Suspended €10,000 fine for Toro Rosso over tyre error

2014 Austrian Grand Prix

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The stewards have penalised Toro Rosso after the team fell foul of one of the new regulations introduced for the 2014 season.

Jean-Eric Vergne was found to have used his first set of prime tyres after the first half hour of the first practice session had elapsed. Vergne returned to the pits with the tyres on his car less than one minute after the half-hour mark.

The stewards fined Toro Rosso €10,000 (£7,980) but suspended the punishment and will only impose it if the team commit a similar infraction in future.

“The competitor admitted the infringement and sought to mitigate,” noted the stewards. “Having considered the facts the stewards accept that the infringement was inadvertent and no advantage was gained as a result.”

“In the circumstances, the stewards decided that a suspended penalty was appropriate for the infringement.”

2014 Austrian Grand Prix

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9 comments on “Suspended €10,000 fine for Toro Rosso over tyre error”

  1. Hmm, well, at least unlike Perez and Force India, Torro Rosso admitted their error and culpability therein.

  2. They tell you how you can practice now?

  3. I didn’t realize that was a punishable offense. What is the purpose of dictating tire usage during practice?

    1. To force teams to practice in the first half hour of practice 1.

      1. then, for the next 15 minutes, nobody comes out at all.

    2. They got an additional set – in return they have to use this set in the first half an hour.

  4. Team manager: “When we travel, we take one guy to talk to the driver on the radio, four guys to watch computer screens, eight mechanics, one guy to make coffee, and seventeen lawyers…”

  5. “The competitor admitted the infringement and sought to mitigate,” – How did they seek to mitigate? Seems difficult to understand; if they were late, they were late. I think the decision is right though. To give a proper fine for such a miniscule infringement would be ridiculous.

  6. agoodall (@)
    21st June 2014, 3:39

    It sounds like they were trying to time it just right, missed the timing, and then immediately told the stewards about it. Basically a mea culpa, so the stewards gave them a suspended sentence for pleading guilty.

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