Newey hails ‘massively impressive’ Ricciardo

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In the round-up: Adrian Newey has praised Daniel Ricciardo’s performance in 2014, describing the Canadian Grand Prix winner’s form as ‘massively impressive’.


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Newey says Ricciardo’s approach amazing (Autosport)

“Daniel has been massively impressive this year. He has certainly exceeded all our expectations. What I find amazing about him is how calm he is in the car. When he’s on the radio it’s like he’s sitting down with a cup of tea and driving one-handed. It’s quite remarkable.”

“I feel I’m contributing,” Magnussen says (Racer)

Magnussen: “I don’t feel like I’m holding this team back in the development of the car. I feel I’m contributing with good feedback and I’m saying what I feel and what I feel is right. I try not to hold back and be shy, I try to open my mouth. As young kid coming into Formula 1 you need to be brave enough to do that, whether it’s right or wrong I’ll let the team figure out.”

Silverstone confirms plans for Fans’ Thursday at the British Grand Prix (Silverstone)

“This year, for the first time ever, Silverstone has been given permission to open the Formula 1® Pit Lane to fans on the Thursday before the British Grand Prix (03 July). The Pit Walk is free to all Three Day Ticket holders and gives fans unprecedented access and views into the garages, where teams will be busy preparing for the weekend ahead.”

Lack of points not an issue for motivation – Maldonado (ESPN)

Maldonado: “I am very motivated. I think we have some good weekends ahead of us and there are still so many races to go. The European part of the season is very important for us, so let’s push hard, do our best and for sure we will be in the points soon.”

VIDEO: 30 Seconds To Know: Explaining F1′s KERS and ERS systems (NBC)

“For those of you that are new to F1, the ERS is made up of two separate systems known as the MGU-K (Motor Generating Unit, Kinetic) and MGU-H (Motor Generating Unit, Heat) as well as an Energy Store and electronics. But as F1 on NBC Sports’ own Steve Matchett explains in the above Xerox 30 Seconds To Know clip, the purpose of both the old and new systems are ultimately the same.”

Profiled – the men who made Austria’s F1 heritage (

“In celebration of Spielberg hosting a Grand Prix for the first time in over a decade, every living Austrian to have competed in Formula One racing will take to original machinery for a unique legends parade on Sunday June 22.”


Comment of the day

With the news that Michael Schumacher is now out of an induced coma, @colossal-squid, like many, has very mixed emotions.

This is fantastic news and I share everyone’s joy in hearing it.

But it also makes me filled with sadness and a little despair. I am no medical expert but from everything I’ve heard and read about Michael’s condition, it would seem incredibly unlikely to being borderline impossible that the Michael Schumacher that I worshipped as a young boy will ever come back.

As such, while I still dearly hope there is a road to recovery for Michael, and while I wish nothing less for him than to be able to live with a good quality of life with his family, the balance of probability considering his condition suggests this won’t be the case. I hope I’ve never been more wrong.

Keep fighting, Michael.

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On this day in F1

Nelson Piquet swept to victory in the Canadian Grand Prix, leading every lap of the way.

Niki Lauda took second place off team mate Alain Prost, but the latter still had an 8.5 point championship lead.

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26 comments on “Newey hails ‘massively impressive’ Ricciardo”

  1. + @colossal-squid on the COTD ..I echo your emotions as well.

  2. I really think that Magnussen has not received nearly as much attention as he deserves this year, other than in Australia.

    McLaren do not have an exceptionally great car this year, and with it he has done a solid job in his rookie year. Yes, there have been rookie errors, such as the collisions with Kimi, but that is expected and is okay, as long as he improves and moves forward, which I feel he has done very well.

    1. Part of that would be the fact that McLaren’s form has dropped off so badly since Australia – given that McLaren traditionally have aspirations in racing at the front of the pack, their pace since then has been pretty dire. The other problem is that, when McLaren have shown flashes of promise, it has been Button who has had the better fortune (see the surprise 4th place he picked up in Canada), somewhat stealing Magnussen’s thunder.

      1. Yes, and Button himself hasn’t really got loads of attention from the media this year either

  3. COTD is perfect.

    I’m relieved Ricciardo has had a good run recently. After the disqualification in AUS and a complete stinker in MAL I was thinking “I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come” as if Red Bull’s reliability had a certain omen for Aussie drivers. I think VET’s car troubles are glorifying RIC’s pace a bit, but he’s exceed most peoples expectations regardless.

  4. “In my opinion it’s the best decision ever” – Pastor Maldonado on moving to Lotus from Williams (March 2014).

    1. @bernard
      “In my opinion it’s the worst decision ever” – Pastor Maldonado on moving to Lotus from Williams (September 2014).

      1. haha, somehow though I doubt he’ll ever admit to making the wrong decision.

  5. Gideon Hadi (@)
    17th June 2014, 1:14

    I fear Red Bull playing number 2 driver, I hope they dont keep continuing. I mean i way like Mercedes battle even though it was more hot rivalry, and Mercedes also let their drivers drive without Team Order, it was way more fair and exciting. Ricciardo is doing nice job at the momment, but I hoped he and Vettel can have a fair battle without Team Order

    1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      17th June 2014, 2:16

      @f1indofans after Vettel’s “tough luck” comment, I doubt they could manage team orders in a polished way. I mean, Ricciardo is proving he is no second driver. He is not a Felipe Massa or a Heikki Kovalainen. He’s there to race and has just proved it. And Vettel is in no way going to accept a second-driver treatment, he has 4WDC and his team got the 4 WCC with his help. You can say Vettel got the WDCs because of Red Bull as well, but let’s meditate if AussieGrit would have won the championships for them…
      Red Bull has become the team with 2 first drivers, more obvious than Alonso – Kimi battle.

      1. Gideon Hadi (@)
        17th June 2014, 3:13

        No, I mean Vettel is also a great champion, look at 2011 and 2013, but my point is : why Red Bull keep running Team Orders, sorry If I forgot to mention that before

        1. Gideon Hadi (@)
          17th June 2014, 3:21

          I still dont get it why Red Bull keep using Team Orders

          1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
            17th June 2014, 3:45

            @f1indofans I guess that they felt Ricciardo was able to go and catch one of the frontrunners. It didn’t work in one race but it paid off in Canada (of course Mercs were flawed but Ricciardo was there to score).

          2. @omarr-pepper
            If I remember right, it didnt work by a couple of laps, Ricciardo wouldve been able to catch Alonso.

  6. At the risk of coming off like a heartless ****, I have to say it always strikes me as a little bizarre that people get so wrought up in the personal tragedies of celebrities, no matter who these celebrities are. I mean, yes it’s sad, that goes without saying, but it doesn’t affect me personally in my every day life (how could it?) and certainly not more so than any number of mass scale and much more preventable tragedies ongoing around the world that we can actually try to do something about.

    1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      17th June 2014, 3:49

      @maciek because people who make history are believed to be kind of invincible, yet many times life shows us they are flesh and bones. We want their tragedies not to be true because they can do what most of us can’t. It’s not sadder than any other’s tragedy, but it’s just life showing us demi-gods have bad moments too.

    2. Eh? Because this is a F1 related site and we are talking about a man who is the most successful driver ever in the history of the championships?

      Michael is the face of F1 for many like me who started watching F1 in the late 90’s. His health and recuperation is of prime importance to me and I believe to many who frequent this site.

      I mean no offence but if you feel bad about not crying for the millions dying everyday, no one is stopping you.

    3. @maciek I think it’s a valid point you make. There is no logical reason why we would feel sad about the misfortunes of celebrities.
      I think though, the fact is we don’t choose what emotional attachments we make. That’s because we don’t use our brain for that. That’s why people are devastated when their dogs die, sometimes we become emotionally attached to inanimate objects for example our cars (good example here) and in the same way we become attached to celebrity figures. I’d imagine this emotional attachment like most other things dates back to when we were a more tribal hunter gatherer species and formed attachments with the heros in our imediate surroundings or with stories of legends told through story. Our poor brains are now bombarded by multimedia and people form attachments to soap characters and popstars unknown to themselves. With Schumacher though aswell, most people have a nostalgic attachment and remember him fondly as part of a unique era.
      We could use our brains and say, I don’t actually know this person, if I walk down to the local hospital I’d find plenty of people in similar or worse conditions to feel sorry for. But how boring is that, irrational emotion is one of the slight imperfections that makes us human :)

    4. Someone obviously failed to read the titled of the site. Do you not have a childhood/lifetime hero? Someone you look up to but maybe not necessarily seek to be? The mans an inspiration to many within and outside of the sport. People relate to this man, unfortunately the majority of the human race can not relate to mass tragedy as it’s so far away and so detached from our lives. Anyone can go skiing and quite possibly suffer the same fate of Michael.

      1. @kartingjimbo I think he was not referring specifically to this site only and not to just Michael.

        Almost every news site in almost every country, even those who do not specialize in motorsports or celebrities, has run some kind of a “news” story on the front page, or at the top of the online feed, every week or so. I think this is what @maciek was referring to.

        In comparison F1Fanatic has been quite reasonable and reserved, only reporting when there is some actual news. That’s fair enough, given Schumacher’s connection to F1.

        This cannot be said about most of the other news outlets, providing “expert” opinions, empty speculation and sensationalist headlines, mostly to drive traffic and sales. And the people of course buy it, most of them never watched F1 or saw Michael race, not to mention actually new him, just getting interested when a famous person is suffering a major tragedy.

        That is what I find annoying, and not just in this particular case with Schumi.

        1. @mateuss Ditto. I hate the media culture that feeds on the triumphs, tragedies and trivia of ‘celebrities’ everywwhere, not just Schumacher.

  7. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    17th June 2014, 6:48

    I’m very happily surprised with Ricciardo.

    I mean, I expected him to at least give Vettel a run for his money in qualifying, but I never expected his race craft to be right up there with Seb’s, at least not so early on.

    Of course, Sebastian has had more than his fair share of mechanical problems this season, but credit to Ricciardo, he’s really taken the opportunities when they’ve presented themselves.

    He was essentially gifted that victory in Canada, because of Mercs problems, but he did exactly what would’ve been expected, he capitalized and took a very impressive victory.

    ‘Straya pride!

  8. In celebration of Spielberg hosting a Grand Prix for the first time in over a decade, every living Austrian to have competed in Formula One racing will take to original machinery for a unique legends parade on Sunday June 22.

    That’s nice! Would love to see something similar at the British GP ;)

    1. they do…

      1. … with ALL former British F1 drivers? Wow, might need a bigger circuit…

  9. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
    17th June 2014, 9:34

    Is the Thursday pit-walk at Silverstone a pit-walk/autograph session, as with WEC, or just a plain pit-walk?

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