wish I’d read this before I voted.

    3. Thought about Vergne a bit, but then realised that the Toro Rosso came 3rd-to-last. His finish in 8th was inherited through the DNFs of Hamilton, Massa and Perez in front. The qualifying was great from him, though.

    4. @hunocsi Glad to see someone else recognised what a great job Vergne did last weekend.

    5. Agreed @hunocsi. I can see Vergne being forgotten after this year, like Jaime Alguersuari. Yet at Monaco he was on for 5th place…. It looks like things are really clicking for him, now that he can eat a meal or two and not be put at a disadvantage. He also beat Magnussen and Raikkonen, in a McLaren and Ferrari…

      1. Not to mention, going off last year’s race only… you would have thought it would be Vergne winning his first race this year and not Ricciardo!

  13. Very tough call this time.

    A first-time winner is allways someone to think about, and his pass on Perez was a good one, but Ric also lost quali to his team-mate and got lucky in the pit-stops.
    Rosberg won his quali, and nursing a car home that has no MGU-K, thus not only less power but also less rear-brakes and more problems with rear-brake temperature, keeping Perez out of the DRS, that´s quite impressive. But somehow it just feels very doubtful wether he would have beaten his team-mate in the race without any problems, and the quali-win was more due to his teammates weakness (two mistakes) rather than own strength or speed.
    So in the end, I went with Button. Did well to bring his car to Q3, and with a mistake-free ride managed to get a P4, finishing in front of a driver like Hülk in a Force-India that seems the better car, finishing above Bottas who also had a faster car, and furthermore beating Alo and Kimi in what probably ain´t worse cars than the McLarens, too.

  14. Rosberg drove well to make it to the end but someone who creates an unfair advantage and thinks it’s no big deal does not deserve ‘Driver of the weekend’ status. Ricciardo is more deserving.

    1. And someone who is 6th in qualifying with a car capable of being on the second row deserves being ‘driver of the weekend’?

      1. Yes because he more than made up for his qualifying when it mattered, finishing ahead of his 4 times world champion team mate and passed a faster car by using his brain not his DRS.

  15. BEST: Daniel Ricciardo – stood up against Vettel (again) and didn’t miss the opportunity to overtake Perez and then Rosberg!

    WORST: Felipe Massa (what a waste of a F1 seat in a good car)

    1. Ah come on. Worst has to be Chilton this time (although surprisingly outqualified his team-mate) – taking out your team-mate = cardinal sin of F1. I’m no Massa fan but stewards ruled the accident wasn’t his fault.

    2. what is wrong with you, Felipe drove a good race. you don’t know anything about f1.

    3. Rick Lopez (@viscountviktor)
      9th June 2014, 16:49

      @win7golf you obviously hate Massa for some reason. He was cleared of blame by the stewards, what more do you want? He’s had such bad luck this season, but where he hasn’t he’s been beating his teammate

  16. Nico Ros for me. I felt he did a pretty good job keeping second place considering how many issues he had with the car.

  17. Massa really had a great weekend. Positive results in practice, qualifying and a great race despite the pit blunder. The last-lap collision was not his fault and did not delete the spectacular recovery he was having, despite him being perhaps too cautious.
    Ricciardo had a solid race but only became incredible when he overtook Perez and Rosberg. Vettel was solid yet again, Perez was brilliant on tyre management and on pace against his team mate, Rosberg had to do an excellent job to hold onto position with the car he had at his disposal.

  18. Rosberg. Out qualified his teammate at arguably Hamiltons best track and then to finish the race in second with all the problems that were going on was remarkable.

  19. I went for Vergne. Kept it out of trouble and delivered a very strong performance.

  20. Perez did a super race. Only electronic problems and lack of grip at the end allowed Ricciardo to overpass him.

    Explendid performance!!!!

  21. Maybe I’m just bitter and biased as a Vettel fan, but I didn’t vote for Ricciardo because I felt Vettel got the short-end of the stick when it came to the strategy; it should have been the other way around under neutral circumstances (Vettel was held back by Hülkenberg while Ricciardo had more or less clear air) and Vettel was even told not to try to make a move on him by saying that Ricciardo will destroy his tyres in Perez’s dirty air… bet they didn’t take into account the possibility of Ricciardo breaking through Perez. That’s not to say I’m taking anything away from Ricciardo, he is already and will probably continue to challenge Vettel and kudos to him for his first win. I’m voting for Rosberg despite that chicane cut, managing to nurse an injured car all the way to the finish is wow… would have voted for Perez until that last lap fiasco.

  22. Maybe I’m just bitter as a Vettel fan, but I didn’t vote for Ricciardo because I felt Vettel got the short-end of the stick when it came to the strategy; it should have been the other way around under neutral circumstances (Vettel was held back by Hülkenberg while Ricciardo had more or less clear air) and Vettel was even told not to try to make a move on him by saying that Ricciardo will destroy his tyres in Perez’s dirty air… bet they didn’t take into account the possibility of Ricciardo breaking through Perez. That’s not to say I’m taking anything away from Ricciardo, he is already and will probably continue to challenge Vettel and kudos to him for his first win. I’m voting for Rosberg despite that chicane cut, managing to nurse an injured car all the way to the finish is wow… would have voted for Perez until that last lap fiasco.

    1. @woshidavid95 Same here! Same here!

    2. In addition, I would like to add that Force India confirmed that Perez was doing an electrical reset to his car which slowed him significantly. This might have helped Ricciardo. Vettel never benefited from it.

      Not to take anything away from Ricciardo, but one point to make.

    3. Guys, I like Vettel a lot. However, I am a bit perplexed: when he was stuck behind Hulkenberg, he pleaded with the team to think of a strategy trick, because FI was too quick on straights for RBR to pass even with DRS. It seemed obvious at the time to me that the team should pit him before his delta with the leaders, which was constantly increasing due to slow Hulk, get too much to overcome and obviously it made sense to do the same for Ricciardio. Unfortunately, the traffic was worse for Seb’s outlap and the rest was inevitable.

      So my point is: was he thinking of a different strategy when he was stuck behind Hulkenberg?

  23. My instinct was to go for Ricciardo because he managed to snatch his first win in what was an epic race. However, this is a driver of the weekend poll, so I had to go with Rosberg. He was quickest when it counted in qualifying to pip Hamilton at a track which many, including me, said was “his”. He then managed to drive around the issues that his car developed in the race so well that he almost managed to take the win himself. Top performance.

    1. That’s exactly how I felt, and went with Rosberg as well.

  24. How people are voting Ricciardo, I don’t know. Man was anonymous most of the week and was comprehensively beaten by his teammate in quali. Good race from him but a good strategy and reliability issues from Mercs + Perez gifted him positions while Massa lack of racecraft kept him from mounting a realistic attack. Was a good pass from Ricciardo on Perez that said but that doesn’t make him the best driver from Friday to Sunday.

    1. I don’t think Perez would want to ‘give up’ a position with 5 laps remaining…

      1. He did. Force India confirmed that Perez was doing an electrical reset to his car which slowed him significantly. This might have helped Ricciardo. Vettel never benefited from it.

        Not to take anything away from Ricciardo, but one point to make.

  25. Ricciardo for mine. Made amends for his qualifying woes with a phenominal last 5 laps. If it weren’t for that I’d have gone for Perez or Massa, but then they crashed, so then it would’ve been Rosberg, but since he was caught flooring it through the final chicane, which then takes it to Sebastian Vettel, but he didn’t play the right stratrgy. So then my second place FINALLY goes to Jean-Eric Vergne for mine. He had a quiet race, but he had a ripper first stint pipping Alonso at the start, had the speed to kep him at bay for the first stint, and drove beautifully for the rest of the race. 3rd place for mine went to Jenson Button with another late push to put him 1 place outside podium placings.

    1. I went Ric but if Ros had won, I’d have went Either Ros, Per or Massa. And I don’t like Ros at all. Look I know it’s driver of the weekend but for me, most of the time I go with whom won the race and overcame the most problems to win said race. Both of those hand in hand. If someone stomps I usually don’t vote for them. They all had problems and to me, Ric overcame for the win this time. Last poll I voted Bianchi based on how shit his car is all the time and managed to score for Marussia. Something I believe some of the other cash strapped teams have not done.

      1. I do this because what you do in the race is usaully more important than what you do all weekend. So to me Bianchi scoring was more important for his team than what any others did for their teams at Monaco. I could be wrong but Marussia scoring isn’t par for the course but all these other guys fighting for points is.

  26. Chuffed for Ricciardo, nice guy, great driver but Rosberg has to have it. Considering he was 160bhp down on the rest of the field, he did a fantastic job keeping it in a podium position. Just shows how competitive Mercedes are.

    So many good drives and missed opportunities though. Massa and Perez were cruelly close to a good finish. Just a shame. It ended the way it did.

  27. In fact I want choose three of them! Mas, Ric and Ros! But Nico did well in the whole weekend. So…..sorry Daniel and Felipe.

  28. Max Chilton

    He qualified and finished ahead of his teammate.

    Note: I actually voted for Ricciardo

  29. @hunocs Well argued and I agree in most of what you wrote here, except I put Button ahead of Vergne, I think one of the per-requisites for DOTW is that you have to beat your team mate in both the qualifying and the race which in my mind rules out Ricciardo. Both Vergne and Button resoundingly beat their team mates, I just prefer Button

    Rosberg is not my DOTW because he made a big mistake which on most tracks would have cost him the lead, I don’t blame him for his actions that allowed him to obtain an advantage, I blame the track for making it possible.

    1. on most tracks would have cost him the lead

      With most stewards as well.

      1. pfft, didn’t close that tag correctly:

        on most tracks would have cost him the lead

        With most stewards as well. @sars

      2. No, it is not for me to judge the decision of the stewards, they are privileged to more data than I and can make an informed decision, anything else is just speculation. I can only like or not like the decision.

        Again tracks should be designed such that they penalise driver errors

  30. Has to be Dan but I was impressed with Vettel this time – attacked and defended hard, got really close to the walls and played to what strengths his car had, particularly in qualifying. And I always like a driver who questions his team radio.
    Impressive salvage job by Rosberg, but he probably needed Hamilton out of the race to give him thinking time and get his car to the finish.

  31. Voted Ricciardo, he won his 1st GP and saw a chance and went for it.
    Until the accident was beetween Perez and Massa, but after that it has to be RIC.

  32. Qualified 3rd, and I still think he would’ve won had he pitted later (when either Hulk pitted or Ricciardo was right behind him at which time Hulk was slower or whatever it is), Vettel.

    And yes, I’ll admit to being a little bit bitter about Daniel winning instead of Vettel.

  33. I know this is an emotionally vote, but I will let myself go. Ricciardo. At first, looking at those laps behind Perez I was getting a bit disappointed, but then there comes the passing move on him and those last couple of laps chasing down Rosberg.

  34. Keith,

    I think we have to take note that Ricciardo passed Perez when Perez was doing an electrical reset to his car which slowed down quite significantly. Force India admitted that. Vettel never benefited from that.

    Not to take anything away from Ricciardo, but at least trying to point something out.

  35. Jean-Eric Vergne for me. When you consider what he was able to do and the people he was able to beat, he definitely deserves a lot of credit for it.

    1. Exactly what I thought. He beat his team mate by a country mile this weekend. Qualifying 8th and finishing the race in 8th is just a fantastic job in a Toro Rosso. I know he is a bit of a gray mouse, but he has done a great job. I bet if Kvyat delivered this performance he would be in the top 3 of the DOTW ranking

  36. I pressed Max somehow – I dunno – elbow hit space bar as I reached for my coffee, sorry, but kinda funny,

  37. I voted for Rosberg. He outqualified his team mate in his favourable track and him at bay in the first part of the race. Even when problems occured, he was pushing and keeping the lead, only to yield position at the end of the race, when Ricciardo managed to squeeze through Perez and cought him in a faster car.

  38. I voted Vettel. In my opinion he should have won the race rather than Ricciardo, but was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  39. Bully for Danny, but had to go with Vergne. Stellar job all weekend. Ricciardo did well but he finished exactly where he usually does more or less, only this time he got ahead on reliability issues with his competitors. Maybe he gets more credit for beating Vettel soundly, but that’s no longer an accomplishment for him, so I suppose he has shifted his own grading curve.

  40. I find it rather hard to make the decision of who to give my vote to this weekend as no driver REALLY stood out. It might be easier to say who isn’t DotW.

    – Massa and Perez are both out of the question as I believe they can easily split the fault for the last lap incident. Massa also failed to make the best of that monster pace he had in the second stint while Perez’s struggles with the car eventually got to him.
    – Vettel qualified well and drove a solid race but proved he isn’t exactly on top of the 2014-style handling yet.
    – Ricciardo’s maiden win is something to cheer for, definitely, but a poor quali position and a whole heap of luck take him out of contention for DotW in my view.
    – Hamilton was also on course for a good weekend got out-qualified and proved in the race that he didn’t get the braking bias and the agressiveness level quite right.
    – Ferrari was absolutely nowhere again and Alonso’s pass on Hulkenberg alone isn’t enough for DotW.
    – Button got immensely lucky in the closing stages and if it wasn’t for the Massa – Perez shunt he would have been up for an average finish at best. Hands down for making the most of it though.
    – Hulkenberg did well but we didn’t see much of those stellar drives he pulled off before. Also I do believe Perez did slightly better in the race up until the last lap.
    – Bottas failed to capitalise on a brilliant starting position, Magnussen was invisible the whole race.

    That pretty much leaves me with Rosberg and Vergne to choose from and for the sake of diversity I’m gonna go with Vergne. Drove a quiet, solid and consistent race with the package he’s been given, decent quali effort as well, started and finished in front of his team mate.

  41. PEREZ! And my God, Massa is getting to old for this sport…

  42. Given that he has 3 % of the votes at the moment, can someone give me a reason NOT to vote Vettel?

  43. If it’s for the whole weekend, then I vote Rosberg. Beat his teammate to pole on his favourite track, managed a lack of Kers in the race and came out of the weekend having extended his championship lead.

  44. Vettel, great drive. Only lost the victory because his team had a problem in the pitstop with one of the front wheels.

  45. Easy, Ricciardo for me. Beat Seb, and got his maiden win – great weekend all round for him!

  46. A hard one. It was a great race because of the fightings until the end, but not a single driver drove very well. They all made errors or anonymous races. I ended with Ricciardo for his first win, but it’s without great enthusiasm.

  47. Rick Lopez (@viscountviktor)
    9th June 2014, 16:51

    I went for Massa. This is driver of the weekend, not driver of the last lap. Massa drove a great race, coming back from a lousy pitstop, and had been quick all weekend. The fact he was also cleared of blame by the stewards for that crash means, in my opinion, he drove a great weekend.

  48. Nico Rosberg ! There is no question about it.
    He kept a group of very hungry drivers behind him and at acceptable distances thanks to his cold blood, skills and talent, this with about 165 HP less…Bravo to him, he was for sure the best of the race !

  49. I voted Perez in protest. Even though I should admit I don’t like either and I’m a Williams fan, I like F1 better, and this is shambolic.

  50. voted massa because he had a good drive and could hacve won but didn’t unlucky to have crashed out on the last lap but overall, he had an very good weekend

  51. Rosberg without a doubt. Incredible drive with the car problems he had

  52. Hard to pick one in this race, there were so many, but I think I will have to vote for Massa.

  53. Hard choice between Massa, Rosberg, Perez & Button. Since there hasn’t been too many reasons to vote for Massa in recent years, I gave it to him.

  54. Danny Ric for the race but Nico Rosberg throughout the whole weekend. Canada is a “Lewis Hamilton Track” and he out classed him here all weekend, Rosberg also completed a great drive to keep 2nd with an ailing car.

  55. It had to be Nico. His drive reminded me of the GP in 95 where Schumacher’s car was stuck in 5th gear while leading. And he still came second! Granted, Perez helped him a lot by being the cork in the bottle, but still it was an impressive performance from him, even if he had ended up out of podium!

  56. tough for me to decide between DanielR and NicoR … in the end I gave it to DanielR and was surprised to see that he had so many points … also liked JensonB and SebV and would of really liked FilipieM until he went bonkers … do not know if he had a brake failure or stuck throttle or just bad decision. Anyway congratulations to Daniel on his first win as it was only a matter of time as he has been very consistent. Thanks, RnR

  57. happy for Dan, maybe DOTR(ace). But J. E. Vergne is my clear DOTW.

  58. I voted Ricciardo as well, this was a nice first victory!

  59. There’s no standout performer as far as I’m concerned. Ricciardo was good of course, but was out-qualified and largely out-paced during the race (just that Vettel was befallen with the misfortune to be stuck in traffic for most of the race). Rosberg took a sweet pole position, but his race performance prior to the failure of the MGU-K was quite error-ridden and Hamilton often seemed faster. But his management of the issues was definitely to his credit.

    As a result, I am leaning towards Jenson Button. Solid qualifying effort and a very strong finish.

  60. I think most people voting Ricciardo are missing the point of this poll. It’s designed for who put in the best performance across the whole weekend, not who had the biggest smile afterwards. Daniel did well to get past Perez, but if it wasn’t for the Mercs developing issues I doubt he’d have a single percent of the vote.

    1. My main gripe with voting for Ricciardo is that I still maintain that I don’t think he was faster than Vettel at any point in the competitive weekend. He was purely fortunate not to be stuck in traffic when it mattered.

  61. ROS for that drive. Keeping checo at arms length for nearly 20 laps when he is having MGU K issues was great. Every lap he ensured he had 1s advantage over checo at DRS detection point. Wonderful drive. Had Checo not got those problems, probably Rosberg could have won the race

  62. Points to shut down everyone’s arguments and excuses.

    Driver of the weekend and not driver of the race: doing everything right over the whole weekend, lulling your opponents into a sense of false security, seizing the right opportunity at the right time, getting the points at the business end and taking the win.

    If Perez held up everyone and Rosberg won, would he or perez be the DOTW…. No

    Would everyone rate the race 10 if Perez held everyone back and Rosberg limped home for the win. That would be a wasted opportunity by everyone to not take advantage of the superior merc’s issues….. But one man changed that.

    Rosberg almost hitting the wall and cutting the chicane….no

    Perez changing his settings with 5 laps to go with everyone up his wing…. No

    Massa might have passed Perez but was never going to pass 4 people on the last lap.

    Vettel quicker than ricciardo all race I hear. Look at the fastest laps and say that again. ..000001 in quali hardly being beaten comprehensively in quali i’d say.

    Everyone making excuses about Rosberg limping, Perez with brake issues and vettel strategy. All where within striking distance of ricciardo for the win despite everyone failing to mention he was having his own problems overheating sitting behind Perez for ages.

    Seems like one driver took the opportunity to take the win and can’t see what he did wrong all weekend even if he was .000000001 secs off the 3 cars in front in quali.

    Dan is the man.

    1. Fastest lap is one lap.

      Also, Vettel passed Perez just before the race ended. Ricciardo had 2 laps to chase down Rosberg, of course he’s going to be faster in those laps than Vettel who was still stuck behind Perez.

      And the only reason Ricciardo (or Vettel for that matter) overtook Perez is because Perez had a brake problem.

      “All where within striking distance of ricciardo for the win despite everyone failing to mention he was having his own problems overheating sitting behind Perez for ages.”

      What a silly thing to say. First, we heard no such thing from Red Bull or Ricciardo. And second, Vettel had been stuck in traffic for far longer than Ricciardo. If you want to use excuses, at least use excuses that only affected one driver. Like Vettel having to rejoin in traffic after pitting while Ricciardo had clear air to set some fast times for instance.

  63. I voted for Ricciardo initially, but now I would like the vote to be changed to Rosberg.

    But it appears that many thinks that Ricciardo did better than Vettel throughout the race.

    The lap where Ricciardo overtook Perez, Force India admitted that Perez was doing an electrical reset to his car which slowed his car down significantly. Ricciardo took the change to pass the slowing down car while Vettel did not benefited from it.

  64. Ricciardo, here. A well deserve DOTW.
    I’m still impressed that the poll show Perez ahead of Massa, when was Perez who ruined Massa’s race.

    1. Massa couldn’t pass the Red Bulls when he had the chance, he ruined his opportunity to win, and he rushed in his overtake over Pérez, he should’ve waited ….and with the accident, in the worst case it’s a 50/50 fault

  65. Nico Rosberg for managing a car down on 160hp. How did he keep them behind except RIC.

  66. Despite having perhaps the worst top tier car, his experience, persistence and skill enabled him to capitalise on the shortcomings of other drivers/teams. Had he not been driving a poorly performing car to it’s maximum, he would not have been in the position to make 4th. Not lucky, but proving his class in getting 101% of the cars potential. How many of we armchair experts picked him in our top 5 finishers, I didn’t and I’m sorry Jens.

  67. Pérez no doubt, he had a superb race, holding back the Red Bulls for so many laps, with no DRS and proved that he is the best in saving tyres, he did 34 laps with the super softs, I mean come on, that’s big, the car eventually started to fail especially with the brakes but he kept going, and it wasn’t until the last lap when the things started to complicate with the Red Bulls and of course the accident which I think it wasn’t his fault and he was unfairly penalized

  68. I thought driver of the weekend was tougher than normal this time, and I found it hard to choose between Ricciardo and Rosberg.

    Ricciardo was beaten by his teammate in qualifying, but a good race performance got him ahead of Vettel during the stops, he then didn’t try anything rash and he waited for the right opportunity to pass Perez and then get past Rosberg for his first victory.

    Hamilton looked to have the better of Rosberg leading up to qualifying but Rosberg put in the lap when it mattered in Q3 to become the Hamilton’s first teammate to out qualify him in Canada.

    In the race I felt Rosberg was lucky not to be punished for cutting the final chicane and if both Mercedes had not run in to problems I think Hamilton would have got the better of the two. But Rosberg put in an impressive drive nursing his car to the finish while still picking up a podium.

    In the end I voted for Ricciardo but it could have gone either way between him and Rosberg.

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