2014 Austrian Grand Prix championship points

2014 Austrian Grand Prix

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Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Red Bull Ring, 2014

2014 Austrian Grand Prix

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    42 comments on “2014 Austrian Grand Prix championship points”

    1. Lewis shouldn’t be bitter, he’s got plenty of races to make up the deficit. It will only distract.

      1. That’s what was said at the last two races and the gap keeps growing. He needs to strike back asap.

        1. That’s just because Hamilton’s been on the back foot from race 1 because of his DNF in Australia. Then when he finally caught up there was the DNF in Canada. Unlucky, without the DNFs he would’ve been easily ahead in the championship standings.

          1. I don’t think he would be that “easily” ahead in the standings to be honest. All depends on where you place him without hitting trouble in the Merc.

            A win in Australia and P2 in Canada behind Rosberg gives him just 7 points advantage. Give him both wins and it’s 21 points. Give Rosberg the wins and it’s 7 points to Rosberg.

            I don’t have a crystal ball to state with any certainty what would have happened, but I don’t think “easily” is the right word.

        2. Yes and in last race he retired. Today he had 2 stops alot slower. You have to remember the last 3 races. Hamilton as been as quick, even Monaco untill the eye. To follow someone at a second in same carat a place liek Monaco shows Hamilton was as fast.He does need to strike back i honestly think he will get on pace if Ros has a retirement he will invigurate himself. As it must be frustrating to get back ahead with 4 wins in a row to just lose it again. Ham was quickest driver today that is a fact.

          1. its a bad result for Hamilton- he was quicker then rosberg all weekend, but fluffed it in qualifying. in the end he couldn’t catch and pass rosberg – which he wouldn’t have had to try to do if he didn’t make the big mistakes in qualifying. dnfs are one thing, but when you are faster then your teammate, but lose to him due to your own errors, you need a hard look at yourself in the mirror if you want to be world champion. saying all that, I think rosberg drove tremendous in the final 10 laps, a match for his faster teammate. I think Bottas drove better then both of them but.

            1. Quit a balnced comment for you KP, Ham was indeed faster, is till think he drove every well. I reckon the breaks(they say affected both) messed him up he is not going t go full blooded after Canada is he. And his spin in qualifying must hurt confidence.

            2. @kpcart, its a team sport buddy. I love how you like to dismiss that when it gives you the opportunity to put all the blame on Ham’s shoulder.

      2. In fairness to Lewis, his qualifying spin looked almost like a mechanical failure.

        1. Or a software issue with the BBW/MGU-K.

    2. Well done Nico great race, Hamiton you were superb great result. I wish we can just admit their both good, iam a Ham fan and he should be leading. Also the last 3 races. Ham as been as quick. Monaco always a seconds(in dirty air), untill his eye incident. Montreal nothing to split them and then today Ham was quicker. Look at 1st stint Ros could not stay with Bottas, then Ham was straight on back when Ros pitted. It should be around 15 point lead to Hamilton. If we had said 9th to 2nd i would have took that. Ham was driver of weekend for me along with Bottas. Hamilton had 2 pitstops with over 1 second loss each time, i admit i am a little suspicious how Ros was not affected either time. Ros is a great driver though iwould like him toretire just once and Ham winsbu Double, he would sure deserve too.

    3. I want to believe that Rosberg will win the title.

      I’m not getting ahead of myself just yet…

      1. @magnificent-geoffrey

        Would you be happy Ros winning the World title on reliabilty? Or would you rather it don’t come into. No doubt if Hamiton loses by like 10-15 points. Ros would not deserve it, and i hope Ham lets everyone know he deserved to win instead, else people would be saying Ros is far better etc. I just want 1 retirement. I knw you should not wish stuff on people it is bad karma but i don’t want him to crash i just want him to have 1 unlucky race. It would defo be fair, as last year even with Ros bad luck he would still have been behind.

        1. Championships are won and lost thanks to reliability. That doesn’t make the champion less deserving. Rosberg is doing an amazing job right now, if he keeps doing what he’s doing, I have no problem with him winning the championship.

          1. Course it does make him undeseving lol, if he wins by a few points and his teammate has had retirements. Who is better? The WC….

        2. what about world champions of the past who won when others had dnfs. are you going to call out them as not deserving? if Hamilton did that he will look like a bad sport, like you. if Hamilton loses by 10 points, rosberg will still be a deserving world champion. and if you look at it the way you do, you could go further are say neither driver deserve the title, as neither driver is the best driver in the f1 paddock. but whoever wins will be remembered for many years as a world champion because at the end of the day, the the number of points at the end tells the final outcome. Hamilton has had enough luck, look at brazil 08, its swings and roundabouts.

          1. Yeah and looka t 2007 lol. Ham was not unlucky atall in Brazil. Were talking about teammates. Show me a teammate who loses to the other guy because of reliability. I have seen you’re posts and for a fact if this was Ham leading you would say Ros is unlucy.Who is best Alonso? Alonso sure had brain cramp saying Massa was his quickest teammate, i think he forgot the rookie in 07

            1. Vergne? Webber?

        3. I still cannot understand people who think a WDC is not deserving. Every Champion deserved his title, no matter what. For sure, a close fight to the end for the title could be even more thrilling, but there is no question of who deserved it. The same apply for the title of Hamilton, snatched for a single point from Massa.

        4. I think Hamiltons problem is if he suffers any problems at all he gives up and that’s where Nico Rosberg wins. He will nurse it home. Lewis is always complaining if he’s not winning. For years you have heard his pit crew on the radio telling him the problem just isn’t their and to keep going.

        5. Because Massa’s retirement from the lead Hungary 2008 wasn’t a gift to Hamilton that easily allowed him the title later on.

      2. No doubt Rosberg is a damn good driver, like Martin Brundle said given the same tools and equipment, he’s on par with Hamilton. But I can’t help but to agree that Rosberg is a tad luckier. Maybe we will see things even out throughout the year and hopefully the title race will go on to the last race.

        1. A Tad luckier ? Hamilton’s lost 50 points due to DNF’s even if you say he would have come second its still 36. I don’t mind which driver wins, but I hope the reliability evens out over the year. I think it would take some of the shine off if Rosberg managed to beat Hamilton to the Championship.

      3. Placing a YMMV sign on the car might help some fans. I wonder if the tune will be the same if the suffering party was Nico.

        Whoever gets the most points at the end of the calendar is a deserving champion.

        1. can anyone explain what you mean with YMMV?

          1. @kimi93 YMMV – Your Mileage May Vary. To say that your results with the same component might not match the others.

            1. Thank you very much , i’m not english but i can’t find an amazing f1 website like this on my language and i sometimes i got some understanding problems…

      4. yes just believe it , lewis is just going mad and we’ll se more mistake by the reckless english driver . nick is much more relaxed while driving and this is a huge difference when you have the same car

      5. @magnificent-geoffrey Indeed, I’d love to see him win this year! So far, he’s done very few mistakes, less than his teammate, got a bit more luck and it looks good for him :)

        1. Ham 1 mistake was a spin inqually yesterday. I could sya it is embarrasing for Ros to start 3rd 3 times.That is surely a mistake.

          1. Ham made 2 mistakes in qualy yesterday, binned both of his fast laps. Also the last mistake cost Nico his 2nd fast run.

    4. This is game on for 3rd place in the constructors, saddly, not for the WCC.

    5. nice to see williams up there again , great job by valery and felipe theycould look at 3rd place on constructors’-
      ferrari just always there in the middle they need lots improvements to cathc up and i dont see them winning a race tiill the end of the season

    6. Finally Williams living up to expectations. They should be third in the constructors but have been unlucky.

      1. I believe they will be 3rd come end of 2014, if nothing spectacular&unexpected happens during season. RBR is comfortably 2nd and Merc ofc 1st.

      2. I can see them securing 4th.. if Ferrari get Kimi comfortable with corner entry then they should wrap up 3rd, with the consistency of Alonso.

    7. I think it’s interesting to note that neither Mercedes driver has been able to overcome the advantage of track position of the other. Whoever gets to the first corner first, finished ahead, so it looks like this championship will be decided on the Saturdays. Beforehand, this may have sounded like an advantage for Hamilton, but he hasn’t put in a good Q3 lap in any of the last three events.

      I also find it interesting that the preconceptions of this year’s regulations favouring Rosberg – tyre and fuel saving – have so far proved untrue, although they play a smaller role than anticipated. I do think Nico has more patience than Hamilton, and with the benefit of hindsight it might have been better today for Hamilton to hang back from Bottas a bit further, saving the car, and then going deeper into his stint. Although of course the latter did not fit into Mercedes’ strategy of Hamilton undercutting Bottas and securing the 1-2, but leaving Hamilton with no chance to challenge Rosberg. I’ll stop now, as I’m going off on a tangent.

      1. “I think it’s interesting to note that neither Mercedes driver has been able to overcome the advantage of track position of the other”

        Hamilton took the lead off Rosberg in Canada, until his brakes failed.

      2. @adrianmorse I think in Bahrain, Hamilton overtook Nico, starting from 2nd and finishing 1st after a long hard battle. Not sure about other races, might be as you say.

        1. @lari, Hamilton beat Nico to the first corner in Bahrain, so in that sense the qualifying didn’t determine the race, but Nico was not able to get ahead of Hamilton any more after that (for longer than two corners, anyway).

      3. I think it depends on track. Today was a track that was almost entirely straight line focused for overtakes, it would be very hard for a merc to take another merc.

        Lots of the other races, things have conspired to thwart any real racing. Keep watching, I’m sure the moment will come.

    8. Its surprising that Ricciardo and Fernando remain in striking range (provided their teams could assemble a winning car the next races) even after 8 races of such crushing domination. This point system really favors reliable drives.

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